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Jared Sullinger Not Selected for Rookie-Sophomore Game

Even the few bright spots during the Celtics’ underwhelming season so far aren’t able to get the recognition they deserve. Boston’s rookie forward Jared Sullinger, almost universally declared one of the steals of the 2012 NBA Draft thus far this season seemed like a virtual shoe-in for the Rookie-Sophomore Game aka Rising Stars Challenge this season. The selections for that game are in now however and Sully incredibly in not one of the nine rookies selected to take part. Here is a look at the full roster for the rookies.

Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Dion Waiters, Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Alexey Shved, and Tyler Zeller.

That’s right folks Tyler Zeller was somehow selected over Sullinger.

Start your complaints here.

  • NHBluesMan

    this is a travesty… seriously, Sully deserves to be in the game

  • Jojo

    Tsk tsk looks like Chuck and Shaq doesn’t love the Celtics that much – double standards!!!

  • Isai

    Alexey Shved, and Tyler Zeller selected over Sullinger. what a joke.

  • Phil725

    It's a legitimate snub, but not surprising. Sullinger started out as a non-factor, and the league is notoriously slow to react to stuff that happens within the year. If it doesn't match their narrative, you've gotta sit through the waiting list.

    I'm sure Sully's lack of flash hurts him too; he helps you win, not make Sportscenter. What's his highlight of the year, the one handed/hookshot/putback against Phoenix? He would kind of be like the guy who plays ultra-physical defense in your pick up game among that group. I'm fine with just watching him become a valuable NBA player, I don't care about him playing ten minutes in an exhibition game that'll end 144-125.

  • E-roll

    I am excited about this! Now Sully has even more motivation to become the best in this draft class. This snub in addition to his late draft pick will give him more than enough fire to dominate for years to come.

  • Switcharoo

    Whatever Sully , the rising star challenge is just a beauty pageant anyway. You want recognition then contribute to the team and help them climb the ladder. No need to get on the court with a bunch of over ambitious show boats.

  • Nelow

    This is a long season for any rookie who has never played more than 30+ games a year. Sully can use the rest. Who cares about some ridiculous self-serving NBA attempt at selling more TV advertising. Go Sully.

  • Nelow

    And may I add, the NHL is based on fighting for ratings, the NBA is based on flash. Give me a guy who sets picks, rebounds as a position rebounder, boxes out and makes the offensive plays he should make, and not some over-hyped, spoiled kid who can dunk like a highlight film but does nothing else. Go Sully. You're the man. Come back in ten years and tell me who was the better player, Sully or some of the hyped kids. I'll take Sully on my team. The kid's a keeper. (And I won't be watching the rookie v 2nd year players game. It's not basketball. I like to watch basketball the way it was meant to be played. This game?… I think I'd rather watch grass grow.)

  • Nick magliozzi

    Whatever who cares? The NBA allstar weekend has become a joke. Also I rather have sully not playing and getting time off for the second half of the season. The recognition would be great, but its not necessary. This season is far from over and the Celtics still have a good shot at doing some damage in the playoffs.