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Celtics Sign Jarvis Varnado

In a move first reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, and confirmed according to a tweet from his representatives at Impact Sports, the C’s have signed big man Jarvis Varnado to a contract, in what is likely an unguaranteed deal. Here’s more from Chris Forsberg at ESPNBoston:

Varnado, a 6-foot-9 forward, averaged 14 points, 10 rebounds and 3.9 blocks per game in 10 appearances for the Sioux Falls Skyforce this season. The 24-year-old was drafted in the second round (41st overall) of the 2010 draft by the Miami Heat. He spent time in Israel and Italy before landing in the D-League this winter.

Much more on Varnado on the way…..

  • jaymsd23

    Another undersized "big". Awesome.
    Shotblocking and rebounding is great, but if you can't defend the post in the first place there will be no rebounds to get. I suspect this will be the case with Varnado which is why he never made the league before this.

  • Ah, Jarrvis Varnado, the second coming of Bill Russell – – Maybe he and the rest of the team can replicate what that Celtics did 52 years ago today, break the NBA record for most rebounds in a game (112). The record still stands. http://www.sportshistorytoday.com/celtics-pull-11

    • Keith

      It will never be beaten!

  • Ge0gre

    I'm excited… wondering where he fits in with the rotations and depth chart, hopefully he can eat some of sullingers minutes.
    That's some good film work by the Hub!!!

  • jman

    Sounds good, but I don't think it matters. NBA corporation already has it's plans for play-offs and I don't see C's in the plans. Thought for sure Stern would of wanted the showdown of C's Heat again especialy with Ray going to the darkside…lol
    But I find it amazing that I saw James has gone 6 games now consecutive with no foul. Some bulshit there. A foul can usually be called 99.5% of the time on every play with the refs using discretion. But to not give a player the way James plays no fouls in 6 straight games is pure bullshit. Especially after seeing the calls the C's have and not have been given all year so far. Gotta love the Bias. Not even Jordan went that long without some sort of foul called.

    • Phil

      Why do so many people think the league is fixed in favor of the Heat? The ratings skyrocket when they LOSE. The worst thing that happened for this season's numbers was the Heat winning it all last year.

      The Lebron streak is an argument for superstars getting extra calls/no calls, but really, what difference does it make? Lebron's tiny foul rate is legitimate (not a league mandate,) so having games with one or none shouldn't be surprising.

      • jman

        It makes a major difference. Plays are made accordingly to fouls on opponents or your team players itself. Obviously if a player has 4 fouls, you're running plays to go against him for he wil play a weaker defense or will play same defense and cause more fouls hence early ejection from the game.
        I'm just pointing out weak calls against the c's and James who plays a striong defense has no call.s

        • Phil

          My point was that if he has 0 fouls in a game, he's not going to be in position to have that 4 foul situation you're referencing. There might be one or two, but there aren't four or six highly questionable calls going in his favor a game (in fact, I've yet to see anyone compile a bunch of missed calls in his favor over this streak.)

          His foul rate is a career trend, not something that popped up this year. He's incredibly smart with fouling, he doesn't foul to break up a fast break, he doesn't give fouls at the end of the quarter, he always has an athleticism advantage on who he's guarding, and he gets superstar benefit of the doubt. Add that up and you have a player who averages something like 1.7 fouls a game. It's not weird that he's not getting called, it's a skill. KG and Collins both contest shots, but Collins fouls out in 15 minutes, KG doesn't.

          He's also not trying as hard as possible on D, which means less fouls. His foul rate will go up in the playoffs like it did last year.

          Yuck, now I have to go take a shower because I feel gross for defending Lebron.

    • dslack

      Dude, you can't say there's a problem without identifying missed calls. James is an otherworldly athlete, with the best combination of size, strength, speed, quickness, and agility of any player in the NBA, probably of any human being on Earth. Of COURSE he can play good D while fouling less than other players. This doesn't mean that there havent' been missed calls, but the mere fact that he hasn't been whistled in several games doesn't mean that there's bias. Officials are under no obligation to call fouls just to make sure that every player gets whistled for one at least once a game or so (and if they were, THAT would be the miscarriage of justics).

  • Wow, Amazing to know this information by tweets.All the best jarvis.Please play well and win that game..thanks to get the tweet here.

  • I've never seen a player have so many rebounds that are just out of his reach. His rebounding positioning is terrible. He gets too far underneath the basket to be in effective position. Great video.