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Rajon Rondo Has Big Hands (SportsCenter Commercial)

In what should serve as your dose of comedic relief this afternoon, Rajon Rondo made his ESPN SportsCenter promo debut today, featuring one of his greatest assets on the floor, his gigantic hands.


  • High Rollers

    Lol. Very nice.

  • CelticsBIG3

    They really could have done more with Rondo, but it was still funny.

  • janos

    very happy see this; was expect more but is good start his career movie

  • emg

    this was a missed opportunity. the short video he did making fun of his own GQ internship (which was stupid) was stronger than this.
    still, what strikes me is that it's interesting to see him characterized as 'big' in some way. next to normal sized humans in the video he does appear quite large; it makes one remember what insane athletes all these people are, even little gremlin-like players like Rondo.

    The stronger move in the piece would have been Rondo among other NBA players and the ESPN people are talking about the evening schedule and going down the list of what games will be on what channels and when they say that the Celtics game has been bumped off national TV, Rondo quietly gets up and throws a chair through a television.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Or a water bottle 😉

    • smalltownID

      He actually doesn't look any taller than the sportscenter guys. I was kind of relieved in the opposite sense. He's not huge.

  • Anthony

    Probably would've been funnier if they did a play on his now notorious bumping of officials. Still had a nice chuckle nevertheless.