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Officials Release Statement Regarding Rondo’s Ejection

Crew chief James Capers answered questions after the game regarding the second quarter scuffle involving Rajon Rondo and Kris Humphries

Q. What specifically prompted ejection of Rondo?
Capers: Rondo initiated everything that proceeded after the foul. And when he and Humphries go into the stands, they are involved in a fight. Fighting is an automatic ejection.

Q. What were the reasons for the two technical fouls on Humphries?
Capers: When Kevin goes to the basket, he is re-routed by Humphries. So we had a personal foul for the re-route. Kevin is trying to continue — to get a continuation by shooting – and now Humphries hits him. Because the whistle blew, it was a dead-ball situation, and that’s a technical foul for contact during a dead ball. … What proceeds after that is a fight, so he’s ejected.

Q. Did Wallace or Garnett throw a punch?
Capers: As we reviewed it, no. They aggressively went to one another, and they basically pushed and extended on one another, but there was not a punch thrown.

Q. What prompted their techs?
Capers: For the escalating of the event. And then Wallace (already) had one, so therefore he was ejected.

Inevitably, the fallout from the display tonight will turn to just how long the Celtics will be without Rondo and perhaps Kevin Garnett for the next few days. After a review of the replay, it’s fair to say in my estimation the C’s could be missing their All-Star point guard for a minimum of three games and perhaps as many as five if the league deems punches were thrown during the scrum in the vicinity of the crowd. Some reporters in the locker room I spoke to even suggested Rondo could see closer to a 10-game suspension, but that seems to be a bit much given the circumstances. Kevin Garnett also may be hearing from Stu Jackson if his “forceful” shoving with Gerald Wallace was deemed to be any more than that after a closer look at the tape.

I leave the answer to you guys though. How hard do you see the league coming down on the point guard?

  • Jason

    humphires shouldn't have gotten anything worse than a single technical / flagrant foul. How was he involved in the fight? Rondo was trying to pummel him and humphries was just sitting there and taking it. People are making fun of humphries for getting "beaten" by rondo – that's how one sided this fight was..and humphries is a big dude.

    confident that if someone actually watches humphries actions during the fight, that he will miss zero games. Rondo's an instigator. Rondo's a punk. Maybe 3 games? He can't just keep doing this expecting zero repercussions.

    • Humps a Chump

      Have to disagree, Jason. Rondo shoved Humphries… but Hump could have just taken it and walked away. But instead he immediately grabbed Rondo and turned it into a friggin hockey fight by pulling down his jersey and dragging him back into the crowd.

      It actually ended up looking worse then it was because all Rondo could do was flail blindly to try and get Hump off him. And yes, Rondo was clearly getting the better of the exchange because Hump is a chump.

      And if you're seriously calling Rondo "a punk" after he stood up for his teammate when Hump cheap-shotted KG in the air by slapping him in the face to stop a continuation… you're on he wrong site… for sure.

      • Jen

        Just because he has a different opinion doesn't mean he's on the wrong site. Not everyone is a homer (I'm not saying you are, but I didn't like Rondo's actions either and I think I'm in the right place).

        • JR99

          Stating that Rondo is a punk in reaction to what happened is a lot more than a difference of opinion, and certainly deserves the retort that he's in the wrong place here.

          • Jen

            I mean I thought it was a punk move too. Fake tough guy routine. He's better than that

  • Shih

    Rondo really gave Hump a "hard push" , maybe he wants a fight, but I think that he just want to help KG get up.

  • Phil

    3-10 games? I think you're seeing something that wasn't there. If the officials ruled that punches weren't thrown between Wallace and KG, then there definitely wasn't any thrown between Rondo/Humphries. It sounds to me like the refs only ejected the two because it spilled into the crowd.

    I'm deferring to this Hollinger tweet for now. I could see three if they want to go after Rondo for repeat violations, but more than that would seem rather excessive.

