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Celtics Interested in DaJuan Blair?

Danny Ainge has a lot of work to do in the coming weeks. In addition to filling a gap in the Boston backcourt, the C’s are also in need of another useful body in the front court, preferably someone who can help in the rebounding department with Jared Sullinger sidelined. That’s why it did not come as a complete surprise to see Chris Broussard of ESPN.com report the Celtics’ interest in 23-year-old DaJuan Blair:


Blair has been in and out of the rotation all season for the Spurs, averaging 5.2 ppg and 4.0 rpg for San Antonio in 39 games on 48% shooting, a career low for him. He’s undersized at 6-7, but rebounds well for his position with strong rates on both the offensive and defensive glass in the rebounding department. Defensively, his size and lack of speed make him a bit of a liability.

He’s also in the last year of his deal for the Spurs, earning 1.5 million dollars this season. Could the C’s use him? In a heartbeat. The bigger question is whether they have anything useful to offer the Spurs. Despite being left on the bench in most games, Blair is a pretty useful NBA player that San Antonio isn’t going to give away.

Knowing this, the C’s are very limited in what they could offer. For salary matching purposes, they could offer Barbosa, along with a second round pick and throw some cash in as well, but I’m not sure that’s enough to get San Antonio to bite. I doubt Danny is ready to give up on Fab Melo so early so he’s off the table in a deal for Blair and virtually everyone else on the C’s roster is needed, given how few healthy bodies the team has right now.

All things considered, while the C’s may be asking for Blair, I don’t think they have enough assets they are willing to do to get something done, unless San Antonio is only looking for some cash in a deal.

  • High Rollers

    Bringing aboard a guy with nary an ACL in either knee seems an appropriate response to the basketball gods who have seen it fit to smack us with (likely) not one but two cases in the span of a month.

  • High Rollers

    Happy birthday, Bill Russell! Cheers to a man responsible for nearly twice as many rings as that other February birthday fella. #BasketballRoyalty

  • Josh_5

    Thanks for mentioning this! Btw, it also made me curious so I looked up my birthday and found out I share it with Brian Scalabrine :S

  • Smoke de Cat

    Danny Boy how about Josh Smith you can trade Rondo and cash and or a pick or 2. The salaries are within 20% so this would match enough. One problem solved. Come on get Kenoy Dooling going and Buy that’s right Buy Blair from the Spurs with LB as a trade. The extra cash you will get from Josh being in a Celtic shirt will pay for it. This solves Front Court and Back Court. This adds a banner this year.

    • tbunny

      Josh Smith wants max money. Josh Smith is not worth max money.

      • Smoke de Cat

        When in a negotiating mode you must ask for more than you can get. With the NBA saying this is a max amount I would ask for it. What you ask for is not the reality of what you will get. I believe Josh Smiths agent will bring the facts to Josh. This is about what Atlanta Hawks will take not so much what Josh will make. If anything Josh will be more likely to have a greater input by saying I won’t resign there as I don’t want to play the next 5 years there. They want a good young piece and a couple first rounder’s most likely. That’s more like the facts. They will tighten this up as we get close to a deadline. So will Josh Smith.

  • Ge0gre

    Isn't Blair the same player as Brandon Bass? Do we need/want Bass times 2.

    • Smoke de Cat

      Yes you would think so but there is a lack of bodies around and at the rate its going the Celtics wont even have enough to play 5 on 5 in practice.

    • Phil725

      I'd call them similar, especially on D, but Blair does bring rebounding and a different dimension on offense. He can't shoot like Bass, but Bass is no threat around the hoop. It's not a big upgrade, but if it means Bass not playing 35 minutes a game, it's an upgrade. If you can get him for Fab Melo or something like that, I'd do it. This team needs the rebounding help and inside presence that he could bring, and defensive lapses from the PF spot will be nothing new.

      That said, I'll believe one of these trade rumors when I see it. Boston seems to be involved in an inordinate amount of rumors considering what they have to offer.

      • CelticsBIG3

        Thats because Chris Broussard isn't a qualified source. The guy is a fraud. He reports whatever he hears on Twitter.

    • Sophomore

      Blair's not ideal, but we could use another body in the rotation. It would be better to have JB than Wilcox as our sub for Bass.

      That said, the need at guard is suddenly greater and we have very few tradeable assets.

    • hak

      They look like similar but, one is a paint threat where other one is an jump shooter. Although blair is not a good defender (he can not defend anyone when playing small ball), he is a better defender. However Bass may slow down and stay in front of players like Lebron and Carmelo.
      So why to buy him? For two reasons, he is cheap and SA doesn`t want him. and

  • Lyben Tersol

    get josh smith to cris willcox and money, get derick fisher and delonte west…..

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