Post-game Reactions

Rajon Rondo was a late scratch Sunday afternoon with what was initially reported to be a hyperextended knee. His prognosis has started to go south as reports have come out that Rondo is currently undergoing an MRI at New England Baptist Hospital. In a story first report on Twitter by David Baumann, and later mentioned by Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald amongst multiple other Celtics beat reporters, is the team fearing Rondo suffered a torn ACL during the loss against the Hawks on Friday night. The C’s are awaiting the results of the MRI as we speak.

We’ll keep you posted here at the HUB as any news breaks…

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  • someguyinsac

    Well we're about to see what the rest of the team's made of now, aren't we?

  • High Rollers


  • Morpheus

    First reaction was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…then i thought hmm let’s see what this team is like without Rondo. Still, i hope he’s ook and it’s not season ending.

  • Phil725

    ACL is torn according to the TV broadcast. I think I speak for everyone when I say ****.

  • IBleedGreen

    Out for the season…damn

  • Mark

    This should make alot of people happy considering they wanted Rondo gone anyways.

    • jman

      Not really, there goes our chance for an all-star big…

  • Phil725

    Just gotta hope his recovery goes well at this point. ACLs are even more serious in basketball than in other sports. I remember how long it took Tony Allen to get back to 100% after his injury. Hopefully he's back to full health next year.

  • joon

    dee zammmm

  • elmer


  • dirtydinkdangler

    LOOKs like paul or brook lopez get an allstar spot

  • joon

    fuck you elmer

  • Art

    Sorry to hear Rondo's done. A tough season just got tougher.

    What does Danny do now? Bring back Delonte West!

  • janos

    hello everybody is janos
    today like reest you i am learn very bad news of rondos broken. this no secrets my best player him, and i am supports him every days this site and on person to. many time i am have come here defend him from COWARD web mangers who say BULLSHIT articles him. i am DEMAND this is treat as serious respect news and ANY web manger come here say this is any other than tradgedy nba, rondos, rondos family will be dealing DIRECT with me.

  • Zee

    It's official. Rondo out the rest of the season. 🙁

  • Tos

    As if the season wasn’t already over… Now it’s definately over.

  • yordgreat

    holy ****. when it rains it pours i guess

  • Morpheus

    Ok now i’m saying ####. What now?

  • Aunt Fancy

    Great for Kyrie Irving of Cavs now staring in allstar game

  • Switcharoo

    This just keeps getting more and more depressing. Now would be a cool time to see the Celtics make a run for the finals…do it for Rondo!