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Celtics Have Signed Terrence Williams to a 10-Day Contract

UPDATE (1 PM ET): Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe is now reporting the Terrence Williams signing is a “done deal.” 

Danny Ainge told reporters last week he would be bringing in some additional help for the undermanned Celtics for their five-game road trip and he appears to be close to making the first step in that department. According to Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe, the Celtics are on the verge of signing 25-year-old swingman Terrence Williams, who had been playing in China with the Guangdong Southern Tigers of the Chinese Basketball Association. Williams had helped lead that team to a first place finish in the league heading into the CBA playoffs. Here’s more from Washburn:



More on the situation as it develops. More on what we can expect out of Williams after the jump. 

Williams started his career with the Nets, drafted 11th overall back in 2009. After an up-and-down rookie campaign that had the youngster displaying some poor work habits (showing up late to practice, etc.) Williams was dealt to the Rockets in late 2010. He failed to get into the rotation much there and was ultimately cut in March, before being cut and spending the remainder of the season with the Sacramento Kings.

Williams was in training camp with the Pistons this season, but was cut before the season which led to him ultimately signing  in China.

CH’s Quick Thoughts: We’ll have a more in-depth scouting report in the coming hours, but I really like this move by Danny. Obviously it’s low risk with a 10-day deal, but perhaps more importantly, Williams will help Boston address a major need (if they keep him long-term) on the defensive glass. His 20.1% defensive rebounding rate is outstanding for a player of his size (6-6) and would immediately make him the 3rd best defensive rebounder on the team behind Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

The former Louisville star averaged 17.9 ppg for Guangdong this year, with 48% FG shooting and 31% shooting from downtown. He also posted 3.4 rpg, 4.2 apg, and is physically capable of playing anywhere from the 1 to the 3. Perhaps most importantly, Williams has stood out for being a tough physical defender throughout his college and pro career, an extremely important trait for a guy that wants to make an impact for Doc Rivers right away.

Assuming Williams has his character issues behind him, (a safe assumption after a year out of the NBA to humble you), this is a guy that can jump into the rotation right away and help Boston on both sides of the ball with his athleticism.

Here are a few highlights from Williams last year and over his NBA career.

  • CG12

    I have always liked TWill the Thrill's game, but his attitude seems to have gotten in his way. Nice low risk, high reward move. He can handle, pass, and shoot.

  • Michael

    Good addition, at least physically
    this way we have another physical(very)&big guard, and somewhat can play
    I believe Doc. is unsatisfied by the defense of those currently free PGs, so he choses him.

    he went to China, and they used him as a 1&2&3······he will fit
    Only thing that worries me is his attitude, but with KG it's less of a matter

  • janos

    Hi Bryan is Janos
    for alls-tar break am wonder if see this ones for this time, is my expect and hope this site:;'

    1. mid-season gradeall player nba celtics
    b. looks ahead season , rest include any big road ando/r home stretch ,or interst schedules part
    c. key to playofs us
    d. other good ones

    thank you janos

    • brobb7

      Hey Janos,

      We actually already did midseason grades last month. Here's the link so you can check them out in case you missed them! http://celticshub.com/2013/01/25/know-mediocrity-

      We'll have plenty more on the schedule and playoffs after the trade deadline this week, once we know what the Celtics roster looks like the rest of the way. For now, most of our coverage will surround the team's moves this week.

      • janos

        thank you i like bump up rondos and garnet and maybe green a c

  • CelticsBIG3

    I am totally cool with this signing. I wondered why T. Williams hadn't stuck around the NBA.

  • Phil725

    I like the move. He fits the mold of the ball movement/slashing and cutting system that the Cs have been running since the Rondo injury. He's not a good shooter, but floor spacing is something the Cs have plenty of. Given how the ball is moving currently, I wouldn't be surprised if he had some good games. Honestly though, I was sold at "20.1% DRR." You aren't getting a star signing someone midseason, but I think he can eat up some minutes.

