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Kevin Garnett Clarifies Last All-Star Game Comments, Reiterates Desire to Retire As A Celtic


With All-Star Weekend fully under way down in Houston, Texas, Kevin Garnett amongst many others have made the media rounds today before the festivities get going in full tonight. KG was obviously a hot topic of conversation given his recent comments Wednesday night about this year being his “last All-Star Game.” The Big Ticket sat down with ESPN Radio earlier this afternoon, which allowed the All-Star starter to clarify his comments as well as reflect on his career and the team’s future this year.

Courtesy of Chris Forsberg over at ESPNBoston.com here are a couple of the highlights off the interview, including Garnett’s response to the retirement speculation.

On His Last All-Star Game Comments: “I did say that, didn’t I?” joked Garnett. “I’m just being honest. To think that, first off, not to take this for granted and I’m more than honored and flattered. But to think that two years left, who knows what the future’s going to hold for me. I can’t say that I’m going to be an All-Star next year at 37-38 years old. That’s ludicrous.

“I’m learning this new journalism these days, they don’t really put out the whole question, they just ask the parts at which they want. So I’ll explain it. The question kinda came off as whether next year and [Garnett] making the All-Star [game], I was like, ‘Woah, woah, woah. This is probably my last,’ then went into that way and spoke on it. But yeah, I don’t anticipate — I never said that I wasn’t going to anticipate playing like an All-Star next year, I didn’t say that. But to sit up here with all those young guys and up-and-coming talent, I can’t just that. I’m not that brash, that egotistical of a guy say nothing like that. I’m more than honored to be here, it’s not by coincidence, I’m working hard like the next man. But to sit up there and say that next year [he'd be an All-Star], I would never disrespect the game like that.”

For the record, I was on hand when Garnett made his original comments in the locker room Wednesday night. I agree with his sentiment that a lot of new journalists tend to use things out of context in this new day and age, but this is one situation I feel like where it wasn’t the case. Instead, reporters tried to give him a chance to clarify about his remarks, asking why he would say it would be his last All-Star game if he’s going to play more years.

Instead, KG chose to be humble and a bit cryptic responding with the “Y’all don’t know what I know.” It’s tough not to speculate I’d explain to Kevin when you make comments like that, instead of voicing what he really meant (that young stars will be passing him by.) I’m not mad at KG at all (he didn’t mean to cause the confusion obviously) but let’s hope he doesn’t hold against us [the media] for the rest of the year.

KG also spoke at length about his future with the C’s and his intention to retire as a Celtic, if it’s up to him (which it mostly is).

“[Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge], since Day 1, even when Ray was here, the first day we got there he always told us he would do whatever he had to do to make the team better, he wouldn’t put guys above the team,” said Garnett. “That was the foundation and we all understood that, never had a problem with it. I’ve always told him where I was, as far as being a Celtic. My expectations were not to come back to be traded. We both understand that, but this is a business and you have to understand that, I do.

“It’s my preference, I will retire a Celtic and be buried in green and that’s where it stands. As far as the organization, where they feel they want to go, their visions for the future, I can’t speak on that. You have to ask them that. For right now, this is what it is, if it changes, I’ll have to deal with that.”

Appreciate Garnett while you can folks. There won’t be another one like him.



  • Morpheus

    I'm so appreciative we have the 2 best leaders in the NBA today, Truth and KG.

    Why wouldn't you want to play with these 2 guys. Class acts, true professionals, passionate about the game they love.

  • Josh_5

    My man crush on KG > Phil's man crush on Bradley
    My man crush on KG > Janos's man crush on Rondo

    Ya, I went there.

    • Phil725

      Maybe for now… but just wait until AB's 3 point shot comes back!

      That's the thing about Bradley; there's potential on top of the current crush.

      • Anthony

        LOL. Might need to add:

        Josh_5 man crush on KG > Anthony's man crush on JGreen

        Just kidding, I enjoy watching almost everyone on the team but probably AB is my favorite now. Love watching the kid play defense. It's unfortunate the ref doesn't always allow him to. Sorry Phil.

  • skeeds

    Oh no, mr Rob, you better HOPE he holds whatever he thinks the media is doing wrong against you all. He might like amping some things up in his head, but it works like a charm for him. Here's to hoping he's pissed at everyone!

    By the way, KG hangs around at the allstar game in slippers. that's whats up.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Just as I suspected, another overblown situation by the media. Social media is one of the worst things ever when it comes to these things.

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