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Video: Watching Kevin Garnett Do Yoga Is As Awesome as You Would Imagine

In what comes as a bit of fresh air in the hysteria of trade rumors this week, Zico has released a series of videos featuring Kevin Garnett talking about some of his training regime. In what may not come as a surprise, KG picked up yoga during his NBA career as a way to “better control his body” and “avoid dumb fouls.” Plenty of good candid KG talk here, along with some stellar positions by The Big Ticket. Just another reason not to trade the guy. Downward dog for life.

Another behind the scenes with KG, after the jump


  • CelticsBIG3

    It may be 5:30 am, but KG looks stoned lol

  • I would like to say thanks for giving this video clip. After seeing this video clip I learn an awesome technique of yoga that is really effective for me. From now I'll try it regularly.