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Game 26: Bucks (13-11) @ Celtics (13-12) Open Thread

Milwaukee at Boston
7:30 P.M. ET
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:
Boston: 101.6 points/100 possessions (13th)
Milwaukee: 98.4 points/100 possessions (26th)

Defensive Efficiency:
Boston: 101.5 points allowed/100 possessions (11th)
Milwaukee: 100.4 points allowed/100 possessions (10th)

Probable Milwaukee Starters: Brandon Jennings (PG), Monta Ellis (SG), Marquis Daniels (SF), Luc Richard Mbah A Moute (PF), Larry Sanders (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Bucksketball

Thumbnail: In this final game before the Christmas tilt with the Nets, the Celtics play the Bucks for what feels like the sixth hundredth time this season (it’s actually the fourth). Expect the usual strain on the perimeter defense with Ellis and Jennings attacking Jason Terry and Rajon Rondo but the Celtics may have finally committed to back line size, with Jason Collins’ recent promotion to starting center. As we discussed this morning, the move towards a more traditional lineup has a number of possible downstream effects and I’ll be watching for them tonight, including: KG’s shot chart, the impact of Bass/Lee coming off the bench, and whether the C’s can do more to protect their own basket.

Two in a row, baby.

Boston 88 Milwaukee 81

  • Kafel

    Hope C's will get solid win. Would be great gift for christmas.
    And if Jeff Green could explode with his game today and stay with it then I don't need nothing more under my christmas tree.

  • fabbzz

    Would you rather have ilyasova or jeff green?

    • elroz

      I'd rather have M. Pietrus than Jeff Green…enough said.

      • WTF

        After seeing Green's play in the last 20 seconds in this game?

        • elroz

          The last 20 seconds…is it worth 4 years and $9 mil a year..and now-shows half the time?

  • elroz

    Larry Bird (love!) guarding Sidney Moncrief… nice photo.

  • et2

    Please god let them with in OT. Huge, huge shot by Pierce. Please move the ball. No more contested jump shots. Drive to the rim. Post KG.

  • mugi

    pierce ftw

  • The Cardinal

    With 5 minutes to play, KG was exhausted from playing the 5. In overtime, he's an absolute zombie. No question someone else has to play center.

    • Phil

      That seems more than a little speculative; KG's shot was off all game-not just the end, he didn't play center for more of the game than any other over the last eight months-15 minutes for Collins, and the Bucks didn't even play a true center-Dalembert was a DNP. There are arguments for KG at the 4, but don't just make random correlations.

      This game was a pretty good representative of both the good and bad of Collins. I thought the defense looked much better than with Bass, but the offense screeched to a halt whenever Collins came on. You expect more from Terry and KG, but you don't expect more from Collins. People say they're fine playing 4 on 5 on offense, well that means you better not hope Terry or someone else throws up a stinkbomb like tonight, otherwise it's 3 on 5.

      • et2

        Good observation on Collins. But The Cardinal is right about KG. He had no lift in the last few minutes of the 4th and OT. Sanders alley oop over him was indicative. It's not even about the 4 or the 5. KG can't be the only defender in the paint. We can't expect him to maintain this for the season.

  • The Cardinal

    Groundhog Day.

  • Phil

    I'm not that upset with this game. I'll sum it by just saying KG and Terry went 7-37. It was one of those nights, and you just have to move on. Sucks to lose a winnable game, especially when you got a good game from Green and a second throwback in a row from Pierce, but that's kind of where we are. Bradley can't get back soon enough; Terry looks really out of place right now.

    Also, weird disappearance from Rondo today. He just didn't have it.

  • elroz

    Doc is playing KG and PP heavier minutes…but he claimed that this season the approach will be to save them somewhat. So, why are you not doing it, Doc? Lose a game or two..or three…but could you please at least have a consistent approach – save KG and PP. LIMIT THEIR MINUTES come what may.

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