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A Defensive Christmas: Celtics 93, Nets 76

Ryan will have the full grades later on tonight for everyone, but for the time being, it’s important to take solace in a Celtics squad that showed signs of life against the slumping Nets on Christmas day. Some quick positives:

1) Holding Nets to 40 percent shooting
2) “Forcing ” 20 Brooklyn turnovers
3) A 41-36 rebounding edge!
4) A career high 16 points from Jared Sullinger and perhaps more importantly 32 minutes, as the rookie moves his way up the depth chart for Celtics bigs

A tougher tests awaits Thursday night in Los Angeles, but for now, the C’s will head westward with some momentum.

  • High Rollers

    Nothing to sneeze at. C’s took care of business. Can’t wait to face the Clips.

  • emg

    Reading between lines, Garnett alludes to Sully's IQ as good but "work ethic" as not good. Doc Rivers said the same thing and referred to Sully not seeming like a rookie but just looking like a "fat guy" out there. This may be the two of them telling Sullinger to work harder, lose weight, etc.

    • dslack

      I had the same feeling. They seem to think he's smart but fat and doesn't work hard.

  • Morpheus

    Meh, let’s see what they can do against tougher competition.

    • Mark

      I love the ho-hum attitude to this win. If the C’s lost it would have created a four paragraph screed about everything that is wrong with the club and Doc needing to be fired and different trade scenarios. They win, it means nothing because it’s Brooklyn. Typical of these fairweather fans.

      As someone that has bashed this team I thought it was a great win.

      • Bill

        Yeah, because no one talks when you win the games you're supposed to win. The Cs should have won the last matchup against the Nets and they choked it away, much like many other games this season.

        Let's see them win some more games where they have to play a complete game and the other team doesn't throw the ball away so much.

  • On this day, 48 years ago, with Willie Naulls replacing an injured Tommy Heinsohn; for the first time in NBA history, a team had a starting lineup that was all Black. Coach Red Auerbach says he didn’t even realize what he had done until a reporter pointed it out to him a few weeks later. Along with their all Black starting team, the Celtics also had an all White bench. http://www.sportshistorytoday.com/celtics-start-b

  • High Rollers

    And why is somebody wiping down KG’s head? Weird.

    • Josh_5

      Haha ya that was @unclejeffgreen

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