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Defense? What Defense? Celtics 100, Spurs 112

The Celtics showed up in spurts tonight.  It’s just too bad those spurts were no longer than 30 seconds.  We’ll have full grades up after what is sure to be an awkward locker room.

  • High Rollers

    Things we are currently missing: A) a big man not named KG who plays pick-and-roll D like his life depends on it, and B) a lock-down defensive minded 2 guard. We should have at least one of those two things in the works by Christmas.

    On another note, what if a bunch of these guys are really under the weather as Trainer Ed Lacerte reportedly suggested? I mean, it would at least explain KG's meager three rebounds.

    • High Rollers

      And Pierce's goose egg.

  • The Cardinal

    Gotta vent then I'll feel better: What's scary is both last year and this year, opposing power forwards and centers – both starters and reserves – who at best are mediocre against the rest of the league look like frickin' all stars against us. Same with three point shooters – I wouldn't be surprised if some half-a.. player scores 138 points against us one night!

    Now that is out of my system, I'm glad that Doc is a patient coach 'cause if I were the coach, I'd run Jason Collins out there 20 minutes a night or until he fouled out, whichever came first. Somebody has got to bang with the big front lines we are facing and right now, Wilcox as the 5 just isn't cutting it against a big and skilled front line like the Spurs (and Nets, and Bulls, and…).

  • Phil

    I don't have much to complain with about the offense; there's certainly stuff that needs worked on, but that wasn't the problem.

    The defense on the other hand, I'm about a game away from just writing off until Bradley returns. The Spurs are possibly the best offensive team in the league, but the Cs looked helpless to stop them throughout the entire game. I'm actually a little curious how the Spurs only scored 112 (pace down a little?) Maybe I'm putting too much stock into Bradley coming back, but it's not like there are other possible answers out there. If he can't fix this mess, I don't see much hope for the season. The Cs have to rely on an elite defense.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see an answer among the big guys on the bench. Sullinger and Bass are both undersized offense first 4s who get torched regularly, and Wilcox has never been a good defender either. I highly doubt Collins would help either. KG can only do so much. This is a problem that will have to be fixed with scheme, and better perimeter play.

  • tomrod

    I guess Ray Allen's house is an ongoing party lately.

    I ended up more positive with this loss than the Detroit one. I think when they get it together they will be very good, I mean tonight with better defense they would have won easily against a great team.

  • elroz

    I said that for this team to play to its potential will take 1/2 a season..some said 20 games. Well, we are not there yet – 8 more games for the more optimistic bunch. I'm not saying that I'm not complaining or that I don't want to see victories…but this team needs time. And getting there does NOT mean expending KG, Pierce, and Rondo (bring his minuted own to 35 a game please). Doc and the team need time to find the right combo, the right mentality, etc. while preserving KG, Pierce, and Rondo. We have seen them start well in 2009-2010 and then falter to only then beat the 3 hot teams in the playoffs and almost win the title. We have seen them do the somewhat opposite in 2011-2012 – start pretty poorly, then turn it on in the second half. The only thing for this team is health and getting the chemistry and the right combinations on the floor as the season progresses + saving the KG, Pierce, Rondo group.

    Meanwhile, in a more immediate mentality, let me complain: Pierce and Green payed 52 minutes tonight and registered 0 rebounds! Are you freaking serious !?

    In any case, save KG, Pierce, and Rondo…play the bench more if for no other reason than that. Is it so out of mind to have a no KG-no-Pierce-no-Rondo night every now and then? This would force Green, Terry, Lee, and the rest to step up and play. They're saying this is for the long haul, but then Doc is afraid to sacrifice a few games (even that is not a given – they could win) to get the best of both worlds – more bench minutes, more long-term planning with the 3 key players.

  • elroz

    On the other hand: take a look at how Rasheed Wallace has played for the Knicks, and how Green has played for the Celtics: the Knicks so far – so far – ave gotten more out of Sheed than the Celtics have gotten out of Green !

  • sean

    I think this team will get it together and be just as competitive as it has been (barring injuries), but i do wonder what it would do for the team to give up sullinger and your pick of one of our tempting assets (excluding avery bradley and brandon bass) in exchange for marcin gortat. i would also consider josh smith, who seems like he might be an easier get this year due to his slow start. anyone who can rebound and play remotely above the rim would be EXTREMELY beneficial to this team right now. it would take so much of the onus off of kg.

  • swissflix

    The Celtics are in really bad situation right now. I do not care if they don't get offensive rebounds, but they should at least box out to get the defensive ones! Pierce had 0 rebounds!!
    Terry starting tells you a lot about this team. really not good. Sully and Bass are too small – like everyone above mentions, we really need another big man. I don't really know what has happened from last season to this season, honestly i did not expect these struggles. they cannot be blamed on age solely, i hope.

  • Kafel

    It's starting to be really sad… As The Cardinal wrote above Celtics are ripped by medicore players! Just look what Thiago Splitter did to them… I know that San Antonio is great team with really great coach but I thought that Celtics will get this one ( Leonard and Jackson were out for SA ) and let us forget about loss at Pistons.
    By they way, You saw what Orlando ( which is just weak) did to Detroit last night?

  • Mark

    At some point Ainge needs to be called out for his infatuation with 6′ 8 “big men”. It all started with Leon Powe and Danny has been trying to catch lightning in a bottle every year since. Now, because of Miami success, Ainge wrongly believes the league was moving towards small ball. Guess what Danny, outside of Miami the other elite teams are/got bigger. The Celtics keep getting smaller. Going small only works for an extended period of time when you have Lebron and Wade.

