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Rock Bottom-er? Knicks 89, Celtics 86

New York Knicks 89 FinalRecap | Box Score 86 Boston Celtics

Five Things We Saw

  1. A spirited effort that ended in a dispiriting loss. The Celtics brought the intensity against the Knicks, generated a bunch of open jumpers and decent looks at the rim and failed to convert enough to win, especially after a second half dry spell left the C’s with too much ground to make up in the fourth quarter. That’s five losses in a row for the C’s heading into tomorrow’s SEGABABA against the Hawks and Ray Allen’s nationally-televised return to Boston on Sunday afternoon.
  2. A committed, focused effort on defense by Jeff Green, who dug in against Carmelo Anthony. Melo made shots in the second half but Green’s tenacity was a welcome sight after all the half-hearted efforts this year.
  3. Two brutal late-fourth quarter turnovers that may have cost the Celtics the game. One came on a handoff from Jason Terry to Paul Pierce and another when JR Smith jumped all over Pierce on the sideline and forced a turnover. It must have been disappointing for all the New York fans who were counting on a Pierce jumper breaking their hearts again.
  4. Contrary to common wisdom, Rajon Rondo has botched more than his share of nationally televised games. But tonight, he turned in a 2012 playoff style triple-double (23 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists), notable for the consistency with which he sought holes in the NY defense and knocked down elbow jumpers in the fourth.
  5. Doc: “We lost the game; I don’t think either team played great, but if I had that effort every night I’d be very happy.”
  • Vincent

    When do the Wizards come to town? Trying to figure out when this team will notch its next W…
    Bass and Terry are terrible, and are killing this team.

  • Danny

    The stupid mistakes are just crushing. And correct me if I’m wrong but another sub 40% shooting night. Doesn’t get much worse than this. So anybody decent in the upcoming draft starting to look like well be getting a top 14 pick.

  • Josh_5

    I've officially given up on this team. Sorry guys, it hurts to do this but I can't take anymore. Gonna miss ya guys.

    • Vincent

      Come on, man! How can you pass up 40 more games of guys throwing up 19 foot jumpers and hitting 35% of them?

    • CelticsBIG3

      Weak man. I watched this team when we had Travis Knight, Eric Montross, Marcus Banks, Mark Blount, a blown pick in JR Giddens, the corpse of Vin Baker, Rick Pitino coaching, the baffonery of Chris Wallace and a whole host of other awful teams and I'm still here. Anyone of those teams those players were members of wouldn't have stood a CHANCE against the Knicks squad that came to town tonight.

      • Phil

        Perspective is very important. Few fanbases can go into every year with the 'this team needs to be championship level or I won't watch' mentality. It's been that kind of run in New England lately, but there's the other end of the spectrum as well. This team may not have what it takes to get out of the East this year, but what good are the highs if you don't ride out the lows when they come?

        • CelticsBIG3

          Absolutely. I'm not one of the folks that got on the train in 2007; which made the 2008 Championship all the more gratifying after coming the closest to the NBA Finals back in 2002. Watch this series of videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MI3sj3XKrQ That was about the best the Celtics ever played between 1993 and 2008. The rest of it was having love affairs with token players like Walter McCarty. So in a few words, GET THE F$#K OVER IT.

    • CG12

      That is indeed weak. But certainly your prerogative as a fan. Just know that you forfeit your spot on the bandwagon and won't be allowed back on when they have their second half run deep into the playoffs.

  • Morpheus

    Like one guy said in the GT. On a team full of vets, they shouldn't be making these mistakes.

    I don't know, this team is not the same as last years team that made that impressive run after the All star weekend. I highly doubt they can turn it around this year. If Philly get Bynum back soon enough, they might very well push the Cs out of the playoff race altogether too.

  • CelticsBIG3

    "A committed, focused effort on defense by Jeff Green, who dug in against Carmelo Anthony. Melo made shots in the second half but Green’s tenacity was a welcome sight after all the half-hearted efforts this year."

    This I disagree with. Green got his ass handed to him in the second half because his "focused effort" diminished tremendously and Sullinger found himself trying to pick up the pieces.

