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Ainge: Avery Bradley Targeting January Return After Team’s West Coast Trip

Celtics president Danny Ainge made his weekly appearance on WEEI 93.7 , this afternoon and gave the most specific target to date of when the team expects Avery Bradley to make his 2012-13 season debut for the C’s.

“I think our timetable is to get him back probably after the West Coast trip,” Ainge said. “I mean that’s hopeful. I hate doing timetables but we are getting closer and he is looking good, We’d like to get him practicing.”

Ainge is likely referencing the team’s first west coast trip of the season, which follows the team’s Christmas day matchup with the Nets in Brooklyn. Boston will face the LA Clippers, Golden State and Sacramento during the four day swing during the final week of December, before returning back home to face the Memphis Grizzlies on January 2nd.

Bradley also spoke to reporters before last night’s win against Minnesota and appeared optimistic about his progress in his recovery from the multiple shoulder surgeries.

“I feel a lot better, I’m just so excited, I’m getting closer to practice” Bradley explained. “I see my teammates, they can’t wait to have me back. I just have to keep getting stronger, that’s my main thing. Every single day I come in, I see the trainers and have them test me out to see how strong I am. I’m just trying to get better ever single day.”

Ainge addressed the continued chance that Bradley could see game action with the Maine Red Claws before he returns to the NBA hardwood over the next few weeks as well.

“We are contemplating the possibility of rehab games in Portland with the [Red Claws]. Maybe one or two, or maybe none. We’ll be really careful with Avery,” Ainge said.

All in all, with 18 games already played by Boston this year and 12 more looming before the tilt with the Grizzlies, the C’s will have gone through more than one-third of their regular season without the services of the 22-year-old guard. Once he does make it back to action, a myriad of potential “issues” will approach from “Who is Avery best playing with in the backcourt?” to “Does he start right away?”

Those are all concerns Doc Rivers will undoubtably would love to be dealing with as the time approaches. With Jason Terry and Courtney Lee finding their rhythm playing together in the backcourt over the past few games, we may be less than a week away from seeing the league’s deepest backcourt intact for the first time.

  • Phil

    Get well soon, Avery!

  • Josh_5

    Ok, I know this is random but as bad (in my mind) as the C's have played thus far, here is some quick positivity:
    – We are 1 game better thru 18 games than last year
    – Avery will be returning soon
    – A win tonight and we're only 2 games behind Miami

    • WTF

      oops, we got beat by Evan Turner or rather Doug Coulings!

  • http://twitter.com/CLNSRadio @CLNSRadio

    Ainge hated giving time-tables? I love it! Isn't he the dude who said KG would return "in 2 weeks" for the last 3 months of the regular season in 2009? Similar situation with Shaq in 2011. Gotta' love it!

    Maybe he learned from those mistakes.

    Great article though.


    Nick Gelso, CLNS Radio

  • Nick O'Leary

    Travelling from England to see three games beginning of Feb – hope he is back by then.


    who do you think the celiics going to pick up.(K.Mark)

  • skeeds

    totally unrelated, but there's a chance LA's shaking Pau loose. I know we, as a rule, do not do business with the Lakers, but I'd give an arm and a leg to get Pau. I never understood why he gets so much heat for his game.
    I hated him in 2010, because he really won them the championship. If the Lakers are really that cocky that they think it's Gasol's problem he's not "fitting in" with D' Antoni's (stupid in my opinion) offensive game, then I say grab him. Bass+whoever off the bench, I'd pull the trigger in a heartbeat.

    • Phil

      It's pretty much impossible to make the salaries work in a Pau trade without adding Pierce. You have to get within a few million of his 19m dollar salary. That would be Jeff Green + Bass + the person you add to make the trade not suck for the Lakers (Bradley.) I don't see why the Lakers would do that though. They value their cap space long term, so they wouldn't want to take on those contracts.

  • Celtic Fanatic

    I dont see how Avery Bradley's return will help the C's reach a championship finals or semi-finals for that matter. Ainge's line-up choice will haunt them all season. Very sad Ainge brought this situation to my team.

    • Jnsom34

      That's cuz u know nothing about basketball

  • Celtic Fanatic

    Another lost today!..Oh my…

    • Danny

      I a Celtic fan feel the same way !!

  • Danny

    Courtney Lee. Jason Terry , Jeff Green ??? Two of the three just don,t seem to be in the game and they are taking turns. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO PLAY CONCISTENT ???? Time to earn your money! Start preforming If not trade them all three !!!

  • http://yahoo.com Heather

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