    4h John Hollinger John Hollinger ‏@johnhollinger

    Consensus in media room is he'll get 1-2 games for this. Track record will work against him. Not his first visit to principal's office.

    • JR99

      Agree. One game, probably.

  • Ron

    that was the lamest foul ever and definitely not something for rondo to get all hissy about. garnett gives HARD fouls and that was not a hard foul. sure garnett fell but that's because he got bumped in the air. and rondo is a punk in this case…you're supposed to be the leader of your team and if you're not on the court you can't lead…not too mention the celtics were already having adjustment issues with their rotation and now that's going to have to wait until rondo gets back in three games minimum, probably five though

    • JR99

      Watch the replays closely. Humphries smacks KG IN THE FACE AND NECK, and not like a normal foul, but AS KG WAS ALREADY FALLING BACKWARDS from Humphries' first illegal contact. That's not a "lame" foul. As Doc said, it was potentially "dangerous," and in fact, the refs would have assessed it a Flagrant 1 had it not happened after the ball was dead. As it was, they had to settle for the tech.

  • Ron

    and garnett did not get slapped in the face, what video were you watching humps a chump? not too mention you say hump could have walked away well rondo could have went over and picked his teammate up instead of getting ejected

  • Jen

    Weak on Rondo's part in my opinion. Unnecessary, and the fight got into the crowd. I don't see instigating a fight as a sign of strength or toughness, especially when surrounded by other players and refs. There's no real danger. I thought Hump should've gotten a flagrant, but the foul itself wasn't that bad. After that, he's just reacting to Rondo to defend himself so I don't think he should've gotten ejected and should get a suspension. Anyone who thinks it's ok for Rondo to start shoving someone to defend Garnett but that Hump should've just walked away after being shoved is being biased. Rondo could've had some words with Hump and gotten in his face a bit, but the shoving and fighting was too much. He should be suspended 2-3 games (harsher because of the proximity to the crowd).

  • JR99

    I think you gotta be high to believe in a 3 game, maybe game 10(!) suspension. You kidding? 1 game, max.

  • Phil

    Wow, what a coincidence that three people with similar user names have all randomly appeared and are all taking the same exact (anti-Celtic) viewpoint. I may have to get my Billy Goats Gruff book to do some research on similar happenings in history. (That's the one with the trolls, right?)

    • Jen

      Lol what are you talking about? I've looked at all the usernames and none of them are similar. Just because someone doesn't agree with Rondo's behavior doesn't mean they're a troll. These guys are there to play basketball, not start fights in the crowd

  • Dern

    Absolutely love Rondo, but he is kind of a punk, and his reputation is making that clear at this point. He's done several things over the years that lead to such a descriptor. Love his game, love him on the Celts, but come on, guys. He's kind of a punk.

    He dropped so low in the draft because of such punkish behavior.

    Here's hoping he sees no more than three games missed.

  • Musk

    Rondo stepped up for KG. Nothing "punk" about that. Take care of family. Humphries will think again before messing with the Celtics. Rondo took him into the crowd with ONE HAND.

    • Jen

      When will people understand that engaging in fights (especially when there's no real consequences because you're surrounded by refs, teammates, and it's all on tv), doesn't make you tough? Being an adult and a man means knowing how to react. He could've let Hump know that wasn't acceptable without taking it into the crowd like that. And KG's a grown man and has given his own share of hard fouls

  • Kafel

    I understand that he wanted to protect KG buy c'mon KG is a big boy and would give payback to Humphries in second half on court. In my opinion what Rondo did was just stupid. If you are getting out of game and hurting your team how good is that? Just as Doc said after game: show your toughness on court, not by getting into a fight that may get you suspended and hurt your team even more. Love Rondo and his self-confidence but he is Celtics MVP and he can't make mistakes like that.

