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Kobe comes into town Thursday night

A few stories this morning from around the web to chew on, as the Celtics start to move past all the trade talk and ready themselves for a couple tough games against the Raptors tonight in Toronto, then hosting the Lakers back at the Garden on Thursday. There’s a good chance LA will be without Pau Gasol for that game, as he suffered a foot injury and left the Barclays Center on crutches during the team’s win against Brooklyn.

The Latest Kevin Garnett Trade Rumor

It’s a good thing we tackled all of the potential Kevin Garnett trade destinations on Monday isn’t it? For the third straight day, more rumors involving Garnett are out there, and this time they are coming from Denver and Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post who as I suspected, believes Denver is interested in the big man. Denver, it appears, is not a place Garnett would want to be dealt:

Kevin Garnett is everything the Nuggets need. Heck, his scowl alone is more intimidating in the post than all 21 feet of center on Denver’s roster.

So what’s the problem with pushing the idea of a blockbuster trade between Denver and Boston?

Wielding the hammer of a no-trade clause, K.G. wants nothing to do with the Nuggets.

Through his representatives, Garnett has let it be known he has no current interest in the Nuggets.

Cross another one off the list, which is too bad since Denver is the kind of team who would have had enough pieces to bowl Ainge over with an offer with several worthwhile pieces.

Kendrick Perkins Helps Out Rajon Rondo

Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe had a great piece last night catching up with Kendrick Perkins, one of Rondo’s best friends, who reached out to the point guard to offer him advice after suffering the ACL tear. Perk, as we all know, tore his ACL in June 2010.

“When you hear stuff like that, especially with a close friend, it’s always disturbing,” said Perkins. “So I just wanted to call and make sure that he was all right as far as mentally and just getting ready. Because it takes a focus to go through that process of surgery and the recovery of it.

“So I just wanted to give him some advice on his health and second opinions and how to go about his rehab and just let him know that I’m here for him.”

Something to look out for is the mental challenges Rondo will have to face in his rehab. Understandably, Perk was concerned about those for Rajon.

“Mentally, he has a hard time with just sitting out and probably not being able to walk for a minute and not being able to run,” Perkins said. “And just the whole rehab part of it. Mentally, he struggles with things like that.

“That’s the biggest thing he was concerned about. I don’t think he never really had that type of surgery where it affected him and [forced] him to have to go to rehab to get back to where he needed to be.”

There is still no update on when Rondo will undergo surgery, as he continues to get additional opinions on the ACL injury from doctors.

Win A Chance to Play Paul Pierce in HORSE

The Celtics have released a fun video featuring Paul Pierce, as he will follow in Brian Scalabrine’s 1-on-1 footsteps and battle a number of people in a game of H.O.R.S.E. You can watch a video announcing the challenge HERE

Here are some additional details on the event via the Celtics website:

Here’s your chance to meet the Truth! Enter the Mass Lottery 2013 Boston Celtics Sweepstakes for your chance to play Celtics Captain Paul Pierce in a game of H.O.R.S.E. For more chances to win great prizes from the Celtics and the Mass Lottery be sure to play 2012 Boston Celtics Instant Game which offers chances to win up to $50,000 instantly, plus great Celtics experience prizes in the Second Chance Bonus Drawing.

Click here to view the official rules.

Let’s hope Pierce having to take part in this promotion in March is yet another reason why Danny Ainge won’t deal him.

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Brian Robb

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  • Josh_5

    What boggles my mind is that nobody takes into account the "intrinsic value" of a guy like Kevin Garnett. All these trade rumors involving him hinge on talent for talent return. His fair market return in a potential trade is vastly undervalued in my opinion. Danny says he has to do whats best for his team, yet how does trading KG make you better? Here's what I'm getting at:
    Keeping KG in Boston means Sullinger and Melo learn from one of the top defensive bigs in the history of the game. You cannot put a market price on the knowledge/wisdom/basketball IQ KG would be passing down to your younger bigs. KG's worth is not just 15-8-3 a night, its much much more.

    • OKCeltic

      I agree 100%. The intangibles KG brings to the team are immeasurable. Sure, you can bring a bunch of young guys in, but who's going to teach them the things KG can? Here in OKC, Perk still brings up things he learned from KG during his time in Boston and how he tries to instill that mindset into his young Thunder teammates.

      • KillerGymRat

        I couldn't agree more.

  • janos

    I wll join contest an appreciates you put in a good word me

  • Switcharoo

    I was waiting on the little news blurb that would mention Perk talking to Rondo; I just knew it would come up. I think that’s says a lot about the friendship between those two and a lot about Perk, he sounds like a pretty stand up guy. Good on ya Perkins 🙂

    It’s also nice to see Garnett standing his ground. That no trade clause is really coming in handy, and KG was smart to ensure that was in the contract. I wonder why Pierce didn’t demand the same thing when he re-upped?

    I just don’t see the benefit in trading out the vets at this point. Lets them stay and see where the rest of the season goes from here, they seem to be building a head of steam.

  • Youkilledkenny9

    Hey guys! I’ve been following just about every post from right before LeBron decided Celeveland wasn’t quite big enough for his ego. Anyways, I thought I’d go ahead and make an account here. The Celtics will always with compete with K.G.!!! He’s a must keep!!

  • KillerGymRat

    Thank you KG for being savvy enough to demand a no-trade clause. And shame on you Danny for even considering asking him to wave it. To say I'm not a fan of him as GM is a huge understatement.

    Does anyone know why Larry Bird never joined the C's in the front office? I'd trade Ainge for him anyday.

  • Phil725

    Count me as not interested in anything Denver has to offer anyway. Gallinari for KG? No thanks. Wilson Chandler? Not sure what I'd do without that career 13 points per game (and 8 this year,) on a 4 year 6m dollar contract. Javale Mcgee? Would the world explode if the Cs went from the smartest defensive anchor in the world to the dumbest?

    Denver would have the ability to eat a couple bad contracts if they sent back Iggy and something else, but I'm fine with writing them off as a non-factor.