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Game 32: Pacers (19-13) @ Celtics (14-17) Open Thread

Indiana at Boston
TD Garden
8:00 PM

Offensive Efficiency

Indiana: 98.4 points/100 possessions (28th)
Boston: 100.2 points/100 possessions (20th)

Defensive Efficiency

Indiana: 96.0 points allowed/100 possessions (1st)
Boston: 102.1 points allowed/100 possessions (13th)

Probable Indiana startersDJ Augustin (PG), Lance Stephenson (SG), Paul George (SF), David West (PF), and Roy Hibbert (C)

View from opposing bench: 8 Points 9 Seconds


That would be David West up there.  You may not recognize him but that’s what he looked like when, for one brief shining moment, the Celtics had a chance to sign him.  Prior to last season, the C’s were poised to use some salary cap soul-selling magic and sign the now-Pacers power forward.  It was supposed to put an end to both the Celtics rebounding and bench-play issues.  As you all know by now, West opted to sign with the Pacers and now C’s fans have the tri-annual reminder of what could have been.

With West out of the picture, the Celtics went on to have a fairly successful season with many significant moments.  Kevin Garnett moved from his post as the resident power forward to the less glamorous but more manageable center position and Avery Bradley supplanted long time starter Ray Allen at the shooting guard position.  To fill the PF void left by Garnett, Brandon Bass was promoted to starter and the playoff lineup was born.  That playoff lineup went on to see a lot of success and there was plenty to be optimistic about going forward.  Unfortunately, Bradley had to have offseason surgery, shelving him for the start of the season.  After a rough start with their small lineup, the Celtics moved Bass back to bench, Garnett back to the four, and moved center Jason Collins into the starting lineup.  Unfortunately for the C’s, that lineup has fared even worse.  The good news in Green-land (here, not here), is that the aforementioned playoff lineup is back tonight as Bradley is back and Jason Collins is awful*.

Let’s hope the C’s start getting back on the winning track tonight.

*Objectively.  He’s actually very nice.

  • Danny

    I said in another post David west really hurt us. I think DA put a lot of eggs in that basket and when he picked Indy instead I think it threw a lot of things for a loop. Anyway it will remaining a very intriguing what if. Not as much as what if kg had stayed healthy in 09 or perk being able to play in 10 or the ref making the right call in game 2 against the heat. But anyway just another one for the near miss pile.

  • Phil

    Return of the magical lineup?! WOOHOO!

    …I'm still intrigued by Sullinger in the starting lineup, but the more I think about it, the less I want to see Terry, Green, and Bass all coming off the bench and logging heavy minutes as a 3 man unit.

    • High Rollers

      Good call.

  • Phil

    So uh, remember how I was predicting that playing with this group would get Bass out of his massive funk? Is it too late to withdraw that prediction and pretend I never made it?

    Bass somehow has 4 ridiculous turnovers in 6 minutes: Two passes to the Pacers in their half of the court attempting to start the break, one blocked shot that he tipped to the Pacers when no one was around him, and a pass for Bradley that he managed to tip out of bounds.

    Still like the early defense at least.

  • Danny

    Dude I’m tired of bass. He reminds me of mark Blount. Has one good year gets his contract and than he sucks. Bold prediction he’s out of the nba in 3 years or less cuz he doesn’t do shit anymore. No D and no O.

  • Danny

    Awesome first quarter for both teams. 16-15 wow riveting. This is gonna b a high scoring one guys lol.

  • Danny

    I take that back I didn’t mean completely outta the league cuz he is better than many people with a job just mean this will b his last multiyear deal.

  • Phil

    Sullinger and Lee came to play again today. They spearheaded that big run just now. It would be nice if Lee's good play of late stuck around, even if just to up his trade value.

  • The Return of Rondo

    Rondo showed up today to play…finally. I wish he'd attack like this every game and punish the other team for laying off him with jumpers… it just crushes their spirit to see him knocking them down. This is the Rondo we need to win games.

    Sullinger is really going after the ball.

    And I'm going to go on record and say I'm a big fan of Lee. His numbers aren't impressive but he hustles his ass off and paird up with Bradley suddenly the backcourt is a defensive powerhouse.

    • GowGow

      Give Rondo some air. The man was working with a sore hip.

      I'm not afraid to say I'm a big fan of Sullinger, I just wished they drew more plays for him. He has the same range Bass has and they aren't using it.

  • someguyinsac

    Looking a lot better this game than the last four and I'm really impressed by Sullinger, hope he doesn't get traded away in the future.

  • someguyinsac

    Flagrant one maybe, but that wasn't a flagrant two to me.

  • The Return of Rondo

    Hope the league down-grades that flagrant 2 foul to a flagrant 1. That was a ridiculous ejection and not in the spirit of the way that rule is intended to be defined.

  • Phil

    I'm not too concerned about the flagrant 2. It was definitely questionable (although KG got a 'lot' face.) Seemed like more of a 'stop things before they get out of control' move than anything else. I was actually wondering why he was in the game on the first end of a back two back the possession before, so I didn't mind seeing him get a rest, just a shame he won't get to dance with Gino.

    Great all around game for the Cs; it's been a while since we've had this much garbage time in a positive way.

  • High Rollers

    Bustin' up the Matrix.

  • The Return of Rondo

    I finally got some Nasty. With that kind of D and hustle this roster actually works. I know Indiana has one of the leagues worst offences, so I'm not convinced this is the new standard, but the offense looked sharp with quality looks and good movement. And against the leagues top D, that says a lot about what this team can be when they all come to play.

    For me it really all comes back to Rondo being aggresive, it puts so much pressure on the opposing D that everybody else has an easier time finding their offense and it takes the scoring pressure off of Pierce and KG. I'll take an 18 / 7 / 5 line from him anynight.

    I still think Collins is still just a waste of a roster spot…but it's kinda hilarious to watch all the ways he can try…and yet miss snagging rebounds.

  • Danny

    Finally a complete game against a decent opponent. I love being able to positively comment.

  • I_Love_Green

    I love Sully.

  • tbunny


  • GowGow

    Do not trade Bradley, do not trade Sullinger.

    Do trade Jeff Green, do trade Brandon Bass, do trade Fab Melo and do trade Jason Collins.

    • The Cardinal

      First, what team do you think would be fool enough to take the aforementioned players and two, what exactly do you think we would get in return besides other end-of-bench players? If it were as easy as trading your weakest players for one of the better players on another team, then we wouldn't be in the predicament we're in.

      I'm serious – no matter how good the C's looked for one night, they are going to have to get better to be a legitimate contender, and they can't get better unless they are willing to trade someone the other team actually wants for someone who can actually help us. Just sayin'…

      • tbunny

        I'm not opposed to trading anyone except Bradley.