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Rajon Rondo Suspended Two Games for Altercation with Kris Humphries

Rajon Rondo has been suspended for two games, according to Danny Ainge who spoke on The Big Show this afternoon on WEEI-FM 93.7. Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace have also been hit with fines but reportedly no suspensions for their involvement with the altercation on Wednesday night. Rondo will miss tomorrow night’s game against Portland, as well as Saturday’s game against the Bucks due to the suspension. He will be able to suit up for the C’s in uniform again when Boston hosts the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night at the TD Garden.

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  • High Rollers

    Humphries received no punishment. He kind of reminds me of Philip Seymour Hoffman's character in Scent of a Woman. I guess he reported to the league that he had no idea what happened that night as he had forgotten to wear his contact lenses.

  • Phil

    I think this was the most likely outcome. I like that the refs specified that it was a normal on court scrum and just upped in severity because it spilled into the crowd. That said, Rondo's a repeat offender, and he's losing the benefit of the doubt on this stuff more and more as we go forward. The next incident he has could be a stiffer penalty.

    Sucks to lose Rondo for two games, but hopefully the Cs can rally around this (or Doc calling them out.) The Blazers just lost to the Wizards, so it's not a juggernaut coming into Boston next.

  • jman

    Humphries receives no punishment but KG does? KG gets a fine for throwing Wallace down when Wallace for no reason jumps into the action and KG throws him out of the way and he then returns. Rondo getting 2 days everyone knew was coming but Humphries getting shit is a joke. Gotta love the NBA and their marketing strategies…lol

    • Anthony

      WTF? Not only is Mr. Kardashian not penalized, Billy King thinks Rondo's suspension wasn't harsh enough. Wow.

  • CelticsBIG3

    Anyone watching the Spurs Heat game sans San Antonio's big three? I hate Ray Allen

  • I feel bad on Rajon's suspension. The guy is not a dirty player. Two game suspension is too much. Maybe a fine will do. The suspension costs him a piece of history. Not fair to Rondo.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Ahh… The streak is already over, the suspension doesn't make any difference in that. He played in the game and finished with 3 assists. He cost himself a piece of history.

  • CG12

    I was thinking he was going to get 3 games, so 2 sounds pretty good. Humphries committed a mildly cheap-ish foul, but didn't escalate the fight, and that's the big thing. Garnett and Wallace help make it worse by plunging in, hence the fines. If Rondo had just gone nose-to-nose (or nose-to-chest, as the case may be) with CHumph, then he probably would have just gotten a tech and made about the same point. With the shoving and elbows up into Humphries's chest and face, he went over the line, and got what he deserved, frankly. Rondo has shown a clear pattern of limited control over his emotions, and the NBA is well aware of that. But most of all, Rondo's inability to stay on the right side of the line between "intense" and "out of control" is costing the C's. I appreciate competitiveness as much as the next guy, but that doesn't mean you throw down with anybody who gives hard foul.

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