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Will he be back?

Danny Ainge took part in his weekly interview on WEEI-FM 93.7 this afternoon with Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley. A variety of topics were discussed about how Ainge plans on handling filling up the roster and Ainge was asked specifically about the possibility of the team bringing in Delonte West to fill a guard spot for the team. Here is an excerpt of that conversation:

Ordway: If you guys can’t afford to give up bodies you have now in the way of a trade. Is there anybody out there who could help. Is Delonte West a possibility of a guy you could bring in? We know there are issues that go along with him, but it seems like you guys have real bond with him

Ainge:  “You know, Delonte is a player we know, probably better than anyone in the NBA. He’s on the list of guys we are looking at. We are going to take this entire week and explore trades and free agent signings. We have a long list of players and he’s on that list. It’s a difficult thing for players to not play basketball all year, who haven’t played since last Apri and expect them to come in and be able to contribute.”

CH’s Take: Not exactly a complete endorsement of West given how long he’s been away from the game this season, but Ainge not shuting the door on bringing in Delonte speaks volumes. We all know the issues Delonte has had away from the floor, and to be honest there’s undoubtedly been much more behind the scenes that’s gone on which we don’t know about that has kept all 30 NBA teams from giving him a shot this season.

With that said, if the Celtics are really serious at taking a run at things this postseason, West is as talented of a guard that’s out there on the market for them. Having also played for Doc a couple years ago, West knows the C’s defensive system, putting him ahead of the curve compared to any other guard Boston would bring in. There would be numerous risks involved in signing him in obviously, but given that it would just be for a half season, it might be a little easier for Doc and company to swallow given how desperate this squad is right now for useful bodies.

All things considered, would I call the move likely right now? Probably not. However, it’s probably not the last option on the list though either. If Danny can’t find a solution or two via trade at the guard spot by sending Barbosa and cash to some team for a second rate point guard, West might be one of the next moves on the list.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • bugsbunny

    HAIL THE RETURN OF REDSY!!! or whatever his tatto says. delonte could be the next artest/ rodman if he just pull himself together.

  • nilo the great

    yes, delonte could help the celtics. he knows the system and he is well tamed by doc rivers. bring him in….

  • Switcharoo

    Can’t the give him a 10 day contract and see where it goes? He know Doc and Doc know him, they have a connection and maybe jumping back in the ol’ green #13 will be good for him. Good for him might translate to good for the team.
    What are his ‘issues’ anyway aside from chronic depression?

  • Troop

    Rug burn of the lower cheek upper lip region. Riding around on a moped with a guitar case full of guns would seem to be a bit concerning probably considered more than depression.

    • jr9901

      That was 4 years ago. How long should he continue to pay the price for that?

  • Troop

    Still would love to have his toughness back on the c’s and Lebrons mom in his pocket. D West is a pimp. Bring the one three back for a title run.

  • Jim

    I know he has had issues but I do love the way he plays the game! Hard! I hope he gets another chance.

  • Ted

    Too injury prone

    Sign Pargo, Mack, Goudelock,

    • NZNICK33

      Pargo? Dear God no. I'd rather have a headcase!

  • Mr. Curet

    They should definitely sign Delonte. He’s familiar with the system, brings an aggressive defensive game & can hit the 3. Who cares if he’s a headcase? It’s just for one more run in the playoffs.

  • bigd

    get him then trade lee to memphis for ed davis to add depth to our front line

  • bigd

    no need to have 4 guards with pierce assist going up

  • Portceltic

    There's an upside to brining D. West because he's a better ball handler than Lee, you don't lose much in terms of ball pressure, and he knows the system.

    If you can deal Lee, and perhaps a filler like Wilcox for Gortat (UR next season) then you have to risk disrupting Jet and start him at the 2 for while as Delonte works his way as the starting PG.

    • Lisa

      We don't need to deal Lee to get D West so why not have both??

  • ElRoz

    Delomte – yeeeeah! Can shoot, handle the ball, play D… will be just fine…GET HIM!

  • geo

    love REDZ. also, heard Earl Boykins has been working out like crazy always loved his game, only 36, great rental. wouldnt be surprised if Brad Miller or Ben Wallace come out of retirement to help the rebounding situation.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Hate Brad Miller. That guy is a piece of sh!t.

  • Moore

    Not him please, please Allen Iverson. AI has a very strong mind to play in NBA so he can do a lot in the PG and SG with a strong mind.

    • lisa

      How would AI learn our defense when he seems to hate going to practice?

      • JLees

        Broken clock – every time someone mentions AI, some beacon of originality brings up the practice news conference…. did you ever actually see AI play?

  • jr9901

    I would sure love to know WHY the Cs seem so allergic to bringing Delonte back.. when he's so clearly a good fit for what the team needs right now. SOMETHING happened….

    • Phil725

      It's not just the Cs who haven't brought him back, there are 29 other teams that could use his production at his cost as well. There's obviously some serious off court issues (beyond what we know,) that are scaring everyone off. The Heat did recently pick up the other proven contributor with massive red flags, so Delonte could be picked up if the Cs think the need is dire enough. That said, there's obviously more to be concerned with than what a Google search brings up.

  • CG12

    I have always loved Delonte's game and presence on the court, but he doesn't seem to be able to keep it together off the court. I think that he has an official diagnosis of bipolar, and that obviously has a lot to do with it. If he could keep stable off the court, then I'd do it in a heart beat, but, not even counting the gun thing, he seems to be continually getting in scrapes and arguments with people. He went after Von Wafer a couple of years ago. He had problems on the Mavs at the beginning of this year. Mental illness or no, he brings a level of chaos that I wouldn't welcome at this point. The C's have a solid rotation of good guys who know their roles, and I would hate to inject a disruptive influence into that. If there was some assurance that Delonte was doing better, then I'd love to have him, but I feel like he is always a ticking time bomb, and you don't need that in your locker room. And that's too bad – I love his game.

  • Morpheus

    Von Wafer isn't here anymore, why not.

    Seriously though, Delonte could be one hell of a player if he wasn't so mentally unstable. I say bring him in, it's only for half a season or at worst sign him to a 10 day contract.

  • johnny

    delonte would be a grand addition 2 da celtics one hes been there before and dont have 2 do much catch or learning da defensive rotation next he plays great defense and respects doc and da celtic organization. i felt they should have keep him and got rid of rondo. mr. west has a nice jump shoot and hits da borads pretty well.
    he also loves playing with boston and will give da c's everything that is need at his position.

  • Lisa

    I really hope they give him another chance. i believe his heart has always been with the Celtics and he definitely respects doc. He always gave 110 percent when he played. It broke my heart in 2010 when he broke his wrist in the New Jersey game. I think he would have contributed a lot. He was brave to come forward and talking about his bi-polar disorder and it disgusts me when people call him things like a "head case". It just makes sense to bring someone in who knows the system rather than bring someone in who would be starting from scratch.

  • greenjim

    The question that needs answering is whether or not the Bi-polar dx. is with "psychotic features" or not. Lots of folks do OK with a Bi-polar disorder,especially if they stay on their medication. The meds for the 'psychotic features' are distasteful to most, and often they are not taken. That's when they often cause trouble. Psychotic features are beyond the scope of team support and comradeship, when a player is irrational even KG can't bring them around. But Delonte is one hell of a player, and I hope they give him a 10 day contract. Like Tommy, "I love his game."