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Dreams of Marcin: Gortat’s Fit In Boston

Joe Kaiser has a piece up on ESPN Insider speculating on possible trade destinations for Marcin Gortat, who the Suns could move if their season goes off the rails. Phoenix is currently 4-7 and second last in the Western Conference. Kaiser argues the most logical place for Gortat is in Boston.

Suggesteth he:

Gortat for Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee

No team makes as much sense as Boston, which badly needs a big man to pair with Kevin Garnett in the frontcourt before the window of opportunity closes in the KG/Paul Pierce era. The Celtics have as many tradeable young talents as any playoff-caliber team, and though they’ve been very reluctant to include young defensive star Avery Bradley in any deal, they may have to in order to coax Gortat out of the Suns. Bradley would be exactly what the Suns are looking for if they have to move Gortat — a young, hard-working shooting guard who can come in and fill a position of need.

Forget for a second the specific deal Kaiser proposes. The Celtics aren’t going to include their only two strong defenders at the SG spot with Dwayne Wade in Miami. Focus instead on the prospect of Gortat in Boston. This is exactly the kind of move the Celtics need to consider if they’re going to pose a real challenge to the Heat in the playoffs. There is an argument to be made Gortat is as close to a perfect compliment to this Celtics core as anyone else in the league.

(Don’t worry. You Josh Smith, Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson supporters will get your days in court. There’s enough evidence to hear those cases).

As we’ve started to chronicle (yet again), the Celtics are an atrocious rebounding team. They’re 27th in the league by rate. This is the kind of critical weakness that can undo a team’s championship hopes, like it did to Boston’s in the 2010 Finals. Moreover, while Gortat is a very strong rebounder, he would instantly become Boston’s best shotblocker (he’s the second best shotblocker in the league so far this season).

Unconvinced? There’s more. At a youthful 28, Gortat can also get up and down the floor well enough to operate in Boston’s uptempo lineups. He’s a skilled pick and roll/pop guy, which fits in perfectly with Rajon Rondo. Or Jason Terry. Or Paul Pierce. Gortat also makes less money — $7.3M this season, $7.7M next — than Jeff Green. Which makes my heart hurt.

If they decide to move him, Phoenix could and should demand a serious haul for a guy like Gortat. With many players ineligible to be dealt until the new year, they have time to assess their own prospects and interest around the league. It should be a seller’s market. Would Danny Ainge meet the asking price if it was Courtney Lee, Jared Sullinger and a 2013 first round pick? That’s not an absurd request at all. Gortat is worth that kind of haul. And Boston has the kind of depth to absorb a two or three-for-one deal.

It’s early to get into trade talk but some of the weaknesses on this Celtics team are holdovers from years previous. Gortat addresses many of them.

  • GowGow

    I stopped reading as soon as I saw Bradley's name. Just don't.

    • kg215

      lol why, Bradley is good and has upside but not superstar upside. Gortat would help our championship hopes a lot more right now, and his contract is very reasonable. It won't sacrifice the future.

  • C's fan from Taiwan

    Bass+Bradley for Varejao

  • RJ94

    No matter which Big Man we can get, just hope Green's gonna be involved in that trade.

    • kg215

      Totally agree, but if the suns GM is not an idiot, he will stay far away from Jeff Green and his contract. It was for way too much, Hollinger was wrong in saying it was the worst contract in the NBA but it is closer to worst contract than a decent/good one.

      • Phil

        Agreed that I wouldn't say worst contract, Lamar Odom's still officially in the league after all. I've been pretty adamant all along that Jeff Green has negative trade value though. Knicks fans are in a similar situation with Stoudamire. It's not a question of 'what can you get for Green', it's a question of 'who can I convince to take this contract, and what do I have to give them as compensation.'

        His name is a deal breaker in any conversation for a good player. I don't expect that to become common knowledge among Cs fans any time soon though.

  • geo

    Good God No No No No, i wouldn't trade Collins for him, remember that Orlando released him and replaced him with Bass and ended up with better production, its very frickin easy to have all-star numbers on the Suns. I will never visit this site if anyone ever mentions Bradley for anyone at this point in the season- looking at you Taiwan…

    • C's fan from Taiwan

      ha,I don't want to trade Bradley too.
      But if we really want to get a good Big,we most to sacrifice someone.
      Green? Is any team want take him at this point?
      Lee? I don't think teams like Sun or Cavs would need him.
      Actually,I don't want to trade anyone at this point,it's just talk.

