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TMZ’s Exclusive Video of Confrontation Between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett At Team Bus

With the advent of so many camera phones in this day and age, it was easy to figure that there had to be more footage of the extracurriculars following Monday’s game at Madison Square Garden. That suspension was confirmed this morning, as gossip website TMZ.com has posted some grainy camera footage of Garnett and Melo shouting at one another, in the midst of countless security officials and others at the MSG bus bay on Monday night.

Given the other videos surfacing around the web of Melo heading to the C’s locker room postgame as well, the question now becomes what punishment (if any) will the NBA hand down to Anthony for his actions Monday night? I think it’s fair to say Kevin Garnett is in the clear at this point, as nothing he did on the floor or after the game would be worthy of even a fine. The aggressiveness of Melo however in confronting Garnett here and in the locker room is going to be expensive for the player with so much publicity on this situation for the league.

I don’t think you can rule out a suspension either at this point, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on it either. Zach Randolph saw a substantial fine last month for trying to confront Kendrick Perkins after a game in Oklahoma City, and this may have gone a bit past that. With the Knicks off until tomorrow night, expect a ruling to come down later today or early tomorrow.

  • Chris

    I just find it amusing how both Garnett and Carmelo are a full foot taller than the rest of the mass of human beings. =].

  • tbunny

    Hey Melo maybe write a letter or ask for a meeting or something.

  • Danny

    I thought that too. Even without those giant red arrows it wouldnt have been to hard to figure out who was who. They don't exactly blend in.

  • jman

    So…has there been a suspension or fine yet on Melo?
    Also, I won't be surprised if kg gets a fine or something as well. Or Stern will have rules set in place now…no more trash talking now, only talk nice to one another. Best friends forever

  • Trevor

    I have read that they have 'made up', which i hope isnt true. I really enjoyed how upset Melo was getting on the court. I am looking for to some 'Cheerio' chants during the home game on Jan 24th.

  • ground beef

    when guys fight they become good friends…i wouldnt be surprised if they became friends. but when girls fight they hate each other for life..

  • IBleedGreen

    Can someone translate the conversstion between KG and Melo without the beeps. I can't hear a word.

  • IBleedGreen

    The estaern conference all-star locker room will be a fun place to be in…Wade vs. Rondo, KG vs. Melo, and add LeBron to it…

  • Melo gets a time out

    Melo got a one-game suspension. Shoulda just kicked KG in the groin.