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Streak Ends, Streak Continues: Celtics 118, Nuggets 114 (3OT)

Denver Nuggets 114 Final

Recap | Box Score

118 Boston Celtics

Five Things We Saw

  1. Where do you even start with this game? We could write about this one for the rest of the year. After dismantling the Lakers on Thursday night, the Celtics managed an even more impressive win tonight against a Nuggets team that arrived in Boston with a nine-game winning streak. Four quarters and three overtimes later, the Celtics have won seven straight games and Denver has been formally cooled by the Association’s hottest team. Is this the game of the year so far? It’s definitely one for the time capsule.
  2. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. They broke the molds when they made these two, who will be the last to wear #34 and #5 for this franchise. Tonight, Garnett went for 47 minutes and turned in 20 points, 18 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals, including three of the biggest baskets in the third overtime. Pierce went 54 minutes and pulled down a Rajon Rondo-style triple double, with 27 points, 14 rebounds and 14 assists.
  3. A myriad of crazy plays including an off-balance Pierce three-ball to tie the game, a series of clutch shots from Jeff Green as the game grew tighter, Garnett’s fountain of youth final period, Jason Terry’s backbreaking three-ball and subsequent steal, a bunch of reviewed (and still possibly missed) calls. It’s a long list of memorables.
  4. I’ll speculate that this is the first game of the PP-KG partnership where the Celtics gave up 62 points in the paint and 65 rebounds. And if they’ve done it before, they certainly didn’t win that game.
  5. A really scrappy, energetic Denver team that deserves notice. They’re still a player shy of being a title contender but nobody wants to draw them in the playoffs. This could have been a schedule-loss for the Nuggets. They were playing their third game in four nights and second in less than 24 hours and had they been run out of the gym, it would be understandable. But after a sluggish start, they hung around all game and were on the verge of victory a couple of times before the Celtics tore away the win. Special notice to Ty Lawson (29 and 9 in 55 minutes) who is Barry Allen-fast and not particularly guardable, even by an elite defender like Avery Bradley.
  • KillerGymRat

    That win was pure heart…cuz man those shots were not falling. Here's to KG for still taking them when he needed to and finally getting them to drop. It takes huge balls to shoot the big shots when you've been missing easy ones all night and he didn't shy away and finally put the game away.

    • Josh_5

      Grit and balls baby.

    • janos

      hi rat you are the good fan nba celtics

      • KillerGymRat

        Hi Janos – thank you! 26 years and counting

  • elroz

    A few years from now, I'd love to see #34 hanging next to McHale's 32 and Bird's 33 …and #5 next to Russell's #6

    now that is how to retire a number!

    but too early for that now….

    • janos

      hi elroy is import keep eye on futures not just current, beyond plus one,y ou

  • chris m

    Great win, though it was tough to lose the lead and take the game into 15 extra minutes. Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox should get a ton of minutes Monday night.

  • High Rollers

    Yeah, retire y’self. These guys are ballin’.

  • mike

    Celtics all day everyday, hopefully the press will stop writing our obituaries.

  • Phil725

    Really impressive win by the Cs… Too intense, I need more time to decompress…

    • CelticsBIG3

      I was there. I had to sit in my car in the parking garage for a while before I turned the key.

  • Anthony

    43 shots made on 34 assist. Wow, that's amazing!

  • I_Love_Green


  • Mark

    A win is a win. Old bad habits have started to creep back. Worst win of the streak.

    • Phil725

      Toronto was way worse. What old bad habits affected the Cs in this game? KG and PP missed a bunch of makeable shots, and everyone else stepped up enough to carry them until they finally came through in the end. If KG hits anything more than 4-16 in regulation, the Cs win in easier fashion. They played a really good team. That's why the game wasn't as easy as cupcakes like LAL and half of Orlando's roster.

      I don't recall any free throw boxing out problems plaguing the Cs lately at least…

  • Zee

    Game of the year as far as Celtics are concerned!

  • OKCeltics

    To "hold" Denver to 114 points through 4 qtrs and 3OTs was what won that game. Great, gritty win!

  • Banner18

    That game was art. I would like to watch a replay of that everyday for the rest of my life.

  • janos

    what a wonders time nba celtics right now ;;even web manger now start see hearts beyond number! go nba celtics win

  • Banner18

    Not to much time to think of this one for Doc. Decision time bright and early tomorrow; Play Pierce and KG after playing 54/47 minutes respectively the night before?

  • NHBluesMan

    Because of remark #2 I feel there needs to be a new video called Rajon Rondo Style (because of course the Internet needs more gangnum style spoofs)… But still, a highlight video of his triple doubles set to that song would make it less annoying to hear

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