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With Leandro Barbosa officially declared out for the season yesterday by the Celtics with a torn left ACL, the Celtics’ front office has been hard at work over the past 24+ hours. Ainge and company have undoubtably been combing through potential free agent fits and trade scenarios to give this upstart roster some additional help. Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald caught up with Danny Ainge to cycle through some of the team’s possibilities. The entire article is well worth the read, but here are a few of the highlights from Ainge:

“We have players we like in the D-League, and we have a little more than a week before the trade deadline. And we’ll explore all of that. Immediately we will probably bring someone in on a 10-day contract, and we’re going through all those names. There’s a lot of names actually, but it’s going to be very difficult to replace Leandro Barbosa.”

“Immediately” will likely mean the end of the All-Star break that starts tomorrow, and in terms of free agents, the Celtics are looking beyond the D-League and the U.S. border.

“There are guys playing all around the world, and I need to figure out when they may become available with their contracts,” said Ainge. “So there’s a lot to go through here.”
As I mentioned yesterday, Shelvin Mack appears likely to a be a short term fix for the team (likely signing a 10-day deal). However, the C’s front office is also doing their due diligence worldwide to find a player capable of helping right away in this offense, predicated on movement and passing, for the remainder of the season as well. Johnny Flynn, who has spent the year putting up strong numbers in Austraila, is one name that has popped up on the radar who could be a possibility.

For Flynn and other international players though, there are buyouts involved and other restrictions that will take time to deal with.

The other key portion of Bulpett’s piece is the fact that the C’s may only have enough money left against the $74 million dollar hard cap to sign two free agent minimum contracts.

Add to all this the fact the Celtics’ position against the final luxury tax level — a hard cap for them — leaves them able to essentially add just two minimum contracts.

With three season-ending injuries all coming after the January deadline to apply for a injury exemption, there will be no cap relief coming from the NBA in this department, putting Ainge in a very tricky spot. He has to pick players carefully to fill a spot, since there will be no second chance at bringing in a new guy once those two salary spots are filled, unless the C’s deal a player and cut some salary this week before the trade deadline. With just 10 healthy players on the roster, all of which are members of the C’s rotation right now besides Fab Melo, there are no likely candidates to be dealt.

The other option Ainge will probably do to help combat this issue is deal the “dead” salary of Barbosa (along with some cash and a second round pick to sweeten the deal) for a cheap player on a bad team that could use the extra cash. That way, Danny can fill Barbosa’s spot on the roster with a healthy player (who probably won’t be too useful) and maintain the flexibility to bring in two additional players on the open market once there are more roster buyouts after the trade deadline.

It will take a lot of creativity and flexibility to put together a complete roster that can compete in the East down the stretch, but Ainge and numbers guru Mike Zarren have the intellect to get it done.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Angus

    Sign Allen Iverson!!

    • Ge0gre

      I don't think he would fit too well in the Celtics locker room.

      • BostonR

        you are crazy to think AI, Garnett, and Pierce wont work. Three players with passion for the game.

    • Vincent

      You must be a Laker fan.

  • Switcharoo

    Haha Allen Iverson…hehe. That’s a good one. No seriously who else you got? Magic? MJ? Stockton? Mugsy? Or maybe Jerry West if the price is right. Ohh wait I got it…..

    Danny Ainge.

    • Mike hladky

      Just don't get a point guard that dribbles away the shot clock while keeping the ball from shooters, even though that gives everyone the impression that our defense is giving up less points when actually it just lowers both scores. It is nice to watch the cs moving the ball and winning.????

  • soomass

    It's Jonny Flynn. C'mon, man.

  • hydrofluoric

    Doc Rivers was a point guard, right?

    Maybe we could trade Leandro Barbosa for Eric Bledsoe?

    Brandon Bass for Marc Gasol?

    Chris Wilcox for Anthony Davis?

    I know there's gotta be some good value out there…

    • Vincent

      How about Jeff Green for LeBron?

