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Crushed Again: Warriors 101, Celtics 83

It was another awful night for the Celtics, who struggled to get anything done offensively without Rajon Rondo. The list of offenders is long and includes the following three disasters: Paul Pierce went 4-20, Jeff Green went 2-11 and Jason Terry went 6-19. For those of you scoring at home, that’s a total of 12 makes in 50 attempts, which adds up to a loss and a 14-15 record.

More to come in the morning.

  • NZNICK33

    Sullinger, Melo, Joseph and a pick or 2 to SAC for Cousins?

    Works in the Trade Machine and I’d do it.

    • someguyinsac

      As a Celtics fan that lives in Sacramento, I wouldn't. He's got too much baggage to give away that much potential for him.

    • The Cardinal

      Why would the Kings trade him for that weak package? If you want a former lottery pick who shows potential like Cousins, then you are going to have to include some real, proven players – especially since Cousins is a fairly rare, skilled center. To get a player of his potential calendar, the C's better be ready to throw Bradley and Lee into the mix.

      As someone else stated so elegantly elsewhere – why would other teams give up something for nothing (unless you're the Grizzlies with a Laker connection)?

  • I_Love_Green

    Well, its time to start panicking folks.

    • someguyinsac

      I'm going to hold off on hitting the panic button pending the outcome of tomorrow's game, (today's' game for you Easteners), which I'm going to go to.

  • Mark

    Time to call out the captain. Minus a handful of games he’s been inefficient and worse played far to much hero ball.

  • Vincent

    Bass is terrible, Green is wildly inconsistent, Terry is ice cold, Lee isn't as good as advertised. Pierce and KG are old(er). Let's face facts, this team simply isn't very good. Avery Bradley is a good player, but he's not enough to turn this squad into a playoff threat.

  • Morpheus

    Fuck me if Avery Bradley can fix this pathetic joke of a team then i would personally run down my st naked screaming AVERY BRADLEY, then id post it on youtube.

    This team has no hunger to win another championship, the Clips ,Spurs, Griz, OKC, Miami all have that hunger to win. I wish this team had it. Seriously though, how is one player – Avery Bradley going to fix this mess.

  • Jim

    First of all I think the Celtics are too slow,too old and guys like Pierce tend to play hero ball way too often. Jason Terry has a very good reason he likes to come off the bench because he is only good enough to play against second tier players. The guy has been a disaster. He misses more wide open shots then I care to think about. Garnett continues to defy time. When Rondo goes down we have no back up point guard. To top it all off we have teams in the division who are better then we are now. We are doomed to me to be a middle of the pack team. One who will not improve unless we get much worse. I would rather go through some dark years then endure this. We were embarrased against the Clippers and Golden state and I will not be surprised if Sacremento wins tonight. I always will be a Celtic fan but for pure basketball fun I watch the Clippers.

  • Kevin O

    They stick and are nothing they were advertised in the beginning of the season. I bought the NBA package so I could watch them because they are not only cable vision listing. waste of MONEY!

  • I Bleed Green

    His emotional/mental baggage aside, I really like Cousins potential. If he got it together he could be the best center in the league. BUT he's foul prone and I don't see him meshing well with KG, who would never accept his tendency to coast through stretches of games. An even bigger reason I don't see this working though is cap space. Cousins is a huge talent with a very small contract (under $4 M per). You'd have to give up some combination that includes Green, Bass, and/or Lee and that would mean having to absorb a terrible contract on guys who would never play. People bitch about Green getting $9 M guaranteed (as they should – wtf was Ainge thinking?) but having to take Francisco Garcia at $6 isn't going to make anyone happy.

    Bradley is the best bargaining chip in any trade as he's got incredible potential with at a miniscule $1.6 M. But trading him is just bad business and short sighted. Sad to say, this team can not win a title this year, no matter who we add. The fall off with Pierce has been sudden and dramatic, Rondo isn't ready (or motivated) to step into a superstar level of play and none of the other pieces play well together.

    Ainge's boneheaded move of trading Perk and then continuing to bet the franchise on Jeff Green is coming back to haunt us…bad. He gambled with a winning season and the chemistry of a legitimate title contender to extend the potential of their run, costing us that season, and leading to this mess where we are trying to squeeze the last bit of greatness out of Pierce and KG, but without the support they need to play limited minutes.

    This team (trade or not) will make the playoffs, but I expect an early exit in round two at the latest, and wouldn't be surprised to see us get swept in the first.

  • Mark

    People around seem a but confused thinking any team, let alone the Celtics, need to give dollar for dollar talent to get Cousins. Sacramento is in the worst position because Cousins isn’t a great player and he has issues that makes him toxic. He’s all potential right now and Sacramento will be lucky to get .30 on the dollar for him. Melo, Sully/Bass and/or Lee with a pick is about the talent level teams will offer. You can say our assets are horrible but in the grand scheme of things it’s about right for Cousins. Sacramento knows Cousins is gone after his contract is up so they are faced with getting nothing for him. He’ll be traded by the offseason at the latest.

    • I Bleed Green

      I'd have to disagree. It's all about avoiding luxury tax these days and as much as the league is playing smaller and smaller…a talented big will always be in demand because of the immediate impact they have on any team. This certainly isn't a Dwight Howard situation where teams will gut themselves to have him, but they will have plenty of offers for Cousins (head case or not).

      Regardless any deal has to work on paper. Even a simple Bass, Lee and a pick trade would put $11 M in salary against $3.8 M. Sacramento will never go over the cap, and they don't have any star salaries to dump, so you'd have to take at least two or more (useless) players to make up the $7 M difference. In essence it has to be dollar for dollar…but I agree, they likely won't get the better of the deal in overall talent.