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Powell: KG Will Only Waive No-Trade Clause if Pierce is Dealt

Here’s former NBA.com writer Shaun Powell pouring even more water on any potential Kevin Garnett trade:

His reasoning makes sense. If Danny Ainge decides to trade Paul Pierce, he’ll be signifying the end of the Big Three era and surrendering any chance of contending this season. Garnett makes his offseason home in Malibu so if the C’s have decide to rebuild now, it make sense that Garnett would want to play where he lives and for a contending team.

At this point, it seems very unlikely that Ainge will trade Pierce. Contending teams have yet to reach the total desperation threshold where they would meet Ainge’s asking price for Pierce. That asking price is undoubtedly high given the amount of hellfire and brimstone Celtics’ fans would rain down if Pierce were to be shipped out.

Like always, we’re in wait-and-see mode. For more in-depth coverage Brian Robb covered the potential trade possibilities with Garnett and whether the team would in fact deal Pierce You can check out that on the main page.

  • ghoulbuns

    No trades please.

  • elorde

    pls. retire Pierce as a Celtics…if not i'm out as a Celtics Fanatics..

  • jeff roth65

    keep the celtics the way they are now. this is the best opportunity they have to compete. Danny should look to add on players that would help the team compete better.
    please do not make any trades this season.
    boston celtic fan all my life.

  • Andy

    Danny… Let it Be!!