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Bench Blocks Out the Sun: Celtics 87, Suns 79

Phoenix Suns 79 Final

Recap | Box Score

87 Boston Celtics

Five Things We Saw

  1. The Celtics had a quintessential “master becomes the pupil” game tonight. Aside from Kevin Garnett, every Celtics starter finished the game on the damnation side of +/-. Garnett saved himself by playing his customary elite defense and shot just a shade under 50%, but the rest of the leaders finished well below zero with Brandon Bass leading (?) the way with -17.Luckily, it didn’t matter because the Celtics bench was doing some serious balling tonight. Normally the Celtics weakest link, the Celtics bench went 19/32 and dominated the Phoenix Suns.
  2. Welcome to the NBA, Jared Sullinger! And I don’t mean someone embarrassed him to the point of unforgettable. I mean he proved he belonged for years to come. Sullinger finished the game with 12 points and 16 boards; easily the most impressive contest of his short career. The best part of Sullinger’s game tonight was the way he got those 16 boards. He scrapped, worked, and fought hard for those rebounds (including 5 offensive boards). His night was very impressive all around.
  3. Tonight, we learned something we already knew: Jeff Green is every athletic. It was really nice to see him get going on the offensive end, even in a convincing win. Green lead a balanced scoring effort with 14 points including three thunderous dunks. These kind of points count for more in the context of the game considering how they riled up the crowd and the rest of the C’s.
  4. You can bet both the Suns and the C’s will be shooting some threes next practice. Both teams were abysmal from behind the arc (C’s: 21%, Suns: 17%).
  5. The Celtics only lost the rebounding battle by 5 and won handily. Coincidence? You decide.
  • I_Love_Green

    4 straight baby!!

  • I_Love_Green

    And I have a big man crush on Sully <3

    • Josh_5

      Lay off he's mine!

    • janos

      there enough nba celtics for all fan

  • Mark

    Credit to Doc for bringing Sully along slowly.

  • janos

    This week is;' reward loyal fan;eyes opener rest of league and pleasures overals.

    i was not surprise gortat have good game, you know i have mention before couple other secure guard on my job ,polish they are usual good worker so was not surprise me tonight

  • Phil

    Yay, the return of the observation box! I've missed that lately, it's a good tie in for when the grades don't tell the whole story.

    This game seems pretty easy to break down though; starters-choose any of; bad, flat, apathetic, off. Bench-awesome, coming together, Sullingerific, GREEN THROWDOWN!

    I'm not sure what #5 is referencing though; the game wasn't won 'that' handily, and rebounds were a big problem. They were losing in the 3rd, and they were the best bench performance of the year away from a dogfight. Phoenix was close to in the game largely because of 20 offensive rebounds. The issue was never overall rebounding number, it was defensive rebounding %, and that was bad today, and it's reflected in the score.

  • CelticsBIG3

    I saw a sixth thing, Jeff Green embarrassing Jermaine O'Neal. LOL Take that a$$hole. "I didn't fit into the Celtics system" – JO last July. Where didn't you fit in? You were asked to rebound and defend and you couldn't do that because you couldn't stay on the floor. In just the first third of the season, JO has played more games for Phoenix than he played for us in two seasons. Sorry I hate JO and I always have. The best thing he ever did in his entire career was deck that fat guy during the "Malice at the Palace". By the way, the Lakers lost again ; )

  • tbunny


    • CelticsBIG3

      I hit plus like 50x but I kept getting a message that "I already voted on that comment" lol