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Kevin Garnett: I Will Not Waive My No-Trade Clause, “If It’s Up To Me, I’ll Live and Die Green”

Kevin Garnett is meeting with the media right down in Houston, fresh off last night’s story that the C’s were in trade talks with the Clippers about sending Garnett to LA for DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe. For Celtics fans that were worried about such a deal, the quotes coming out of Houston right now from a variety of reporters are likely very reassuring.





That should hopefully put an end to that trade talk for now. The C’s recent resurgence is enough for Kevin to believe this team has a chance at it. And since they do, he’s not going anywhere.

For more on why Garnett won’t want to deal, check out this CelticsHub piece outlining KG’s likely thinking on it.

  • Vince

    I love KG.

  • Switcharoo

    Loyalty simple as that. He’s not chasing rings or MVPs for himself, if he’s see another banner hang its going to be in the TD.G. Stay loyal KG the fans got your back!

  • James Patrick

    "If it's up to me, I will live and die green," Garnett said.

    This is why Celtic fans are forever and Laker fans find other hobbies until they do well again. Trust me, I live in L.A.

    • 2013 Year
      • James Patrick

        There are Laker fans everywhere just like there are Celtic fans everywhere. I'm in L.A. and I too live and die green. Laker fans are all fair weathered. You're all rooting for the Clippers now until the Lakers start to improve.

  • HansGruber

    Part of me loves how loyal KG is but another part of me says this sucks cause now we can't any moves right now to make the team better. Also based on this trade I proposed in the ESPN trade machine I decided I wish GMs were that dumb. Three team trade with the C's, Warriors and Clips. C's get David Lee, Eric Bledsoe and Dandre Jordan. Warriors get Rondo, Lamar Odom and Courtney Lee and the Clips get KG and Andrew Bogut.

    Oh well. I just hope the team continues to play as good as they are.

    • aaa

      ur suck dude.you dont even think what you talkin about

  • 2013 Year

    Stupid KG …
    There is no way in hell celtics are now contenders
    Ray Allen painted his nails in green too

    • Vincent

      Maybe he's not a shallow ring-chaser? Maybe he loves playing for Doc and with PP? Who the hell are you to call him stupid, when you have no idea what makes him happy?

      • 2013 Year

        it is not your fucking business who Am I
        when Celtics sucked for 22 years your kept your mouth shut
        so shut the fuck UP

        • Vince

          Stay classy, loser

        • Switcharoo

          Wow! Hey junior settle down. Acting tough on the Internet doesn’t scare anybody, it just makes you out like a jerk. Take that attitude back to the Heat board.

          • Switcharoo

            Not you Vinnie, that was ment for baby new year with the potty mouth.

  • CelticsBIG3

    KG is great. I expect no trades at all.

  • matthew

    It is a good trade for both teams we get younger (24 and 25 years old) the clippers have a shot at the title. We would not be getting a franchise player but good building pieces for Danny to build around. I don't see us winning this year or the next so if the deal is right make it.

  • TOM

    OH Yeah. Did you hear today that KG is being traded to space. I am laughing at all of these KG trade rumors. I know that he will not be traded to the Clippers, Nuggets, Hawks, etc.

  • jman

    Trade kg?
    For all you trade kgers out there, remember that if it wasn’t for this guy, these past 5 years would of been horrendous. Pierce would of left, ray would of never came. We would of never had players like rasheed or shaq here for entertainment. Boston would of just been another Detroit or cavs team. Never a contender and maybe once in awhile get in the playoffs. Kg put Boston back on the map with just his name. And for his name and play, we have a better chance to get better FA’s in the future. Future players are going to want to come here for they’ll be looking at the elite teams. If he never played here this team would be another shit team. You want to trade away a guy who brought the game back to Boston for the past present and future instead of giving him the respect he earned. Remember, since he came here, we won two titles(’10 was stolen), went to the ecf 4 times and won division titles every year. These new players coming up see those stats and see us as an elite team. Do you think they’d come here if kg never came. Hell no, we’d be the laughing stock of the nba like we were for years.
    So let him and pierce enjoy their remaining time here regardless if they witn titles or not these next two years and let the newbies take over then, for thanks to kg we have a future and we won’t just be a Detroit. Maybe for a year or so…lol. but well worth it. Cheers kg for bringing the celtics back into the spotlight. Your number should definetly be retired here.