  • Jay

    I agree sign Iverson!!!

    • Hooshang

      Iverson is the best choice. Sign him on a short term and keep him out of the locker room, if that's the problem.

      • CG12

        keeping him off the booze is the problem, unfortunately.

    • Lyben Tersol

      not to sign iverson, get josh smith to brandon bass….
      bring derrick fisher enstead of delonte west….

  • Phil725

    I just hope they sign someone soon so we can get over the phase of verbalizing our favorite non-NBA players.

  • shawn

    Delonte West, he can shoot plays D and knows the O

    • The Cardinal

      And when he gets angry, everyone is on pins and needles wondering if this guy will snap and seriously hurt someone (or a lot of someones). C'mon man, would you want West working beside you in your work place? I'm just sayin'…

      • lisa

        I think Delonte West was contributing a lot before his injury the last he played for us. Doc likes him and can handle him. Besides, he suffers from depression, not from being and a*#hole. He shouldn't be judged for that. It's not a character flaw, it's a controllable disease, which he was brave to come forward and talk about.

        • The Cardinal

          Yep, you are so right. Delonte has a wonderful history doing what he needs to do to control his disease. I'm sure he was controlling his disease when he started the fight with Von Wafer, when he was caught with unlicensed guns in his vehicle, etc…Given a choice, I sure as hell wouldn't work with him and no one in their right mind would. Even Mark Cuban couldn't deal with him anymore and that pretty much says it all.

          Don't try to make this about "depression" cuz you are sorely mistaken – this is about Delonte! On top of that, from a pure basketball stand point, I still wouldn't choose him.

        • The Cardinal

          Let me elaborate about my "pure basketball" comment. He's injury prone – exactly what we don't need in a guard that is replacing two injured guards! I understand there is no known scientific basis to support the idea of being "injury prone," but I also know that Delonte has been unable to get through a season without substantial injury since Moby Dick was a minnow.

  • srb

    I bet Stockton could still give you something. Also Mutombo still looks pretty good in that Geico commercial.

  • KillerGymRat

    A January deadline for an injury exemption? Why is there a dealine at all? Seriously the league makes some really boneheaded clauses.

  • Wayne

    C’s need to give Iverson a shot..

    • Vincent

      If they can find what bar he's drinking at this morning

  • Kkel24

    Go get jameer nelson

  • The Cardinal

    Is Iverson posting using different aliases?

    First off, Iverson hasn't played an NBA game in how long? So why would anyone assume he could just show up and be effective? Second, how exactly would Iverson's ego be assuaged when Doc sits his behind for not staying within the system and not playing defense. Three, do you really think that Iverson would take the vet's minimum? Four, if Allen Iverson is the best fit Danny can find for this team, then Danny and his scouts should be fired immediately.

    Another thing – Iverson was already beat to hell physically at the end of his legitimate career (he is the only guard in recent memory that I've seen take more consistent punishment than Rondo). So why would you sign someone whose physical health is shaky at best to replace guys you already lost to injury and not have the ability to replace him when (not if) he gets injured.

    • Phil725

      Those similar screen names (it's always just a random first name,) pop up from time to time to deliver the same message from a bunch of "different" people. Easiest to just assume they're trolling and move on.

    • hooshang

      You must have something serious against Iverson. Everything you said about him is wrong except his attitude that may change under Doc and I'm sure Doc can handle that.

      • The Cardinal

        Allen, is that you again (or maybe your agent)? Stop it man…you're cracking me up!!!

  • Banner18

    I know kg would probably not allow it but Bill Walker? I would have to say him and Johnny Flynn are much stronger candidates than Mack.

  • KillerGymRat

    Heard Jordon talked about playing at 50. He's certainly not busy with the Bobcats. He's a one-man backcourt.

  • donedeal

    DA moves is like watching paint dry. He should have already signed kmart.

    • PaulP

      Did you miss the part about only minimum contracts? Don't assume Danny hasn't tried to get Kmart, but Kmart will easily command more than a min contract.

