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Broussard: Rival GMs Insist Rondo Is Available In Trade


While most of the focus in the past two weeks has centered on the possibility of dealing Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to contenders, Danny Ainge may still be open to offers on Boston’s other injured All-Star. Chris Broussard of ESPN.com has insisted for a few days now that his sources are telling him Rajon Rondo could be had in the right deal and that tune has not changed today with less than 48 hours until the trade deadline.


CH’s Take: Even though he is out for the season, Rondo is currently still Boston’s best asset overall, as he is signed for two more years after this season for under market value. If a current middle-of-the-road or lottery team is interested in giving out on the rest of their season, they could deal for Rondo, which will also serve the dual purpose of allowing the Celtics a realistic chance to make some noise in the Eastern Conference playoffs this spring and build for the future with a different set of building blocks than Rondo.

Is a deal likely to come about in the next two days? It’s hard to think so, given the relative uncertainty surrounding Rondo’s health situation, as well as the fact that Ainge would demand a stellar offer to trade away one of the best point guards in the NBA.

Danny has said himself though that he’s been busier than ever this week. Given that he is exploring trade scenarios for nearly every stud player on the Boston roster, it’s safe to say Ainge will continue to do his due diligence until Thursday at 3pm ET. Stay tuned folks.


  • Mark

    This should say alot about Ainge the GM that his best asset is a PG with a bum knee.

    • idywild

      Agreed. Not gonna get a lot of value here.

    • janos

      is not bum is just hurts on current

  • Phil725

    This seems to have gotten a lot of play in a little amount of time, and I think it's because it makes a lot of sense for both sides. The Hawks aren't going to resign Smith, so if they could get a legitimate star like Rondo, torn ACL and all, they would jump at that chance. What do they care if it makes them worse for the rest of this year? It's probably preferable if they could tank down into the lottery, then build around Horford and Rondo. The injury hurts the chances of a deal, but it's a torn ACL in 2013, not some kind of mysterious pall over his future. If you're the Hawks, you roll the dice. I assume the injury is more of a deterrent in that Ainge could get more for him at next year's deadline.

    For the Cs, I remain convinced that whoever signs Smith to a contract this offseason will be signing a franchise death warrant, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be a huge addition to the team this year, especially if you're only subtracting someone that's already gone. You have to get more than Smith for even an injured Rondo, but what if you could dump Green's contract and also get back something like Kyle Korver? Dealing Rondo would be a bitter pill to swallow, but no deal would give this team a better chance to compete this year. I continue to think that Ainge doesn't intend on building the future around Rondo, but I'm not sure if this is the best deal.

    • Anthony

      Why would it make sense for the Celts unless DA thinks JSmith can makes us contenders this year? JSmith is unlikely to resign with a sans Rondo Celts team unless they throw him a max contract which
      I hope DA is not that retarded. Rondo, injury or not, can get better offers than a desperate ATL team. I was thinking more along the lines of a package from Utah or Phoenix. Maybe even Milwaukee or Toronto.

      • Phil725

        I was looking at the trade objectively from an analyst perspective. Most proposed deals don't actually make sense for both teams (no one wants Humphries/Brooks for anyone good, for example,) but this one I think does have positives for both sides. Most people would look at the Celtics as a true contender this year after a Rondo/Smith swap. The East is really weak, if you're good enough to give Miami some problems, you only need a couple of breaks to go your way.

        I agree about a Smith max extension… but I also haven't seen much evidence that Ainge agrees with us. He's been courting him for years, and what's the difference between overpaying someone like Green and overpaying someone like Smith or targeting an overpaid DeAndre Jordan? Ainge has a weakness for those kind of athletes.

        The one way I would actually agree with a Rondo to ATL deal would be if you could clear a lot of salary. ATL has a lot of expiring contracts, including one attached to Korver, who would be pretty much my ideal added piece to this team. I don't think ATL has any interest in taking back Green and Bass in addition to sending out half the good players on their team though.

  • High Rollers

    I'm sorry, but for a team that only strives for championships, a goal that requires truly great playoff performers, the idea of moving one of the best the league has seen in years seems awfully silly.

    I noticed RR changed his Twitter profile pic from a uniformed to a plainclothed shot and dropped the Celtics ID, leaving only Kentucky and a facebook link. I hope he isn't fretting about being sent packing. And I hope he isn't sent packing. Stinks that his bff Perk was in basically the same position… and did get traded. (Although he was on the verge of free agency, which obviously had a lot to do with it as well.)

  • The Cardinal

    "One never knows, do one?" – Fats Waller
    If Rondo is dealt, it sure as heck better not be for Josh Smith. A center or center/slash PF? Yeah, but Smith? Uh uh…no way.

  • KillerGymRat

    As much as I've been vocally in support of adding J-Smith to the team, trading Rondo for him is a terrible idea. I get the immediate impact and value of basically giving up nothing (this year) and getting an all-star caliber athlete that I think would really mesh well with our core group.

    But Rondo is an incredible talent and a rare type of player. He's actually underpaid for everything he does. I know the opinion of late (oddly mostly only among C's fans) is that the team is better without him and he's a defensive black hole…but the guy is a walking tripple double and a rare type of passer that makes the impossible easy.

    Sadly though, knowing the kind of guy Rondo is, this type of talk has pretty much already ruined him for this team. He indeed did swap his avatar for a plain-clothed pic and removed Celtics from the ID. I don't blame him, the guy is asked to lead the team, gets selected as an all-star starter, puts up more tripple doubles then anyone this season while leading the league in assists by a wide margin…and Celtics fans are saying the team is better without him, and point to stupid plus minus stats to back it up.

    Sad to see him go…but at this point IMO he will either be traded, or demand to be traded as soon as KG and PP go. No way he stays green when the organization has shown no loyalty or belief in him. How quickly we forget he continued on in the 2011 playoffs with a dislocated arm…then in the 2012 series against the Heat he torched them and was the real reason we actually had a shot at the finals.

    • High Rollers

      Actually, history tells us that Rondo really cherishes his Celtics ID, despite the Twitter move. Maybe he just did it to preserve his own peace of mind amidst the madness of the silly season and a little perspective while he's stuck in the isolated world of recovery and rehab. His agent apparently was doing his due diligence as of today (check RedsArmy), claiming Danny Ainge is pretty solidly in RR's corner (which makes sense to me, for a lot of reasons). It's a verbal chess game right now, of course, but I wouldn't worry too much about our talented, seasoned point guard. I bet Danny spends many a night dreaming of the playoff performances yet to come. Just a hunch.

  • Portceltic

    Consider the source behind this story. Not a big believer in Broussard's rumor mill, but in light of RR's antics you can't fault the organization for questioning whether they can build the next generation of Celtics around him. Can't blame Danny if GM'S are calling him either. Likely no substance unless Howard, or Cousins, or massive swap of assets like Denver got for Melo gets put on the table.

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