    Anyone out of the league because of attitude problems is a red flag obviously, but I like the situation as it breaks down for the Cs. If he can't play with Doc and KG as a last chance, he just won't play in the NBA. I'd have to think he knows that.

    I still wouldn't be surprised for some kind of deal involving Barbosa's contract/money/2nd round pick going out and a guard like Sebastion Telfair coming back.

  • The Cardinal

    I like this move! It's funny how "attitude" is at the forefront of discussions about Williams when some of the same posters were/are pushing for Delonte West. Talk about a mental disconnect…

  • Art

    Attitude may have been a factor, but at least Williams has been playing.

    Besides attitude Delonte hasn't been playing since last April, and his no show for the D-league probably didn't help either.

  • jorgevic

    We just need to sign a big body, even if it's come from d-league like stesma last year. Or send some picks to denver for Mozgov and them sign a 4th string pg and we will be fine!

  • Morpheus

    So this rules out Delonte? Poor guy. Always been a TWill spectator, a shame he never had the right attitude behind his potential to be a successful player in the NBA. Oh well, this is his chance and yeah if he can't get it together with KG, PP and Doc he can't get it anywhere in this league.

  • Portceltic

    Williams … I think, tries to do too much on the offensive end. He's noted for jacking up bad shots and is turnover prone. But we've seen unconscious shooters (Cassell, Starbury) added at the mid season only to become skittish with their offense. I think he'll be given the green light, but Doc will stress a healthy dose of perimeter defense and rebounding, which would keep him in the league for more than 10 days. Opportunity knocks for a guy who has a boat load of talent. Could be a steal for us if he comes in humble.

  • geo

    it seems every player who ends up in Sacramento develops attitude problems, probably something to do with living in California's version of Detroit and until now not knowing whether the owners were gonna dump the team at any point. I like this kid, will be interesting if he sticks around this season and maybe resigns next season to see the Rondo (UK) TWill(Louisville) dynamic that will drive some Kentuckians bat crazy.

    still wish wish we had given Jarvis Varnado a little more time to show what he had.

    Side note, does Darko realize he wouldve been the starting center or at least playing major minutes with these injuries if he hadnt been such a baby about not playing and stuck around another month? i guess another chapter added to the long story of Darko what-ifs, oh well, enjoy the eastern european women Darko…

  • Kirby Whitacre

    Williams is worth a ten day look. Trade-wise I am not advocating or in favor of this but I think KG to the Clippers for Bledsoe and Jordan….this year's money is about even in the exchange…..then…..and here's the biggie…..Rondo, Pierce, Bass and Lee to the Lakers for Howard, Gasol and a low-priced guard to be named–that also is an even money exchange based upon current salaries. You heard it here first. The second trade is why KG will waive his no-trade clause….the Celtics will no longer be the Celtics he knows.


    • Jonathan

      So you want to trade Garnett, Rondo, Pierce, Bass & Lee for Jordan, Bledsoe, Howard and Gasol? Tell me why you would want 2 centers that have no offensive game, 1 PF thats 30+ and a backup point guard for 4 of the 5 celtics starters?

  • HansGruber

    That Laker trade is awful. However I'll get heat but I really like the Clippers deal and I'll tell you why. KG gets a better chance at grabbing another ring before he retires in the city where he lives during the offseason no less while the Celtics get back some good young pieces. I'm big on Deandre Jordan. I won't be bummed if the trade doesn't happen, but I certanly don't think it would be awful.

    That said I am perfectly ok with this signing. Just need to find another big guy some how and one more point guard.

    • KillerGymRat

      Curious why you're big on Jordon? I used to like him myself as he showed real potential 2 seasons ago. But then he signed his extention and has pretty much backslid.

      Hollins is playing better. And it makes me wonder why the C's thought WIlcox was worth keeping over him. While not a huge improvement Hollins gives solid all around D, and his play is the reason why Jordon is on the trading block.

      IMO this team is way better without Deandre.

  • Anthony

    Mr. Robb, you got a nod on Marc Stein's Power Rankings and Celts finally hit #10. Keep up the great work!

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