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Celts Tame ‘Cats: Celtics 100, Bobcats 89

Charlotte Bobcats 89 Final

Recap | Box Score

100 Boston Celtics

Five Things We Saw

  1. The Celtics should have blown the doors off this one, but didn’t. There are a few forgivable reasons for this-they were playing the Bobcats at home, they controlled the game even as the Bobcats were making runs, they never lost the lead- but still, watching the C’s lose focus was a bit unsettling. There were times, especially in the 3rd quarter, where the C’s failed to close out on shooters and pick up men in transition. The good news is that they rectified those mistakes by the fourth, and even Doc Rivers didn’t seem concerned in his postgame presser. Sometimes one team is just better than the other so trying to glean anything- positive or negative- can be tough.
  2. Avery Bradley really continues to amaze. Celtics fans got a glimpse of what, at worst, Bradley’s 15 year career will be. He’ll play tough wing defense and hit corner threes. If he can shoot consistently like he did tonight, he’ll be the perfect fit on a Championship contending team. Hopefully, that team will be the Celtics.
  3. Jared Sullinger slowed down tonight, at least statistically. He still fought for boards, and played within himself; the latter is most important. It’s clear that Sullinger has been humbled by the players around him. He could easily get too hyped right now, but he just goes to work.
  4. Tonight was only the 5th time this season in which the Celtics outrebounded their opponent. Rajon Rondo was a huge reason why.
  5. The Bobcats are a bad basketball team. The worst part is that they are not even constructed well. They have three score-first point guards in Kemba Walker, Ramon Sessions, and Ben Gordon that all get minutes. Their frontline is dismal without one true impact player (the jury is still out on the injured Byron Mullens). To top it off, they hardly play any defense. It’s hard to even know where to begin in terms of suggesting fixes.
  • Mark

    The lack of praise for Rondo carrying the team to a win is just…wow. Continue to kiss Bradley butt though.

  • W2.

    Celts seemed to take the game only as seriously as it needed to be taken. A few weeks ago we would win or lose this game by 2-5 pts. The team's new found swag and fearlessness transcended any runs the Cats could muster. Rondo should be praised for his play and perhaps even his clowning of "Nobody likes" Ben Gordan.

    At one point in the forth, Rondo struck a Run-DMC style arms crossed petulant pose in front of Ben Gordon who was trying to inbound the ball This happend after a questionable foul call be the official. It was unreal. Not sure he could get away with such a thing in a higher stakes affair. after I am uncertain if this was caught on tele or not, but it was clearly visible from the seats opposite the Celts bench. Rondo is certainly unique and a bit of a rascal.