Post-game Reactions

Rajon Rondo will be serving his fourth suspension of the past 12 months tonight against the New York Knicks for making contact with an official during the third quarter of the C’s win against the Hawks on Saturday night. You can view video of the bump by clicking here.

Rondo was not whistled for a technical foul during the exchange with the official (how bad was that offensive foul call BTW?) but the league announced Rondo was not only suspended for the impact, but “failing to cooperate with the league investigation.” What does that mean exactly? We can only speculate, but whatever the case, it’s a bit inexcusable for the point guard if there was a way for this suspension to be prevented.

Either way, given Rondo’s track record, he probably lost the entire benefit of the doubt after his lack of cooperation and the suspension was handed down. Luckily, with Avery Bradley back, the C’s are much better positioned now to handle a Knicks backcourt, which is missing their own starting point guard Ray Felton.

Look for Jason Terry to get the start tonight alongside Avery Bradley, and perhaps Leandro Barbosa will get dusted off for some meaningful rotation minutes to help jumpstart the team’s second unit offense. We’ll find out more when we hear from Doc in the pregame tonight.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Phil


    -that is all.

    • OKCeltic

      I agree Phil. There's no discussion about suspension if you don't touch the ref in the first place.
      Bad call or not, his reputation and past record garner him no sympathy with the league office, as it shouldn't. As a supposed team leader, he needs to grow up.

    • DavidSternIsA…

      How was that a bump? He didn't even initiate the contact. The contact was clearly unintentional. Sorry, that suspension is BS, even though Rondo would be a dumbass if he really did not cooperarate.

  • Kafel

    C'mon! Give me a break! The f**k is this?! He didn't even get T for that. WadeBitch got also ONE game suspension for kicking other player in BALLS! Rondo was approaching him to talk – if it was big deal official would give him technical. He should get smack in the mouth for that call by the way…

  • hydrofluoric


  • someguyinsac

    Hard to find him worthy of a suspension if nothing was called on him when it happened during the game and it's a ridiculous excuse the league is using to do it too.

    • Phil

      It's all track record with Rondo now. He's lost all benefit of the doubt. He could be suspended for tripping into a ref at this point, and it's not all undeserved.

      • someguyinsac

        Yep, he certainly screwed himself with his past actions similar to this. Just hard to swallow the penalty when nothing was called in the actual game.

  • CelticsBIG3

    That one's a little ridiculous.

  • ghoulbuns

    Stern hates the Celtics

  • skeeds

    If Rondo didn't have a history with this kind of things, I'd be frustrated. I wish he could cut this kind of crap. I wouldn't want him to act like a sweetheart, obviously, but it's one thing to have an attitude and another to be unable to keep your cool.
    Whatever. I just hope Barbosa gets some minutes and makes the best of them. He needs a chance to prove to Doc how big a contributor he can be. I hope this is his night.

  • elroz

    Bradley, Lee, Terry, Barbosa is enough talent. The whole team just need to make sure they go out and play good Defense.

  • Switcharoo

    Rondo I love ya man, I really do, but you really gotta cut this shit out; it only hurts YOUR team and ultimately you reputation.

  • Danny

    My beef is if your going to have a no contact with the officials rule than enforce it strictly and fairly. No more Kobe putting his arm around officials. No more lebron giving the ref a tap on the back none of it. No contact is no contact because from what I saw that was pretty benign. Rondo barely brushed the ref this is a reputation thing which is unfortunate. Honestly though I hate stern he’s bad for the league and his time has passed. Sure he ushered in magic bird and Jordan era but its increasingly clear that he no longer knows what is best for the league and he lets his own ego get in the way of making decisions. His steadfast refusal to admit the obvious flaws of his referees is infuriating and does nothing but inspire conspiracy theories and contribute to the refs who feel untouchable with inflated egos like that jerk Joey Crawford who takes center stage when her feels like it. As far as I’m concerned stern can retire soon enough. Maybe then the league will address its issues with its referees and move forward. Every other professional sports league has some kind of official review process. Where’s the NBAs.

  • Danny

    Remember a year or two ago when that ump blew that call that cost that Detroit pitcher the perfect game and then afterward he came out and admitted that he fucked it up and said he was sorry. Just once id like to see that happen in the NBA. Just once id like to see a ref come out and admit he blew a big call and apologize. Say maybe the game 2 hit to the face on rondo last year. Too bad it’ll never happen because stern protects them like his children and likes to pretend that they have no impact on the outcome of the game when in fact basketball is the sport were they have arguably the most impact. It’s pathetic.

  • FrenchJujubean

    so apparently this is Atlanta's GM Danny Ferry who gave the officials a DVD showing Rondo's bump, AFTER THE GAME. If this can happen, how about we make a little highlight dvd of all of Wade cheap plays, and hand it over to the officials? If we can influence the officials' minds after the games, let's do that and get Wade banned from the nba. Just kidding.

    But this is ridiculous. This move from Ferry is an extra play after the final buzzer, or, if you want, an extra play before tonight's game against NY, as because of him Rondo can't play and it will definitely have an impact on the outcome of this game. In a way, Ferry just played for the Knicks, two days before the game. This is not fair from the NBA. Stern fined the Spurs for sitting out its stars during the Miami game, and today the NBA suspends Rondo who is going to miss a marquee game agains the Knicks. Where is the logic?

    Now we all know how Rondo is sneaky, and this half-bump wasn't necessary. He is always on the border when he is provoking, he always stops right before the limit, he is a guy on the edge all the time. It's wonderful sometimes when he is playing because he makes opponents' heads spin. The problem of being always almost over the line but never completely over the line is that it can be interpretated 2 ways. And the nba has a tendency to interpretate it the wrong way. Better off kicking opponents' balls like Wade, at least it's a frank move and you know why you get suspended for…..what? One game? Oh my god, where is the logic….

  • Bil Barnes

    If someone told you that there was an arguably top 5 pg that couldn't reliably hit a jumper and didn't play on ball defense you would laugh in their face.

    Is he an elite pg? absolutely. Can we build a championship team around him? No.

    Trade Rondo for D-Boogie