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CelticsHub is live on the scene in Waltham today, as the Celtics just had an eventful media session prior to today’s practice, addressing the numerous trade rumors surrounding the team in recent days. Kevin Garnett spoke at length with the media to address the possibility of whether he would allow a trade, how he handles trade season, and what he thinks about this team’s potential. Here are a few of his key remarks:

On the possibility of getting traded. Would he ever waive it to go somewhere else?
“Well Danny made it very obvious since day one when he brought me and Ray here to be aligned with Paul that he was going to do whatever was best for the organization. He’s made that apparent so I’ve understood that. I bleed green, I die green, that’s what it is, but it is a business though, and when it crossed paths with it, I’ll deal with it. Trades are a part of this league. Every year you are going to hear certain things. If I were ya’ll I wouldn’t read much into it.”

Can he imagine team without Pierce?
“No, I can not. I will not.”

How does he deal with trade rumors and blocking them out?
“It’s that part of the year. Right after All-Star Break you start to hear things. Some of it’s chatter, some if it’s real. You just have to block certain things out, play through certain things. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, it’s out of your control a lot of times. The things you do control, you control those. You play, obviously fair. If the situation comes up where you got to move, then you are ready for it.”

Can this team as constructed go very far?
“My own personal view on this team, I won’t share them. Management usually makes those decisions on what they feel is best for the organization. A lot of the time players are just parts, and moving. No decision-making [from them]. Danny talks to key guys here about decision-making and that’s cool. He always give us important information and has been upfront with us. I don’t anticipate that changing anytime soon.”

If Danny has a deal that’s best for the team moving forward, you’d accept going somewhere else?
“When you define his best and what I feel is best, maybe that’s different. I won’t comment on things that haven’t happened. But you know, this is what I am, so don’t get that messed up all right?”

Strong words from Garnett, and this confirms a lot of the thoughts from my column yesterday about whether he would consider getting dealt. We’ll have more analysis and quotes live from practice in the coming hours here at CelticsHub. It’s safe to say though, with all of the trade scenarios, if the C’s continue to win before the trade deadline, it will make it very difficult for Danny Ainge to pull the trigger on any kind of deal involving Pierce and Garnett.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • The Cardinal

    I love KG's answers! I truly do believe if Pierce is traded, KG leaves either for the Left Coast or for retirement.
    I can't imagine a likely scenario where KG is asked to waive his trade veto power – we are still a front line deficient team, and KG is easily the best we have. I guess if they were willing to take back a couple of other contracts like maybe Bass's and who knows, the Lakers (gaah – I hate even writing that) might – I say might – be willing to trade Gasol for KG and Danny might bite and KG might agree, but I don't see it. I know KG would help spread the floor around Howard (as would Bass and one of our guards), and would definitely be a more complementary piece than Gasol, but I don't know whether the C's would benefit enough and the idea makes me naseous!

  • jnaldo

    I find his comment, "butt is a business though" particularly compelling

  • elroz

    So we assume that Bradley, Sullinger, Green, and Lee will NOT be better next year…will not be better by more than PP and KG will decline, that is?
    And Melo and Bass?

  • IBleedGreen

    I see a first round upset over Heat or Knicks with this current roster.

    • 2013 Year

      dream on

  • Phil725

    I'm gonna step off my rational/objective fan pulpit for a second to just agree with the title. I can't imagine the Celtics without Paul Pierce either. I proposed a Pierce trade for Harrison Barnes on the last post because my mind says this core won't be good enough to seriously contend again, and rebuilding while you still have assets to aid that would be the quickest way to another winning team… but even as someone who rarely gets emotional about sports, I know how much I'm gonna miss Pierce if a trade like that does go down.

    Pierce was a rookie when I went to my first game, and he's been a part of every meaningful moment I can remember when thinking about the team. He's grown from a guy surrounded by questions and losing teams to the ultimate winner and teammate, and I've seen all of it. There are very few fanbases that can feel that way about a player, and in a league so focused on star players, we're all lucky to have had Pierce for the last 15 years. From where I stand, he is the Celtics.

    I have no idea how the team is going to replace him, and that's true whether he's traded or rides off into the sunset wearing green. Just watch everything he does in a game; he was jumping over Blake Griffin for rebounds against LAC, moving the ball perfectly on the break (look at that full court pass to Barbosa,) and in the half court, and he hit the game winning shot. He does that kind of stuff every night. He's a special player, even as an old guy. If I'm Golden State, I give up Harrison Barnes for him, because he would change that team for the better, just like he's done for the Celtics. I'm going to continue appreciating everything he does from game to game, because I know I might never be able to watch someone I feel the same about as Pierce.

  • tads

    i've been a celtic fan since 1983 i was ten then, even in the worst seasons i stuck with celtics, now if any of PP or KG get traded? i'm done.

    • jman

      Agree here. I've been a c's fan since mid-80's and the best part was watching bird and mchale ride into the green sunset. I enjoyed sports more then for trades were rarities not the norm in all the sports. Fans grow with players as they progress through their careers. As much as you all want that championship, even if pierce was traded and they won, would it be the same? Sacrificing a few years to enjoy two greats in kg and pierce especially pierce since he's always been here is worth it for we'll all be able just like bird and the gangto be able to say we got to watch the greats. Players like them rarely are around boston so enjoy them folks till the last time they step off the court. Even if it means no championship. I feel we're winners already just to be able to watch those two on our team. When's the next time two hof's are going to play together here again like those two? Anyhow as rondo said in the playoffs last year folks "we be fine". I see a good run this year now. Hopefully…lol

  • Aggroman

    I've been a Celtics fan since 1981, when I was a little boy. I agree 100% with the above poster – I am done with watching the NBA if PP or KG get traded.