  • Jen

    Meant to say that Hump shouldn't get a suspension

  • Bill

    Everyone calling Rondo a punk must have never watched basketball before the last decade, especially eastern conference ball. To those saying that Hump shouldn't have just ignored it, you know how the league is now, obviously. NEVER retaliate if someone pushes you. It's not like Rondo punched him in the jaw or something. Watch the video. Rondo gives Hump a shove, and hump grabs Rondo's jersey and pulls it over his head while walking backwards, thus they both end up in the crowd.

    Hard to judge Hump's foul … going to the head is definitely a flagrant, and KG was in the air, so it was definitely unsafe play (and a reasonable tech, since the play was blown dead). How intentional was it? Hard to say. Probably not as intentional as Rondo thought it was. You gotta stand up for your family.

    In the context of this season, though? Celts are frustrated. Things aren't coming together like they want, rotations aren't happening, they're struggling. Agree that they definitely need Rondo on the court, but that's what Doc was talking about. This team is soft right now. They don't board, they don't defend the paint, and the only reason they're winning games in many cases is because Rondo is holding the offense together. Maybe with him out for a game or two they'll see how much that's worth, and will understand where this team would be if they give effort toward putting up some numbers elsewhere in the box report besides turnovers.

    Events like this at this stage of a season can end up defining the team for the season. Entertaining stuff!

  • nets fan

    how do you all feel about rondo's stat padding and doc's support of it? if he can't keep his emotions in check to complete the streak, aren't all those kick out's wasted opportunities at practicing actual nba offense, you know, like taking and making open layups and actually scoring real points instead of logging unnecessary assists? interested in how you all feel…

  • Anthony

    Rondo may have instigated the situation but I wouldn't go as far as calling him a punk. He's the little brother coming to the aid of his big brother… how is that punkish behavior? Mr.Kardashian has one of the most annoying game in the league and can be quite agitating. They were both wrong.

    What other altercations has Rondo been involved in besides the 2 ref incidents? One of which I must say is justified. I mean Maxiell mauled him right in front of the ref and a no-call? All he did was gave a no-look pass to the ref to try and get another assist.

    Hopefully this will make the team play with more intensity and passion.

  • jman

    Rondo sticking up for KG is fine I agree totally. However there are other ways of approaching it. Like chatter and strong defense on humphries during the game. Creating hard fouls on humphries all night after this till he loses his cool and reacts like Rondo did. Always make your opponent lose their cool not you. KG is old school and knows this. I'm sure he would of answered Humphries foul later as the game progressed.
    Rondo is a good player but not great. I know most of you are on his bandwagon and I'll receive much grief, but I would love to see another Point to be honest. This team lacks offense at times and Rondo really doesn't have the ability to bring true offense. He is the best passer the game has seen in years(depending on how you see it) since he's had future HOF's on his team since he began his career. But this team needs strong defensive and offensive PG not a passer. Rondo lacks in these two departments. You can say his FG% is high, but I would prefer a PG shooting 40-45% from the field shooting 15-20 shots a night compared to 5-10 shots a night. IT mixes up defenses in the league. Celtics are playing the same damn offense and defense strategies they always do. Time to really mix things up and move on from Rondo. A trade of Rondo and Green may bring a good exchange. Nelson in Orlando is looking nice at the moment or a true center would be nice.
    To support Rondo though, he is a good shooter, but it's hard to break out of what you are and this kid is a passer. So to have him change his strategy will be tough. Chris Paul, Nash, Nelson, Williams know how to bring both passing and shooting to their game. Rondo can be the same if not better than them but until he changes his play he won't be in the category ever.

  • NZNICK33

    Way I see it is that the Celtics were getting hammered and nothing at all was being called. So maybe some of Rondo's frustration came from that. Maybe he wanted to light a fire under his team's collective ass.

    Also, immediately after KG gets fouled, seems Rondo is moving towards KG to help him up. But Humphries bodies Rondo, in a sense initiating the contact. Or maybe that's cause I only see Green.

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