    No point in bitching about Green because the book was out on this kid 3+ years ago. OKC was always a worse team, all around, with Green on the floor. He was never a rebounder and his team/individual defense was putrid. Fast forward and he’s worse. Only this time he’s got a contract that Danny will actually have to “pay” teams to take off his hands by giving up more assets than he wants. I get it that there wouldn’t have been cap space had they not signed him, but a FOUR YEAR deal Danny?

    Oh, as for those “assets” Danny loves to stock so he can make moves? The cupboard is bare. Bone dry folks. The position the C’s are in now is the no mans land they were in for 20 years. A middle of the road team good enough to not make a splash in the lottery and bad enough to not truly contend. Fab Melo and Sully better pan out because Danny was 1 for 5 drafting during the Big Three era.

  • tbunny

    They just look off defensively. Scalabrine was picking them apart on CSN. Green looks lost. But I'm going to reserve judgement on Green for a couple months because my understanding is that he needed months just to start walking again. In other words he's coming from pretty much 0 physically. Scalabrine thinks they need more practice time on defense but they're not getting as much because Doc is keeping KG under wraps.

  • swissflix

    The bobcats are 6-4 right now. just saying. I miss Stiemer – guess we could use him right now.

  • skeeds

    The bad defense is NOT because of lack of practice. Yes, with practice they'll improve, but this is what we're made of anyway. You CANNOT FAKE SIZE. Even if Bass, or Collins, or Sully, was an excellent defender (which they're not) we'd still have problems. There's no answer to a proper 7ft, able center other than putting another 7footer against him. The only reason big athletic centers aren't that effective any more is that there's a ton of them. Every team has one. Probably the only other team without a legit center is Miami. And they're the only team powerful enough not to need one.
    We need a center, plain and simple. A proper one. If it takes trading Bradley for him, then we must. Perimeter defense is an issue, but Splitter is a great indication of what happens with no one inside. He had a 25-10 game on us. Now think of the starting centers, just in the east. Chandler, Noah, Varejao, Lopez (had fun with us the other night), Bynum, Hibbert. Yeah. We're gonna get killed.

  • Mateo

    I completely agree with the Cs needing a true center. Garnett has and always will be a powerforward. He has gotten by playing as the center but that is just trouble waiting to happen against some of the strong athletic centers in the league today. I can see injuries coming garnetts way from having to try and contain bynum, lopez, chandler, etc. i would personally keep sully and keep bradley. I wouldnt trade green just yet because honestly enough time hasnt gone by to see how he will truly pan out ( he did miss a complete season last year) noone is going to come back blowing the doors out of the stadium after an incident like that. I would trade courtney lee ( terry and barbosa are much older but have been more consistent and more of an offensive threat) and for god sakes please trade brandon bass! Why do we need a (small) big whos main game is spot up mid rangers when we have KG a bigger better defender who can hit from anywhere inside the 3 with more consistency and actually has a solid post game! What we need is a solid center that will allow us to slide garnett to 4 spot and put some pressure in the paint. Think about it, rondo kicks it to the center posted up. He takes it to the whole and the kicks out to KG for an open mid or kg kicks it out to pierce, bradley, terry, green for an open J. If we cant at least get a true center then please get a PF that can actually play D and has a post game. Josh smith sounds pretty tastey and is very athletic

    • swissflix

      don't forget that also nobody will take on Green's contract. And trading AB would just hurt emotionally. this is a mess!

  • Josh_5

    Theres been some pretty good posts and they are all very accurate. As a basketball player, I am very frustrated with this team right now. How can you be 1 game from the finals, and then be here the very next year. What bothers me is that I don't feel guys are BUSTING ASS on rebounding. You don't have to be 7'0 ft to box out or work harder than the guy across from you. 90% of rebounding is about effort and desire, and right now I'm not seeing it.

  • tomrod

    Just stop about the big man situation. The main problem is guys missing the rotations… When Bass, KG, Pierce and Rondo play we are alright, but Green, Lee and Terry are constantly missing out on the rotations, which is what causes the problems. I think they will figure it out. A big guy could certainly help, but just to solve those broken rotations, and get some boards. Its a help, but to me the main problem is the defensive rotations.

    • swissflix

      Sully's a mess on rotation. And no one tell me it's happening because he's a rookie. Didn't everyone give him credit for having such a high basketball iq (sarcasm)? He's always late because he is not athletic.

  • Mateo

    Ya avery bradley is a force waiting to be unleashed and i dont think its necessary to trade him to get what we need. Honestly i really want bass gone. He is a one trick pony and like in the last few games he will just keep shooting bricks instead of driving to the whole or reseting out to rondo. His defense is very transparent and he just seems to lack hustle on the boards…

    • Mli

      His mid range are somehow stable, if he's gone, KG will be the only inside man who can score from the mid range. It's like Lakers shouldn't trade Gasol for Smith

  • Mateo

    But overall the team isnt doing that bad. Its just working out all the kinks i mean half the roster are new faces so it will take time for team chemistry to build up.

  • Morpheus

    Jeff Green? Danny’s biggest blunder. Bass? What the feck. Danny did not address one of our major flaws that has haunted this team for the last 3 seasons, rebounding. It’s like he had one flaw written down on his list of flaws, offense which he did address, but this team has gone backwards literally on defense. Our frontcourt needs a major shakeup or we can forget about 18.

    This team better wake up, or they’ll find themselves sitting at home watching the playoffs.

  • MLi214

    Our defence which we are really proud of is long gone, and on the offensive end, we have added two great premier shooter JT and Lee, which are not shooting at a great percentage. We are now loosing at both ends. If we can take the risk and get Greg Oden, renforce our inside, we still have a shot for the 18th. If the team keeps going like this, there will be no green in the playoffs this season