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Video: The Play Where Rajon Rondo May Have Torn His ACL


Here’s another play that might have caused the torn ACL, this one from late in the fourth quarter of the Hawks game. It happens right at the beginning of the clip as Rondo drives to the basket and comes up hobbling. The absurdity here is that he then went on to play two overtimes on the injured leg. H/t @RajPrashad for the pass along.


We’ve done some digging here at CelticsHub and have appeared to uncover what may be the play Rajon Rondo tore his right ACL on during Friday night’s loss against Atlanta. In the sequence, Rondo goes up for a jumper and comes down very awkwardly on his right leg on the landing, with his leg buckling a bit under him.

Rondo remained in the game after this play and appeared to be moving very gingerly, jogging between the three-point line on both ends of the floor. At the time, this probably looked like Rondo dogging it a bit with the C’s trailing by 10 in the closing minutes of double OT, but as we know now, Rondo was trying to battle through a torn ACL. Incredibly, Rondo even made a jumper at the minute mark in double OT, and came down grimacing again as he landed.

Say what you want about the guy, but he truly has guts to last two minutes on the floor if this was the play he was injured on. Give it up for Rondo.

  • Morena

    He even warmed up today. This guy is a warrior.
    Wish him all the best!!

  • IBleedGreen

    I wish rondo gone but not in this fashion. I totally think we’ll be better off without him. Let’s go Celtics.

    • Mark

      Did you just watch our offense without him? For as much as he pounds the ball the fact his he gets guys looks no one else can. Problem is Bass, Terry, Lee, etc. miss the wide open looks Rondo generates for them. The rest of the team has to work way too damn hard on offense without him. Don't miss the forest for the trees because they won tonight. Wait until we play teams with great PG's and it'll show how bad we will be without him.

  • Mark

    Can anyone confirm that Rondo said he'll be back in 2 weeks? Heard he said that to Maxwell.

    • Morena

      I think that was classic Rondo playing with the media.. He'll need surgery!!

  • cos

    I firmly believe Rondo is the Toughest MOFO in the league. Played on a torn acl on friday AND THEN didn't get it checked out until Sunday mid day!!!

    add that to the playing with a broken elbow!

    thats one tough mofo.

  • I_Love_Green


  • Kafel

    I'm mad even more because it looks like that it happened in second OT of game that should have been won by 20!! Damn it… Just when you think it can't get worse.. bang! it does….

  • why cant i find the video? contact me at celticsnumber1fan@aol.com