      • geo

        we have a potential title contending roster that has played less than 14 total games together against quality opponents together, Doc has taught Jason Terry to play defense in this little time, so I expect a whole lot more out of them, and no Marcin (Martian) Gortat will never see his pale Z. Ilgauskis clone in Celtics green, (in case we forgot Darko is only 27….)

        • geo

          next pickup will be Delonte West, who the Mavs waived, and most likely Fesenko or eek, Eddy Curry by midseason, Melo is gone in either of these situations

  • skeeds

    Yep, we've finally come to the point where we need to take drastic measures. You can't fake size, not even when you have KG on your side. It's not rebounding we're bad at. It's SIZE. When your best (only) good rebounder is also the only guy big enough to box out a center, you won't rebound. It always was a problem, but it used to be that only the best and biggest centers, Bynum, Marc Gasol, could have a good game against us.
    But now, every team with an even remotely competent center has an edge. Look at Lopez's game last week. Or Monroe last night. And we haven't even seen the most athletic and talented bigs yet in this young season. Can you imagine what kind of game Gasol-Howard are going to have on us? Cause I have a faint idea… This is as urgent as it gets.

    Gortat would be a fantastic addition. He's as solid as they get. If Ainge can put together an offer that doesn't include Bradley for him, I'd go for it in a heartbeat. Especially since most of our supporting cast, with the exception of Sully, Wilcox and Barbosa, are playing well under their money's worth. I wouldn't miss any of them.

    • janos

      hi skids, is Janos
      Am agree you, Gortat good ad , us. Polish is good workers and accostom colds weathers

  • Switcharoo

    Screw it, trade away any of them besides the obvious or Bass or Bradley. The rest of the roster hasn’t done anything to impress me up to this point. If I was any of these new guys, from Barbosa down to Darko I’d start packing up my house……just to be ready.

  • Kman

    I like Gortat a lot. I’d be happy as hell to have him on the team. Just not for Bradley

    • PennyAnd1

      Suns fan here. We're not into Guards right now, because we got plenty of good guards. Plus we got a guy like Bradley on the team–> Sebastian Telfair. I don't think we'll be making a deal with Boston.

  • CG12

    I have always really liked Gortat a lot. If the Cs could get him, you would have to consider doing just about everything you could to make it happen. A real center would make all of the difference in the world for this Cs team.

  • g

    Funny article. Funny in another depressing analysis of the fellas. We give up and give in so easily. The article suggests we once again trade away too much for not enough. Gortat is mediocre at worst and good at times. Stop overreacting. Maybe offer your trash for Jefferson, but the above posted suggestions are not worthy of suggestion. Lee is a keeper as is Bradley, Sully and Terry. Barbosa is too useful and you guys will see Greens value in the playoffs against Bron! Who’s left? Bass is a keeper. Trade draft picks, Darko, Melo and cash only for Gortat! If that’s not suitable for the Suns then no deal. We clearly need all our guards in case Rondo needs help – which he will! …Or else once again destroy team harmony mid-way through the season and watch what is created. Perk trade all over. STOP being win-loose tempered fans\columnists.

  • sophomore

    I'd love to have Gortat, but not at the cost of anybody we'd likely have to give up. Certainly not Avery.

    I'd give them Melo and Joseph. :)

  • celticsfan

    trade green,lee and sullinger for gortat!

    • kdp59

      need to get back Dudley from Phoenix with that deal..might be worth it though…if for no other reason someone elses gets Greens over inflated contract.

  • The Cardinal

    Even at this early stage, it's obvious we've got some serious frontline concerns. For some combination of Bass, Green, Sully and Lee or all four? Yeah, I'd do it in a heart beat.

    It won't happen any time soon, but we're gonna need a serious upgrade at the 4/5 before the playoffs, and I could go for Gortat (as well as about 15 – 20 other centers/power forwards out there vs. the undersized trio of Bass/Green/Sully).

    With Terry and Bradley as shooting guards and Barbosa as the back-up point/combo guard, Lee becomes the odd man out. Bass, Green, or Sully vs. Gortat on the frontline – you tell me which one will work better defensively. Sign Pietrus (or some other available 2/3 who can spread the floor) as the backup behind Pierce, pair KG with Gortat, and we immediately are better off.