    • larryrosenblatt

      kmart refuses the vet's minimum. danny tried to get him over the offseason.

  • guest

    Kmart to compensate Sully's absence and Boston 's weak in rebounding.
    Trading Bass for Blatche.
    And sign Iverson or another cheap guy

    • Anon

      I live in Brooklyn so i can say with confidence that Andray Blatche is a terrible basketball player. He's honestly one of the worst. He rivals McGee for the dubious honor of lowest basketball IQ in the NBA. If Danny ever made a move for Blatche I'd demand that he be publicly castrated. Now Kenyon Martin is another story. I wonder why no one has signed him yet, there must be a reason.

    • Banner18

      Kg would never allow that. He despises Blatche and who is to say that Blatche won't turn into a complete bum again towards the end of the season?

      • tylahh

        i hate yo tell you this but kg doesnt control the team i feel like its a good trade bass is a bust for us he hasnt played to his full potential and we need other scoring options and in the right system blatche could be a decent reserve

  • Fluffy

    Sign Carlos Arroyo.

  • CG12

    Anybody know if Mike Sweetney is available? Mikki Moore? The Kandi Man? P O'B? We should also try to find Kedrick Brown and bring him in. Or Marcus Banks. Those guys have hops.

    • IBleedGreen

      lol Kandi Man, good one

    • Banner18

      Sweetney?!? Come on man.

  • sign the longball!!

    the solution was home-grown but is now playing in europe. Think JJ Redick type, Jimmy Baron is a BEAST!
    watch ^^^^

  • Pinoy Pride

    There is this player in the Philippines who you may wanna try. His name is Calvin "The Beast" Abueva. If you want a workhorse then this is your guy. This guy lead the NCAA in the Philippines in Points / Assists / Rebounds per game. Standing only at around 6'2'' but he lead the league in rebounds only goes to show you how hard he works on the court.

  • Celtic4life

    What is Eddie House doing these day

    • The Cardinal

      He's at the house – yuk yuk yuk yuk! I mean he's only 6 years older from the championship season, hasn't been on the court since (?), so again, why risk injury with guys who aren't in NBA basketball shape when you're already 3 men down?

      Whomever the C's sign at the guard spot is going to have to be durable and in mid-season basket shape, which probably means it won't be a Methuselah-type (although old a.. centers and power forwards are a different story).

  • Larry Bird's Son

    Jiri Welsch is playing somewhere. He had a career year in 03-04 i think

  • sam

    Gilbert Arenas 🙂

  • FilipinoguyloveC's

    Michael Jordan=) He wants to play anyway.

  • Chico_Escuela

    Flynn? Mack? West? Iverson? Sherman douglas? That’s the best you got? Go big! Gotta be a way to use some draft picks or cash to get Jennings or Jamir Nelson or somebody who can score from the perimiter or penetrate. guess ainge is up against it.

  • eric

    jimmer freddete



  • Why not bring. In keyon Martin or bring back powe

  • Landon

    i say try and work like a three way trade or something try and get hansbrough and a shooting guard or a decent point guard trade with Detroit they got stuckey and calderon.

  • Mike hladky

    Eddie house would be great! Do it!

  • donedeal

    Kmart has already expressed that he will sign a min contract just to play in the nba. I think someone missed that part.

  • Money$$Man

    Carlos Arroyo would be a good fit and he already knows a little bit of C’s playbook.

  • Jbrown

    What about bring back donta Christmas showed out good in the d league

  • Lyben Tersol

    if i'm DA i will bring in josh smith who wants to play in the celtics for brandon bass or cris willcox and bribg in derrick fisher and delonte west….

  • Lyben Tersol

    i'm the number 1 fan of boston celtics, we wnt new big 3 BOSTON CELTICS… GARNETT, PIERCE, JOSH SMITH, and add derick fisher and delonte west to the squad, put them to spot of barbosa….