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Sporting News: Clippers Interested in Garnett

Let the rumor mill start churning!

Sean Deveney of Sporting News is reporting that the Clippers are interested in Kevin Garnett and are willing to part with Eric Bledsoe to get it done.

This comes as a bit of a surprise. Considering the Clips’ front-court is pretty well-stocked with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. The C’s have little use for Bledsoe with Rondo and Avery Bradley entrenched in their roles, but he would give the C’s a valuable trade chip.

  • Tos

    There’s nothing in that for the Celtics.

  • jmei

    That's the Clippers deal I'd do. Odom is an expiring contract while Butler has another year. Plus, it saves the team $1.6m this year. You'd need to find a good deal for Pierce as well, though. Maybe this one with the Warriors: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=a5o8b

  • FaceMask134

    Why on Earth would you trade your best big – by far – for a backup point guard and a small forward who'd be more or less an average contributor? This trade makes the Celtics a total mess, unless Ainge would then trade Pierce to somebody too.

  • Mark

    Three years from now KG will be retired. During those three years the C’s will not contend for a title without a superstar. If trading KG gets is a step closer to that superstar, you trade him. The deal above, however, is horrible for the Celtics.

  • Ge0gre

    That doesn't sound good. I like Bledsoe's game, but I don't know where he and Caron Butler would fit in the Celtics rotation. Unless this is step 1 for a multi-team trade, I don't think Ainge will bite (nor should he).

  • Phil725

    You really notice how painful blowing it up would be when you start looking at the names. The above poster is right that if you're not going to contend, moving pieces like KG for future assets is the best move… but damn that still doesn't make me wanna do it. This is the kind of deal that I look at as fair value, but won't be enough to force Ainge's hand. And that's why I still don't expect a deal to be made.

    Regarding this deal specifically, I'd prefer Odom's deal to Butler's (one less year,) but it seems like it would be a precursor to trading Rondo. I still feel like that's Ainge's ultimate move. Rondo trade or not, I do like the sound of a Bledsoe/Bradley backcourt. A little undersized, but it's ridiculous from a defense and athleticism perspective.

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