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Paul Pierce Isn’t Crazy About All This Snow

The Celtics were scheduled to have practice today in Waltham, but after the snow Gods decided to a drop a couple feet of the white stuff in the greater Boston era over the past 24 hours, combined with a state driving ban still in effect, today’s practice has been canceled.

Paul Pierce for one, isn’t crazy about all this snow from his house in the suburbs:



Here’s hoping Paul and the rest of the C’s hire a snow plow so they don’t hurt themselves shoveling two feet in the driveway.

Stay safe out there folks.

  • I recall when Larry Bird hurt his back shoveling snow.

  • elroz

    I hope this doesn't affect their preparation for Denver too much – Denver will be playing tonight…and the Celtics will be what? sitting at home… how will they perform on Sunday then?

  • marco

    Is the game still on for tomorrow?

    • CelticsBIG3

      Thats what I'm trying to figure out. I have tickets for the game and I am trapped at my house. Over 3 feet of snow on the road my driveway is off of.

  • Danny

    I’m with him I hate snow.

  • swissflix

    i love snow, but then again i am from Switzerland. Bring on the chicken nuggets! Go Celtics!