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Video: The Lowlight of Wednesday Night

There were a lot of things wrong with Wednesday night’s loss to the Memphis Grizzlies but the possession shown above really takes the cake.  It also epitomizes the Celtics identity and personnel issues.  The Celtics aspire to be a running team in order to maximize the value of having Rajon Rondo as their starting point guard, however, they lack the players to make it work.  In this example, Brandon Bass steps completely outside of himself, gets a perimeter steal, leads the break, tries to go behind his back and, of course, fails miserably.  If this were a football play, the call would be “Sprint Right Pass Double Wickets.”

Last season, when highlights involved going through legs it was light-hearted and awesome.  This year has been far different…

  • hydrofluoric

    That was the possession where I stopped watching.

  • Will

    Brandon Bass needs new hands or a new nickname or a trade lol