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Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony Are Cool Apparently, Plus KG Has Some Fun With Craig Sager

With all of the trade speculation swirling around Kevin Garnett and his no-trade clause this weekend, very little was said about the “possible” tension of Carmelo Anthony and Garnett being teammates after their dustup last month. Both players have been adamant that there is no bad blood after the incident at Madison Square Garden, but that didn’t stop Craig Sager from trying to make some noise about it over the weekend with entertaining results.

Well played by KG and Melo. Naturally, TNT had Sager and KG trade barbs again during Sunday’s All-Star Game, which lead to Garnett telling Sager he looked like a “Christmas ornament.”

Some quality stuff from Garnett, but it will never top this classic.

  • Sophomore


  • Phil725

    I had forgotten how thorough KG's evisceration of Sager's outfit was in that last clip. Just great.

  • skeeds

    KG's had his share of highlights these past 18 years, but that Craig Sager video is definitely #1 on my list. Also, the fact that every baller from Chris Webber to Lebron and 'Melo call him "Ticket", somehow makes KG 10 times cooler than he already is.