    • Phil

      It was interesting to see Zach Lowe's Twitter conversation on Green yesterday where he basically advocated playing 3 guard lineups instead of giving Green the ~23 minutes he gets now. I know bad contracts are signed every year, but this is the first one I can remember in Boston that everyone knew was a disaster before it was even official. It only gets worse day by day too.

  • I_Love_Green

    Fucking damnit.

  • tomrod

    KG and Pierce great in the first half, bad in the second one. That is it..

  • elroz

    They should seriously consider shipping Terry, Barbosa, Bass (and MAYBE GREEN – I'm confused by that one) for Gortat… and I would not at all mind getting J. Dudley as well if they take Green and 2013 pick.

    Terry, Barbossa, Bass, Green, 2013 for Gortat and Dudley – if Phoenix agrees.

    They'd have enough bigs – KG, Gortat, Sullinger, Wilcox … they'll have enough guards RR, Bradley, Lee and part of Dudley; they'll have a back-up to Pierce for about 18 min a game in Dudley.

    And they might have fewer issues and guys to worry about than now.

    • GMan

      If it was that easy to turn bad players into good players everyone would do it. Okay, it's not that far fetched, but I don't think you get a young quality center without giving up sully or bradley. Also Phoenix will be eager to include Beasley.
      And giving up both of their supposed offensive weapons probably isn't good either. To be good, I think you need one of them to be play good for us.

      I'd try to make a run at Gasol. Lakers need depth, Cs need a low post big. In theory that sounds like a good match. The ultimate Rivals helping each other out for a showdown in the finals…
      Sorry guys, all those losses are not good for my health.

    • No way Phoenix does that. I'd guess they'd take something like Bradley/Bass/Lee for Gortat/Beasley but that's too high of a price for me. Basically trading to get better will be very hard for us, sideways maybe but you need to give up something to get something back and frankly we don't have that much to give.

    • deanor46

      Why not S. Dalenbert and D Gooden (sitting on bench) for Bass and Barbosa even up. Big men who can rebound and score. Helps make the playoffs and players for off season trade chips.

  • Well the effort was more consistent tonight (good job, good effort etc.) but it really is infuriating watching this team, it just shouldn't be this damn hard. The rebounding was basically a wash, we didn't turn the ball over that much, we got to the line more than they did and we held them to 39% shooting yet we still lost.

    It's also getting to the point for me where I would like to see Bass drop out of the rotation all together and start Melo at the 5 with KG at the 4. I'd rather have Melo block a shot, throw down an alley oop and foul out in 5 minutes than watch Bass stand around like an idiot for 20.

  • Kafel

    Boston played better but still nowhere to our preseason expectations… Question is were we to high on this team? I don't think so. Last year they were without bigs and hurt and took heat to 7 games. I liked idea of this this team and when it's obvious that something isn't clicking between all players I think that Doc is to blame for not making most of potential that he got on roster.

  • CG12

    Call me a Kool-Aid drinker, but I'm keeping the faith with this team. I like that the effort has been improving, as it has not necessarily been there recently. Last night was just an atrocious shooting night. If it was merely bad, they would have won, and almost did any way. Having several key players in slumps of one size or another means that energy may not be enough. And I use the word "slump" quite deliberately, as I am moderately confident that PP and JET will come around, and that Bass very well might, as well. Other than that, everyone is playing reasonably well. Jeff Green is of course a favorite punching bag. I'm done talking about his salary. He is a player on the Celtics who can play a valuable role. I, like everyone else, would like to see him play more consistently aggressive, but I feel like he is actually working his way there. He gave a very credible defensive effort on Anthony last night, who, let us remember, is an insanely gifted scorer who you are pretty much never going to shut down. I thought Green made him work, which is all you can do.

    Those who forfeit their seats on the bandwagon will be denied readmission.

  • James H

    Main problem for the C's is that Bass-Lee-Terry-Green are just killing this team right now. Bass is approaching uselessness and should be benched for awhile. And when Rivers goes to his bench, the offense just dies because Lee, Terry and Green can't seem to hit the side of a barn. For whatever reason they just can't seem to co-exist together. None of them compliment each other – they only seem to exacerbate eachother's weaknesses – and consequently the defense just falls apart. Ainge might be towing the party line about togetherness and not moving anyone, but if he's doing his due diligence he is exploring ways to break up this 2nd unit and find something that will work. Of course, having to deal from a position of need (rather than strength) is never good.