Post-game Reactions

That was ugly and exhausting to watch.  I can only imagine what it was like to play in this game.

The refs really tried to take this one away from the C’s.  Despite the best efforts of Joey Crawford and co. (out of bounds call that was clearly off Shawn Marion, the ticky-tack foul call on Kevin Garnett hedging on Derek Fisher), the Celtics held on for a 117 to 115 overtime win.

The refs may have been terrible (admittedly on both sides (think OJ Mayo offensive foul call in first OT, Fisher’s foul out call)) but the Celtics didn’t do themselves any favors by devolving into isolation plays on offense, not stopping the Mavs in transition, not capitalizing on the Mavs 27 turnovers, and not making the easy shots.

Luckily, a win is a win.  Even an ugly, double-overtime one.

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  • ultimatejedi

    It got to a point where I just wanted it to end. I didn't care if Dallas won, I just needed the slopfest to stop. But a win is a win is a win.

    • CelticsBIG3

      It sucked to watch, but you never want Dallas to have won…

  • I_Love_Green

    Holy hell. All I have to say is at least we won.

  • Mark

    Doc needs to go to the drawing board because the end of game iso for Pierce just doesn’t work anymore. The problem though is this team lacks a closer. Rondo’s pullup has gotten better but not to the point he can take the final shot when his man is defending against it. Among some other fatal flaws this team has not having a closer could be the killer come playoff time.

    • jpbl1976

      Yeah. I was really hoping Rondo would take and make the final shot in regulation to give him (and Doc) confidence that he can be a viable primary offensive option.

      For all the talk of it being Rondo's team, there being more than one option and so forth, the default Celtics play during tight games remains the Clogged Toilet Offense. At least when Ray was here, there was the chance that Pierce would serve as a decoy and the Celts would run a pin-down for Ray or reverse it to him in the corner off of a Pierce iso. The threat of those two guys alone probably spaced the floor pretty well… Oh well. It just really sucks to see Miami running those plays for Ray now (and actually getting wins — 3 by my count — out of it). Now, we've got Pierce and the only time another player becomes the alternative is when that guy's hot, otherwise it's Pierce and MAYBE KG.

      In fact, I wondered why the hell the Celts kept forcing it to a tired Pierce in the first OT when a relatively better-rested KG was shooting the lights out.

      Regardless of this single game, I guess the larger point is Rondo needs to step-up on the offensive end. I actually liked what Magic had to say about it — Rondo's got to shoulder a MUCH bigger role in the offense. Maybe not 25 points a game but certainly something like 18 points. You can't be MVP if you're still deferring to your older teammates when the game's on the line.

      In fact, I'd rather that the Celts lost one or two games with Rondo taking the game-deciding shot if it meant that Rondo would gain confidence from the experience and start making them down the line (and in the playoffs). He needs to evolve into more of a scorer because he's the future. At best, we've got Pierce at a productive level for maybe just another year or two.

  • High Rollers

    I liked watching that. This team needs reps. Specifically, this team needs to figure out plan B when P can't successfully post up Fish. But I jest. The W was the only thing that mattered tonight, and when things got tough, the C's didn't collapse. Even if they were secretly envisioning their nice cozy beds before a semi-daunting road trip. They played that entire ugly battle like they wanted it, warts and all.

  • Banner18

    Is anyone else not satisfied with this win whatsoever? To blow a 14 point lead against a sub bar team like that and force our four best players to play 40+ minutes can not happen. We NEED their legs down the stretch; not to mention this is right before an important away trip. What happend to Doc being the best in the business drawing up final plays? Just because Ray is gone we can't run any other shooter off a screen? Pierce's back to the basket iso is completely obsolete and is terrifying to watch. Very frustrating watching pierce try to close out games this season. So much, that I would like to see Danny go after a big name like Josh Smith. The closest thing to a floor running highflyer the C's have is Wilcox and Rondo makes him look prime. Scary to think what he could do with a Josh Smith caliber player.

  • elroz

    Posting up Larry Bird in his last two seasons – with a bad back, limited practice time, etc. – would have been a better option than Pierce iso. At least Bird had his fall-away jumper, or a step-back that was still reliable. Pierce has none of that. Why does Doc, or Rondo keep doing that? I'm glad we have Pierce to score 34 tonight…good job! Juts the iso plays worry me.

    KG logged 40 minutes. Terry, Rondo, Pierce logged heavy minutes as well…. I wonder what they are going to be like on Friday. If Doc gives them a day off – and he will – they could play ok but in limited minutes. The bench needs to step up – Wilcox, and Green we good-ok tonight.

  • Marko

    I couldn't understand why we weren't posting up PP on Fischer or KG on Marion when they went small.
    We should have been able to kill them in the paint.

  • Pleaseee, nothing drastic.. This years everyone sucks me, so just pick up working parts here and there where you can