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The Josh Smith to Boston Trade Rumors Won’t Stop

The Celtics appeared to be in still in the Josh Smith derby as of 48 hours ago, when Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported that the C’s were one of several teams still interested in the veteran power forward. Fast forward to two days later, and the whispers continue to come in that Boston is extremely interested in Smith, according to some of the top NBA reporters on the beat in Marc Stein of ESPN.com and Wojnarowski. Here’s the latest.


More newsworthy tidbits from Stein, after the jump



CH’s Take: There appears to be a lot of smoke here involving the C’s, but I’m not so sure there is a fire involving Boston. As Stein mentioned, neither KG or Pierce will be content being sent to Atlanta at this point in their career, so unless a third team (a contender in California) is involved that Pierce would be flipped to by Atlanta, I don’t see anything happening on this front. There’s also the possibility Ainge could be trying to find a multi-team deal that could land Smith in Boston, but I don’t see Danny being able to accomplish that without using Pierce/Bradley/KG or first round picks, all things I don’t see being moved for various reasons.

As always, Ainge is exploring his options and is “active” but having enough to pull the trigger on a move like this and being active are two very different animals. Stay tuned.

  • GowGow

    Boston wants Josh Smith.
    Boston really wants Josh Smith.
    Boston really, really wants Josh Smith.

    That's what this sounds like over the past few weeks. If I was a reporter I wouldn't say anything else until something truly happens. But for now, OK, we get it! We want they guy on our team! Geesh.

  • Jonas

    SOLUTION!!! Get THIS: We trade PP to ATL for Josh Smith and Kyle Korver. ATL sells some tickets and then buy PP out next year for $4mil…we get 7 years younger, Hawks free up cap space, and PP can play for who he wants, or retires next year. THEN, get this, SHABAM DANNY AINGE! We trade RONDO, BASS, and 1st round pick for DWIGHT HOWARD. Celts' starting lineup gets younger, and features Dwight Howard, KG, Josh Smith (yes at small forward), Avery Bradley, and Courtney Lee. BEST DEFENSIVE Team IN NBA HISTORY, plus we could make a run for it this year and rebuild at the same time. THANK YOU!

    • CelticsBIG3

      KG won't play next year without Pierce.

    • Mac3

      Dude you make no sense at all. Worst idea ever. Why would you trade Rondo or Pierce?

  • Morpheus

    Why wouldn't Danny be keen on trading a 1st to get Smith? If getting Smith means a strong chance at #18 then i can definitely see Danny trading a 1st with a package of Bass, Melo, Lee, (Sully) to get him.

    What about Lee for Ed Davis since Memphis are interested in him.

  • dasein

    If all ATL wanted was to clear cap, they can just let Smith walk. Why would they take PP just so they can buy him out net year?

  • Phil725

    A lot of these rumors worry me about Ainge's involvement with the team over the next few years. Trying to add overpriced, maxed out talent guys like DeAndre Jordan and Josh Smith is exactly how you 'don't' rebuild. That's delusionally retooling for a team that won't be anywhere near a championship without PP/KG. Adding Josh Smith long term would put the team two feet in a Raptors-esque grave for the foreseeable future. It's near impossible to escape from long term deals like that.

    I still don't have much fear in this one going down though. Smith's biggest value is as a final piece for a run this year. That run doesn't happen without Pierce, so the trade just won't happen if ATL holds out, which I assume they would.

  • Phil725

    I also came across an interesting nugget in Stein's piece about the Hawks trading Smith. Buried at the end of the Celtic section:

    I've always thought Rajon Rondo, not Pierce or Garnett, would be the first member of Boston's star trio to be dealt. There simply might not be a shake-up move available to the Celtics at this deadline now that Rondo has been lost to a season-ending knee injury.

    That pretty much mirrors what I said right after the injury. It should make everyone happy for now since a deal involving Pierce or KG doesn't look likely, but I still remain skeptical that Rondo is entrenched on this team for the long term.

  • gdrteg

    Celts rondo bass melo snd get Hawks J smity and johnson

  • Antoni Gonzalez

    Al Jefferson is the rigth move, wait for him next year , he is so good.

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