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Hopes Up, Then: Celtics 108, Thunder 100

The Celtics played their best game of the season tonight. They got great production from their bench in the first half on the way to a halftime lead. The starters took over in the second half, particularly Paul Pierce, who led the C’s with 27 points and Rajon Rondo, who turned in a typically atypical line of 6 points, 16 assists and 8 rebounds.

We’ll have full grades later on, including high marks for Jeff Green’s breakout night and Kevin Garnett’s forceful fourth quarter and some cheery words on the return of Boston’s defensive intensity.

  • I_Love_Green

    Great win and a fun game to watch. Absolutely loved JET's clutch 3 at the end. Ray who!?

  • OKCeltic

    Definitely best game of the season so far. Defense as a whole was much better tonight. The Thunder are an incredibly gifted team, and our guys made them work for nearly every shot. Also, that's the JG we've been waiting for! Let's hope this has opened his eyes to how he can positively affect a game.

  • JR99

    I feel SO much better about KG now. Not a hint of having slowed down. A couple times guys blew by him, but each one was clearly a missed rotation, not KG's fault. Overall very good defensive effort — which tanked badly when KG sat down, as usual…. meaning we still need to find our backup center. Offense sang tonight, except in the 4th when we hit the "let's-run-out-the-clock" wall, but we got through it…. and man, this was one EXCELLENT game.

    The simple fact that they are CAPABLE of putting together this kind of game, against an unquestionably elite team, is the most important take-away tonight. It means their ceiling is MUCH higher than we thought, and you know what?…. all might be well in the land of green after all.

  • Phil

    Most complete game of the season by far. The only real competition is the blowout over Toronto, but beating a very good OKC team while holding a lead between 8 and 14 points throughout most of the second half is better. The offense looked good throughout (propped up by the hot three point shooting, but they were getting good looks regardless,) and more importantly, the defense stepped up. The bench had a good game overall, putting up a great half before the starters finished things.

    There was also another one of those crunch time collapses that we've seen way too often lately, but they pulled out of it this time. Those kind of shots are why they brought Terry in. Still a long way to go obviously, but it's nice to feel good about pretty much everything that happened in a big game.

  • ghoulbuns

    Ray who?? Fuckin beautiful win. Hopefully this chills out the unrealistic “trade everything for gortat” hype thats been running rampant lately. Let this team gel and we swears this time well win it all. We swears! We swears on…The Precious!

  • bert

    Does anyone think Westbrook will be fined for that flop? The one where KG was whistled for the foul after slapping air.

  • Ryan

    I wasn't able to watch the game-kept up via GameCast, but even just reading the stats I could feel Jeff Green emerging as a legitimate scoring threat. Give him 20-30 minutes a night and watch.

  • Josh_5

    I loved the Jet's cocky swagger after hitting that 3!

  • swissflix

    nurse: Doctor, the patient's got a heartbeat!
    doc: how strong is it?
    nurse: very strong!