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Terrence Williams Is “Highly Unlikely” To Make His Celtics Debut Tonight

While Danny Ainge continues to work the phones in advance of Thursday’s deadline, Terrence Williams, the new Celtics’ addition was spotted today at practice, via multiple reports out of Denver. Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe has been on top of the story from the beginning.

Until that clearance letter comes from the CBA, Williams will not be able to officially sign his deal with the C’s. A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com explained why that hasn’t been able to been completed yet.

While it’s no sure thing Doc Rivers would even be willing to play Williams right out of the gate, the C’s could certainly use the added depth as soon as possible at this point, with just nine reliable contributors on the active roster. When two of those guys are Jason Collins and Chris Wilcox, you begin to realize how dire the situation will be for Boston if anyone else goes down this year before reinforcements arrive.

Danny Ainge also took a little time to address the latest trade speculation today. Does he think any kind of deal is likely?



As we’ve talked about plenty here at the Hub, there aren’t a lot of feasible scenarios that would make sense for both the C’s and a trade partner. We’ll keep our eyes peeled in case Danny finds some gold in the coming two days, but continue to look for a minor deal, involving Leandro Barbosa, some cash and a draft pick for another potentially useful body on the roster.

  • The Cardinal

    Playing Denver in Denver is going to be a great test tonight. I really expect this team to be a legitimate playoff contender if we can add an athletic big who is both willing and capable of playing within Doc's system, and who can give us a steady if unspectacular 12 – 16 minutes when called upon.

    I think our chances are dependent on three things: 1) continuing to run the spread offense and letting Jet take over some of the last second heroic/iso plays that are the exclusive domain of PP; 2) our guards staying in from of the opposing point guards to keep the interior defense from breaking down; and 3) continuing to create turnovers at a higher rate than we make them. If we can do these things consistently well, I really believe this team has a chance to come out of the East where 30 – 35 days ago, I didn't think we had a prayer's chance in hell.

  • Phil725

    "(Ainge) Expects talks to cool over the next 48 hours." has to be one of the strangest statements I've read in a while. It's either being misconstrued in some way, or it's just a blatant lie. Does he mean like, literally in 48 hours the trade deadline will have passed, so people won't be speculating? Because there's no way things are gonna quiet down until the deadline passes; there's an average of 7 deals a year 'on' trading deadline day. Teams will start to leak more and more names and potential deals, and even if the Celtics really do have no intention of dealing (which seems plausible, but every source now says they're at least talking,) others will still call them.

  • CelticsBIG3

    This is not related at all, but I decided to take an inventory of all the Celtics gear I own today during my vacation.

    85 Celtics tshirts and counting
    18 Celtics jerseys
    10 Celtics hoodies
    27 Celtics hats
    4 Celtics jackets
    5 Celtics shoe pairs
    A host of Celtics knick-knacks (wallet, trashcan, beer coozies, bottle openers, God knows what else)

    Count continues now. I think I am going to have an aneurism. I'm finding Celtics gear I didn't know I owned. It's no wonder everytime I go to the Garden I don't see a single Celtics product I don't already own. #IWantSeasonTickets

  • Chief

    @big3…. Am impressed and a bit jealous