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Celtics discussing Garnett for Bledsoe/Jordan

We’re down to the final six days before the trade deadline and the rumors are gathering strength like a nor’easter rolling in off the Atlantic.

Adrian Wojnarowski and Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports have sources indicating the recent Kevin Garnett-to-the-Clippers rumors are more than just idle speculation:

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers have been discussing a deal to trade forward Kevin Garnett for guard Eric Bledsoe and center DeAndre Jordan, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. There are differing factions within the Celtics and Clippers on the prudence of the deal, but the two teams have been in regular contact about the possibility, sources said.

Because of his home in Malibu, and a close relationship with Clippers guard Chauncey Billups, there’s hope that Garnett, a 15-time All-Star, could be coaxed into accepting a trade if an agreement is reached, sources said.

For the Celtics, Bledsoe, 23, and Jordan, 24 would give Boston two young players with significant upside to start a revamp of the roster. With Rajon Rondo returning next season from an ACL injury, it’s unclear how the Celtics would proceed, but it could ultimately give them a chance to use a healthy Rondo in trade scenarios.

CelticsHub says: Believe anything Danny Ainge says at this time of year at your own peril. Although he rightly suggests the core of the Celtics — Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett — will probably be untouched over the next week, it’s clear Ainge is willing to do whatever it takes to position this team for a title (now or in the future) and may have checked out on the idea of the current team’s prospects at making a deep run this season. Between this story and the CBS report the C’s and Lakers have discussed a deal centered around Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard, we should assume nobody is safe until the trade deadline passes on Thursday.

It’s nearly impossible to gauge the value of a prospective KG trade until the remaining pieces fall into place. If Garnett is on the move, Pierce, who has no appetite for a rebuild, is probably soon to follow. Rondo may also find himself looking at a new home.

Is any of this going to bear fruit before the 21st? It’s impossible to say. But as Bob Dylan once noted, things should start to get interesting right about now.


UPDATE: Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio also has multiple sources confirming the Celtics-Clippers talks.

  • Phil725

    I mentioned this back when the rumors first popped up, but I think this trade is dangerous for the Cs long term. Jordan makes 11m over the next three years, and he'll get a similar amount after that since he'll be an athletic twenty-eight year old center (if he doesn't, you obviously paid a guy 33m to suck, because big guys get money handed to them like crazy.)

    The point is, the Cs are already up to their necks in residual salary through the next three and four years. Rondo, Green and Jordan make over 30m by themselves, that's over half the cap. Add in some of the other long term contracts on the team, and you could be over the cap until 2016, when Rondo will be after his max contract. You can finagle the numbers however you want, but basically, acquiring Jordan here means no other big free agent.

    Now it's possible that Ainge is already writing off free agency, and just wants to add trade assets, and that I can't really dispute. Maybe he would like to move KG for Bledsoe/Jordan, then swap Rondo/Jordan for Dwight in a sign and trade this offseason, or something like that. That's why I call the road dangerous though. This team without PP or KG isn't good, so being stuck waiting for a trade could be a long four years. And worse, a four years in the late lottery, not where you can draft a franchise guy.

    All that said, I'm still waiting for the Pierce rumor to pop up. KG's not going anywhere on his own, and all the talks in the world won't change that.

  • Morpheus


  • Portceltic

    There's not enough perimeter offense for Danny to consider asking Garnett to waive his NTC. Bledsoe athletically is stout, but he hasn't proved he can run an offense nor does he have a proven perimeter game. Jordan is a below average, overpaid center who cant shoot free throws. You're trading the most important element of your defense, and front line for a back up PG and a center who only can play above the rim? Come-on.

  • Michael

    adjust with draft picks(C's probably will get 1?)
    That will be a fair trade for both teams. Since PP won't stay after KG's gone. C's rebuild, Clippers run for a title to impress CP3
    Of course I will go with KG to be Clipper fan ~~~

    • Vince

      Great trade if you're the Clippers. Odom can't play outside of LA and he's old. Butler is average, Bledsoe's an unproven backup, and Jordan dunks (and that's it). The only way you trade KG and PP Is to get better younger and cheaper players. This deal doesn't accomplish any of those.

  • High Rollers

    C'mon. You'd have to serious alienate #5 to get him to agree to leaving. That just seems like bad karma plain and simple.

  • CelticsBIG3

    I'm done with the internet until the trade deadline passes. This sh!t gets stupider every year. Why does the media feel the need to report crap they over heard or read on twitter?

  • skeeds

    Whatever this trade would mean for the Celtics, I have to say that if he does indeed get traded, this is the kind of scenario I'd wish for KG. Moving close to home, being a difference maker and a mentor in a young lockerroom, being given the chance to make a strong run or two at a ring, what could be better for him?

  • elroz

    Jordan does not just dunk, he rebounds, runs the floor, and his D is not bad…. of course his FT shooting is atrocious…but in the low post, he can hit some hook-shots – that is if people have actually seen him play, they would notice that.

    Bledsoe can shoot the ball – recall him knocking down a clutch 3 at the Garden. He can handily the ball and he is young and athletic. You can have Bledsoe, Rondo, Terry, Bradley, Lee and deal Rondo and one other guy for Dwight Howard (but that's only right now, since Howard is a free agent after this season, right?). With that said, I would love to see Danny add a guard right now and leave KG and PP alone… sentimental feelings are talking now again.

    No way I am going to be f&*^ing cheering a guy in a Celtic uniform when he goes up against KG or PP in another jersey… F that! If KG and PP are not here – who and what is this team? Who is a Celtic? They need some sort of continuity, otherwise the fans will be disoriented – w/o KG and PP – what other real, proven Celtics can you point to right now that would be playing?

  • Antoni Gonzalez

    KG is esetial and loyal guy, what more can you wait of a superstar, he deserves to retire as a Celtic, wait for All jefferson next year and only with the guys we have, is a top top team