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Carmelo Anthony Tries To Confront Kevin Garnett At Team Bus Postgame

Getting into your opponent’s head is a figure of speech used throughout sports, but last night we saw firsthand just how effective it can be. Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett were staged in a classic battle last night on both sides of the floor. There was shoving, bearhugs, elbows, and double technicals. It reached a boiling point for Anthony after the C’s were able to pull away for the win, while the Knicks star battled through a 6-for-26 night, concluding with Anthony waiting by the Celtics bus at the end of the night. Here’s a video retrospective on how everything developed on the night:

The Double-Technicals

Carmelo’s fifth foul, followed by a hard slap after the whistle. Most other players probably would have received some kind of T here, but since Anthony already had one, they likely let it slide.

Carmelo’s heading towards the Celtics tunnel immediately after the postgame buzzer, despite the best efforts of Kurt Thomas and Rasheed Wallace to dissuade him otherwise.

Exclusive video of Carmelo Anthony (Via CSNNE.com) waiting outside the Celtics team bus. The best part of the video? Rajon Rondo just hanging out close by.

In case you were wondering what any fight might have looked like, let’s not forget how Melo acted the last time things got really physical at Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks and Celtics face off at the TD Garden on January 24th in a TNT game. Circle your calendars folks.

  • CelticsBIG3

    That was hardly an ''effort'' made by Thomas and Wallace to "deseude" Melo. LOL

  • elroz

    Melo is a talented punky rooster, a show-off that hasn't reached professionalism. He will have no legacy in NY…but he is in the right place to act the fool.

  • Switcharoo

    KG and Anthony where going at each other a lot towards them end last night; trash talk goes with basketball. The difference here is KG can leave it on the court at the final buzzer, Melo clearly can not.
    The other NY fool that got my attention just as much was Spike Lee on the sideline. Is he that big that he can stand right next PIERCE and yell in his ear while Throwing an inbound? Spike just looked like a clown man SMH

  • emg

    Yeah, takeaways from my POV from this game.

    1. could not have been better spiritually for team.

    2. I like Jeff Green more than other people here tend to. But I didn't think Jeff Green played that well; this was just a garden variety game where he scored mid teens, which we know he can, but he still seemed lost and simply did his ISO scoring when Pierce was on the bench. (Recall the shot of Doc Rivers yelling "Come On Jeff! Come On Jeff!" while Green wasn't playing D. Or Courtney Lee's look of contempt when he lobbed the ball out of bounds over jeff green's head. Jeff avoided eye contact with Lee. Also see Doc's post game interview where they ask if he's happy with Lee and he dodged it and said "I'm happy with all our guys", but when it came to Sullinger Doc said "He's not going anywhere.") I believe he will eventually come to understand a role for himself but currently I don't like the Jeff G as isolation jump shooter.

    3. Sully's not being traded. Doc said it.

    • emg

      *I meant "was [Doc] happy with 'Green'"

    • Phil

      It's more about defense and rebounding for Jeff Green with me, and I thought he did both way above his normal level against the Knicks. I also thought he scored within the offense as much as is possible for him. Even at his best, he's a ball stopping isolation scorer, so doing that effectively while Pierce is on the bench is exactly what I want from him.

      • CG12

        Exactly, Phil. There was some time where the C's offense was looking sludgy with the second team and I was yelling at my TV for them to give Green the ball and get the hell out of the way. The guy is a scorer. That's what he does, and pretty much all he does. How a guy built like that and with his speed isn't a super bad-ass defender is beyond me, but that is not his forte. Maybe in a couple of years his game will mature into a being an all-around cornerstone for the C's, but he clearly isn't there right now.

      • hydrofluoric

        Word. The D and the R were there, plus the scoring touch. All I can ask for from Green.

    • Anthony

      Agree that JGreen's offense could've been better but I thought he did a very good job defensively. I recalled on 2-3 occasions where I kept yelling at the tv to have him post him man up. I believe he switched on the pick and roll and had Kidd or JR on him but instead settle for a 18-20 footer. He also missed 2 easy rebounds that Sully or AB would've snatched but i guess we have to accept him for what he is. The replay showed that he to CLee that his jersey was being held which is the reason for the turnover.

      Loved Sully's grit and toughness. That's not something that can be taught, easily at least.

      When AB bumped heads with JR was a significant moment also. AB was still going for the ball after the play. Awesome. AB wanted to pick up and see how JR was doing but JET pushed him aside. Awesome.

  • Phil

    This is why I always shake my head at the 'KG should pick on someone his own size LOL' crowd. KG has never tried getting into the Ivan Johnson 'mess with me and you might die' club, because there's nothing in it for him. What superstar has ever had to fight his own battles? KG is one of the biggest trash talkers and intimidaters because it works. Throwing an opponent off of their game because they think they need to go back at you or prove something to you is just another puzzle piece in what makes KG such an effective defensive mastermind.

    • JoE

      and the people who say this forget him karate chopping Dwight Howard's arm into oblivion, or the fact that he tells him "paint your face clown", or his battles with Bogut, Big Al, horford, Hibbert & countless others who are significantly bigger than him. Its all mind games im pretty sure KG can hold his own in a fight but it aint UFC its freaking professional(emphasis on professional) basketball he's a millionaire more than 10 times over FFS. These guys are all business men & should know fighting isn't good for business.

      • Anthony

        He also shoved Gerald Wallace aside in the Humphries – Rondo fiasco.

        Melo's explanation of why he waited by the bus is pretty hilarious. If he wanted to talk things out, he could've just asked Ray for KG's #. Lol.

  • Josh_5

    Hahahaha Carmelo you creeper! Wow that dude is crazy. Rondo and KG are literally like brothers. They got eachother's back on anything. Looooooooove it.

  • i bet the next time carmelo sees garnett on the 24th of jan garnett will come out the stadium bloody

    • jman

      I hope kg is bloody after then, that will mean kg was fantastic last night. Melo, after rondo's suspension better receive at least 2 games for this. And if melo is still pissy then and does something stupid like you said, then goodbye Melo….good job kg. Good ole shit talking helps if you weaken your superior opponent mentally. Best part was melo's game play went to shit while kg was still playing good.

  • Switcharoo

    It’s all just talk Soldiergirl, it’s not suppose to get physical. KG knows this neither Melo or you apparently know this. If Melo can’t handle some shit talking then maybe he needs to find a more mellow sport…like Curling.

    • Phil

      Mellow? Clearly no one's ever thrown a curling rock at you after a heated game!

  • Sickofespnbias

    On mother's day in the playoffs of 1999, KG told Duncan Happy Mother's Day, Motherfu****, knowing that Tim's mother died after a bout with cancer. A few years ago, he made fun of Charlie Vilanueva for having cancer(Charlie V is not all that likeable so nobody cared). How can the city of Boston defend this classless guy?

    • tbunny

      Boo f***ing hoo. Like KG is some anomaly in the league. Players say offensive shit every night, if not every minute on the court.

    • jpbl1976

      Is that the reason they supposedly still have a beef until now? Seems sad if it is.

      All that crap is just talk but these are two of the greatest ever; i'm sure there's at least some grudging respect there… I've always liked TD and let's not forget that if we'd been lucky with the pingpong balls in '97, we might be talking about Banner 21 now instead of Banner 18…

    • Josh_5

      I'd love to know your sources on this. Not sure you would like it if I just went around saying shit about you without any evidence.

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