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Is A Josh Smith to Boston Trade Realistic?

We’re closing in on just two full days remaining until the NBA trade deadline on February 21st, and as expected, the Boston Celtics have been at the center of many potential dealings coming out in recent reports. One possibility that isn’t going away is the potential acquiring of Josh Smith, a guy who has seemingly been on the block at the trade deadline for 3-4 years now incredibly. After tweeting some nuggets on Smith last night, Marc Stein of ESPN.com had an extensive article on Smith this morning, floating some possibilities on the C’s thinking.

NBA front-office sources told ESPN.com on Monday that the Boston Celtics have, indeed, registered their interest on the Smith front, with the caveat that they also remain highly interested in the Clippers’ Eric Bledsoe. 

Yet a Boston deal for Smith, sources said, would almost certainly have to be built around Paul Pierce, because Kevin Garnett isn’t waiving his no-trade clause to go to the Atlanta Hawks if he’s not willing to waive it to go to the Clipperland. And the prospect of Celtics front-office chief Danny Ainge exiling Pierce to the Hawks for Smith, after everything Pierce has done to restore the Celtics to glory over the past half-decade, is still hard to imagine. 

At least for me.

Even if Garnett did wind up with the Clippers this week, after all the bluster against the idea, I still struggle to picture the Celtics telling Pierce that they’re going to send him to the Hawks for the good of Boston’s long-term health. The deal might make sense for Atlanta — since Pierce’s $5 million buyout for next season would extend the Hawks’ window of flexibility and create a new set of options — but it still looks like as an impossible sell in Boston.

Stein floats a number of other theories in his piece that we’ve discussed here at the Hub. Given the constant trade talk over the last few days that won’t go away however, there is still a lot to debate here. Thus I was able to join Rich Keefe on 98.5 The Sports Hub late last night in studio to discuss the Josh Smith rumor and all Celtics trade talk in great depth. A few of the topics we broke down in depth:

–Just how legitimate was the Rajon Rondo for Dwight Howard trade rumor?
–The chances of Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett being dealt
–Realistic trade additions for the Celtics
–Possible other trade candidates from around the league

You can listen to the full podcast by clicking the play button below, or download the mp3 as well.



  • hydrofluoric

    … Thank God there will be an actual game tonight.

  • Mark

    Though I’m against trading Rondo, unless you get a great deal, which Dwight isn’t, I wonder how realistic any Rondo trade is. And if you don’t want to build a team around Rondo why would you think you can do it with Dwight instead? I could see whichever team Dwight ends up with having a hard time drawing big time FA after the fiasco of the last couple years. Dwight is considered a joke at this point.

  • Portceltic

    Mos def agree with all Brian's assessments on the podcast. As for JS, it's hard to see Ferry getting fair value from a contender. No way he takes on D. Jordan or Green's contract in multi player deal. Atlanta has plenty of expiring contacts going into the off season, so I don't see how a combination of KH (expiring) and Marshon Brooks would hit a sweet spot either.

    I am not in favor of a 5 year, near max contract, but as long as it doesn't cost us PP or KG it's worth pursuing. Therefore, Green would have to be a part of this deal and headed somewhere other than Atlanta.

    I think a third team like Cleveland with multiple #1's could be a factor in piecing a deal together. I think Ferry goes the route of stockpiling draft picks keeping a core of Horford, Teague, Stevenson and Williams. I think Danny would risk this years #1 if he feels moving Green will bring him closer to signing Smith in the off season.

  • RondoNumber9

    If we traded Paul Pierce for Josh Smith, as hurtful as that would be for sentimental purposes…. I'd like our team better. Green has been great lately and a lineup of Bradley/Lee/Green/Smith/Garnett would be insanely good defensively. As great as Pierce has been, this trade would allow us to compete this year and be set up much better for the future.

  • james patrick

    Trading Pierce would not be good for Danny's ticker because the wrath we'll have coming at Ainge will be bigger than he can imagine! SHOW SOME LOYALTY DANNY. LIVE AND DIE GREEN. LEAVE PAUL ALONE!

  • Jamie

    Danny has certain players that he gets infatuated with and every year their name comes up with the Celtics. Josh Smith has been that guy for several years but he's not a max contract guy imo. Let someone else overpay him in free agency. Probably will be a bad team that will stay bad

  • Trevor

    Smith wants to be a celtic, this season or next. I would like to see him play with his old buddy Rondo but a max contract is questionable at this point in Smith's career. As a C's fan I've got a lot of respect for who we have playing for us right now… but at the end of the day I think it is time to pass the torch to remain competitive. If we sent Pierce to ATL and KG agreed to go to LAC for hopefully Jordan we would have a great amount of talent. The only hesitation I have is we lose our leaders whom have built a strong reputation in the post season

  • Tim

    I don’t buy the rumors until they happen especially when it’s from a ‘”source” from the nba according to espn. I won’t even read it if it comes from Chris Broussard. That said, Eric Bledsoe scores 9ppg. This guy is crazily overrated.

  • Antoni Gonzalez

    Wait All Jefferson next year, and get a top top team and great IQ, KG is a esential guy

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