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Avery Bradley Returns To Practice Monday


On the heels of a disappointing two-game losing streak during the C’s recent road swing in Texas, comes the news that third-year guard Avery Bradley has been cleared to take part in the team’s practice today in Chicago. The news comes via the Celtics official Twitter account, as the team practices this afternoon, prior to facing off with the Bulls Tuesday night in Chicago.

Bradley has been building up to a return for the past few months, after undergoing offseason surgery on both shoulders this summer. Danny Ainge said on WEEI last week that the team is targeting a return for Bradley right after the team’s West Coast trip on the last week of December.

Bradley’s return to practice tonight would fit well with that timetable, allowing him the necessary practice reps, before potentially return to the TD Garden floor, on Wednesday January 2nd when the team faces off with the Memphis Grizzlies. There is always the chance Bradley could return on the early side unexpectedly, much like Kendrick Perkins did in his return from an ACL tear during the 2010-11 season, if he progresses quickly in his return to full on-court activities with the team.

The possibility remains that Bradley will also play a couple games with the Maine Red Claws up in Portland, to allow the guard to perform in game situations more often in a more relaxed setting before returning to the NBA hardwood. There was no decision indicated from the team yet on that possibility in past weeks, but the situation will surely be addressed with Bradley’s return to the floor.

Avery also made a couple comments to reporters in Chicago today, prior to taking part in the team’s practice

Given the inconsistency this team has battled without their star perimeter defender over the first quarter of this season, a lot of questions will start to be answered about this team’s true prospects as the team’s game-changer from last year gets closer to getting back on the floor.




  • janos

    is good news story

    • Jujubean


  • Morpheus

    Does AB fix our rebounding problem though?

    Does he fix the fact that when KG leaves the floor our d evaporates?

    I still think we need a tough, hard nosed big who can play good D a la Chuck Hayes when KG sits. Or, an upgrade at C, move KG back to PF.

    • Phil

      The Celtics don't really have a rebounding problem. You could argue that schematically they should go for offensive rebounds more, but they don't. Another big won't change that either. They're a respectable defensive rebounding team (6th in the league I think,) and they bank that getting back in transition is more important than offensive boards.

      The biggest problem of late has been defensive breakdowns in the pick and roll, some with KG on the court though a lot more without him, and three point defense. Both of those are problems that would be greatly improved by adding an elite defensive 2 who the team knows how to play with. I don't know how many minutes Bradley will play,, but I'd expect him to log plenty of minutes with KG on the bench.

      That's not to say that they shouldn't add a big, because they should. They'll soon have a glut of guard depth, and it's starting to look like Bass isn't even an average starting 4, let alone a quality one. Just don't expect it to fix everything; that's still Avery's responsibility or no one's.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Infact I do believe it does help the rebounding. When Rondo is guarding guys on the perimeter, KG has to hedge players for him almost every time because Rondo slips under picks. With Bradley fighting over, there is less of a reason for Kevin to be so far away from the basket all the time.

    • Josh_5

      Completely agree with Big3. Bradley TOTALLY helps our rebounding because now are bigs aren't out of position on the perimeter having to hedge for 2 hours because Rondo doesn't get back quick enough. He also helps because he will contain his man on the perimeter and our bigs won't need to collapse and come over to help as much.

    • Anonymous

      actually he will fix the D after KG leaves the floor, maybe you don't know who AB is? And I should think that he can rebound because he's young; most of the younger players Rondo, J sully e.e.tc rebound.

  • I bleed green

    Avery dramatically changes the complexion of the team. He's a lockdown defender who gives 1's, 2's and even undersized 3's nightmares (still remember him harrasing D-Wade at midcourt – then ripping him for an uncontested layup). Applying pressure on the ball slows the opponents offense and usually leads to low percentage shots from outside the paint against the clock…which actually does help the rebounding problem since those rebounds tend to kick out to the D instead of fall soft for offensive rebounding bigs.

    He's going to ease the defensive load on KG since teams won't get into their offenses as quickly and he's the only player aside from KG that LOVES playing D. Anyone who volunteers to play a one-man full court press is defensive gold. He's also the best off ball slasher and cutter getting us easy baskets so that should open up better looks for Pierce and Bass.

    Basically expect the C's to dominate fast and small teams like Philly and Milwaukee instead of struggling to barely beat them.

    • I bleed green

      Admittedly we'll still struggle against size and active rebounders…but blame Ainge who for some reason completely forgot this team biggest need was a rebounder.

      In the dream world of – it would never, ever happen – we should totally go after K-Love. Give up Green, Sullinger, Melo and likely Lee to give them a young team to build around Rubio. They screwed up by not giving Love their max deal and somebody is definitely going to pry him away before he opts out in 2 more seasons.

      Insanity, yes, but I can dream.

  • Phil

    Whoever said worshiping false idols was bad is full of crap. I just got my Bradley shrine set up a few days ago and he's already returning to practice?

    Can't falter in my reverence now though, so gotta go. You guys better thank me when he's leading the #1 defense over the second half of the year.

    • High Rollers

      Do you have video of Avery stuffing Wade on a continuous loop? Because you should. I hope he does.

      • CG12

        You could have that alternate with Avery throwing down on Kevin Durant.

  • check12check

    I think people may be getting a little overly excited about Bradley coming back. great player, but i don't think he is going to magically fix everything for this team the way some fans are envisioning it. i do think he will have a big impact for us though.

    after bradley comes back, should the celtics shop bass + Lee for a quality big? I think the team would be better right now if we were to look at moving sully instead, but i think he has enough potential to want to hold onto.

    • check12check

      *potential for the celtics to want to hold onto him. realized my wording was awkward. Sorry people. I'm tired

    • High Rollers

      It isn't magical thinking, check. It's having seen proof of what he can do with and for this group. And if he does what he CAN do—and there's very little to suggest he won't—then it does make all the difference in the world.

      The best part about Avery (besides his honey badger d of course) is his natural inclination to avoid what's been called "clutter." He doesn't get too cerebral or stuck in his head, even though he's as smart and in tune with the events at hand as anybody else out there. Our team is way too cerebral right now. We need a steadying force. We need to just get in tune for a while.

      • CG12

        Exactly. Last year the Cs REALLY staggered out of the gate, much worse than this year, and only got it going once Avery started getting meaningful minutes. They were particularly good down the stretch after Avery became a starter. That isn't to say that Avery's presence is the only reason the team got it together, but it sure as hell helped.

        It is easy to forget that many fans were ripping Avery early last season when his shot wasn't falling. It reminds me a lot of Courtney Lee's situation this year. It takes time for things to gel, and you never know when they will or why they do. I just know that I like our pieces a lot, but I like them a lot better with Avery in the starting lineup. I think CLee is already doing fine, but has potential to round into better form as the year moves on. I am ridiculously excited about seeing Courtney and Avery just tearing into the opposing backcourt on D.

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    Wow, great news.I hope, he will perform on the next match very well.Please let me know the complete details about him.

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