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Doc Rivers Talks Free Agent Possibilities, Garnett Retirement Talk, and Delonte West

Doc Rivers had his regularly scheduled appearance on Dennis and Callahan this morning on WEEI-FM 93.7, one day late after spending yesterday to head home to Orlando for some golfing during the break.

With an eventful week facing the Celtics as they try to fill up the team’s injury-ravaged roster before and after the trade deadline, Rivers talked about a number of topics looming large. They included where specifically the C’s were looking for players, the possibility of bringing in Delonte West and Kevin Garnett’s last All-Star Game talk from Wednesday night. A few highlights of the interview which you can listen to in full on WEEI-FM 93.7.

What are you and Danny looking to do to fill the roster?
“I’ll say this. Danny and I thought about it since all of the injuries. With the last one with Barbosa, we can’t look at one position anymore. Now we’re looking at players. We need to pick up players as soon as we can get them. We don’t want to do something so quick that someone else becomes available and we can’t get them [since we filled up our open spots]. We have to be very careful with what we do.

What particular positions are you ideally looking for?
“A ball handling guard. My perfect guard for this group is one who can play multiple positions, who can shoot and has some toughness. A four who can stretch the floor or a four who can rebound. That’s the list. There are so many places to look. The China league ends in a week so the American players playing over there will come back. The D-League and through a trade. We don’t have a lot of assets to trade, so we have to be careful there.”

How closely are you guys looking at Delonte West?
“That’s someone we are looking at. I don’t know where we are going to go with that. We have to be so careful. One thing I love about Delonte is his toughness but the other thing you don’t like is he does get injured a lot and you worry about that as well, besides the other stuff.”

What do you make of Kevin Garnett’s comments from Wednesday night saying it will be his last All-Star game and his comments that we don’t know what he knows?
“We don’t know what he knows. With Kevin every year, I think he thinks about retirement year to year. I really believe that. I think he loves the game too much and he’s playing too well to walk away. During the season though, he thinks about it. If you ask him during the middle of the season like most coaches, they’d say they doubt it because it’s such a grind for him. I wouldn’t put too much into that [talk] though.”


  • The Cardinal

    Both Doc and Danny are being diplomatic but for all of you "sign Delonte" folks, just let it go – it will be a cold day in Hades before the C's subject themselves to this "troubled" individual (i.e., batshit crazy whether it's "disease" related or not) again. As for the charade of Iverson "supporters," yeah, right.

  • Totally agree with the Cardinal, you can tell from Doc's response that there's no way in hell we sign Delonte.

  • zack

    I seriously think they should consider signing Gilbert arenas who is currently playing in China so is healthy and in shape and could be a great cheap pickup for them!

    • The Cardinal

      That's funny as hell..sign both Gil and Delonte and the Garden can dismiss all it's armed security personnel! Nobody – absolutely nobody – will 'uck with those two!!!

      Seriously, I like Delonte's game too, but: 1) why would you to sign an injury prone player to replace injured players and 2) it's a lot easier to want him back when you personally are not on the team and working beside him and wondering "what is this dude gonna do next – knife me or shoot me?" Just sayin'…we don't need OSHA investigating an NBA team for work place violence!

  • janos

    on currents i am not fan all-stars game but i will make a watch for garnet

  • Jay

    sign Kenyon Martin and Allen Iverson/or/Derek Fisher


    Trade for Josh Smith… Jeff Green and Brandon Bass

    • Matthew

      Josh Smith is old Antonie Walker all over again complete with baby whinny face.

  • Antoni

    Wait for Big All next he is so good and he is a Celtic, you don´t wrong he is a secure