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Kevin Garnett Talks About Carmelo Anthony Incident

It took a few days, but lost amongst the C’s fifth straight win against the Rockets last night was the fact that postgame, Kevin Garnett went on the record with NBATV to talk about his trash talk and the subsequent hoopla with Carmelo Anthony earlier this week. KG had chosen to avoid addressing the incident with local media earlier in the week, but given the broader national stage on NBATV, probably felt this was the best way to put the questions to bed for good.

You can check out the question and response at the four minute mark of the video, but here’s the full quote if you don’t have a chance to watch:(h/t: John at Red’s Army)

“It’s unfortunate Melo got a game, I thought he was obviously… the crowd got the thing out of whack… but I would never disrespect anyone’s wife or anyone’s family. I’m a better person than that. I got family…. I think whenever you get two gladiators, two guys that really want to win, things happen. But I should have never gotten to that, it’s unfortunate, but we’ve moved on.”

Well said by Garnett.


    I'm a better person than that? Seriously? I guess we lie to ourselves all the time, but KG has a history of running his mouth. On Mother's Day he said to Duncan as he was shooting free throws "Happy Mother's Day, Motherfu****" This was done because Duncan's mother had died previously. KG made fun of Charlie V's cancer(I hate that guy) and now was talking smack about Melo when he's having marital issues. Say what you want about KG's game(great player), he's not a good person.

  • KGWiseup

    K.G. is a gladiator. I just wish he would be a better person and not act like a juvenile. He is at the stage in his career where he should be focused on his game, health, winning and his own family. He is not the bigger person he thinks he is. He is a sarcastic, inconsiderate, trash talking player. Hey K.G., theres medication out there for people like you to balance that angry, awful, trash mouth that you have. It's time to show a little class out there during heated battles 14 seasons ago. Look at Griffin. He gets hacked, pauses for a moment and shoots his free throws to beat you. Proofs in the pudding tough guy. I still love watching you and hope you keep that positive energy and witty sense of humor always, cause you are a funny guy off the court. Stop using personal, hurtful, tactics to be that "one upper" guy, it's none of you business and it doesn't suit you.

  • yordgreat

    please g.t.f.o bockers…….

  • afro nubian

    stop hating