Post-game Reactions

For the second time this season, the Bulls came into the TD Garden and Marco Belinelli had a chance at a game winner. This time, however, there was no Bullish celebrations on the parquet. In what was a largely ugly affair, the Celtics were able to emerge victorious and carry a win into the All Star Break. We’ll have more grades and analysis later on…

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  • elroz

    Yet another rebound Jeff Green had his hands on, and it was knocked out…luckily Terry's block preserved the win.

    • NZNICK33

      Yeah, because Jeff Green did nothing else of worth in this game, right?
      C'mon man, ease up. I swear some of you guys want Green to fail.

      He's bringing more to the table than he's taking off. And he's only getting better.
      Or would you prefer he reverts back to the 2 points, 1 rebound efforts that he was putting up earlier in the season.

  • Bleed Green

    I concurr NZNICK33, Green is the next thing along Rondo. He has hit the gym this summer and getting into a Lebron type regiment and come back a MONSTA!! I think Garnett will continue to get the fear outta him just as he did with PERK. You see what KG made Perk into? Perk went out their and had to do the same with Durant. Hey, I'm optimistic about this season still. If we get the proper additions. I suggest Derek Fisher and Kenyon Martin!!!!! Two experience vets with deep playoff experience and Finals experience. Make it happen Danny!!!!!!!!

  • KillerGymRat

    In other news: with D-Rose possibly sitting out the season the East just got that much more unpredictable. Even with the shortened roster this team is still a threat to make it to the conference finals and if Ainge can find a gem or too (Kenyon Martin certainly isn't a bad idea)…who knows.