    Our frontline as presently constructed ain't gonna get it done. If Darko isn't cutting it, release him. I don't have a problem with Collins getting 10 – 15 minutes a game if Darko's not going play, but it would be nice to see Darko on the court since our bigs (at least defensively) ain't nothing to write home about.

  • Phil

    The comments on that article are pretty interesting; every Celtics fan complains that giving up Avery Bradley for a mediocre center is a terrible trade, while everyone else argues that Bradley's not worth Gortat. I understand that no one here's probably seen Gortat play in four years, but trust me, it's comparable from a talent perspective when you factor in everything (rareness of centers that don't suck, Avery's age, etc.) Celtics fans are very attached to Bradley though, and it's understandable.

    I had the same first reaction as Ryan; there's no way that Lee is the other piece in the deal if it was to be made. A guard rotation of Rondo/Terry/Barbosa/… Kris Joseph? Doesn't sound very good.

    There are legitimate concerns to trading Bradley though. I think the performance so far this year is one testament to how much they rely on him, and it's unclear how replacing him with a big guy would work, especially when the biggest playoff opposition is the big man devoid Miami. I wouldn't make a deal involving him until I see the team with him. I do think Gortat is the top target for the team if they decide to make a move though. It's something to keep in mind going forward.

    Also, to preempt every other trade proposed in comments over the next three months; you're not getting anyone good without giving up Bradley, so pick one of 'I won't give up Bradley' and 'I want Smith/Gortat/Jefferson/etc.'

  • janos

    is that guys post trade her bad one ; get new job espns?? bradly is "future player ' and is not " trade player". Am in like get gortat but at cost reason, not cost bad.

    why is constants media go talking trades on game bad, once? this is now articles here too? amake a report NEWS ryan, not talk just ;ok

  • elroz

    Seeing how Terry and Lee have played so far – I would NOT give up Bradley.

    How about Barbosa + Green + Darko and/or Collins as a 3rd-4th player?

    Why would you give up Bradley seeing how bad the C's defense is right now? Seeing how underwhelming Lee and Terry have been – or at least how they have been under Doc's system? The thing is with Terry, if he is not scoring, if you're not getting him the ball..he is not useful. Bradley can be useful on Defense even if he is not scoring – he contributes on both ends of the floor.

    As for rebounding, if you're bad with KG, Bass, Wilcox, and Sullinger as your 4 main big men – then it might not be the players but your guards and your overall defensive set up. Gortat will not change that.

    • The Cardinal

      Who in samhill would take Collins and Darko in a trade? If Rondo goes down and you don't have Barbosa, then whaddaya gonna do? Heck, even with Rondo, we still need Barbosa because: 1) he's the best ball handler on the team other than Rondo, and 2) he's truly a got that sixth man mentality which we haven't had since Havlicek was a sixth man – score, score, score!

      This is all just a "what-if" exercise right now, but come February? To get someone good, you have to give up someone good, and the fact is Lee, Green, Bass, Sullinger and Bradley are our most tradeable players not named Rondo, KG, and Pierce. To get a good big man, you are gonna have to part with at least two starter or starter-ready types, so choose your poison.

  • Josh_5

    I say send phoenix bass and green for gortat. I'd pull that trigger in a second.

    • sophomore

      How many minutes per game are you expecting from Paul Pierce?

    • Jody

      Who will guard lebron? Too much to ask of Pierce

      • mightyprod

        neither Bass nor Green..

  • skeeds

    Other than KG PP Rondo, Bass and Bradley, I think Ainge should aim to keep Wilcox and Barbosa. They're both playing much better than their salary would suggest. And Barbosa especially, might be the best backup Rondo's ever had. The guy is so much better than people give him credit for. Anyone who's watched him lead the Brazilian national team should know. And he's exactly what a backup PG should be. Fierce attack mentality, athletic, fast, and hard nosed. Keep him.

  • Morpheus

    I love the Polish hammer, but not at the cost of the Wade stopper – AB. And as good as Gortat is , he alone will not solve our rebounding problems.
    Our troubles on the glass go deeper than just one guy. Although I could be wrong about that.

    Useless Green, Sully, Lee, 1st for Gortat.

  • Ryan DeGama

    Gortat seems less than thrilled in Phoenix.

    "Marcin Gortat voiced frustrations with the Suns in a recent Polish interview.

    After the game against the Lakers, Gortat didn't hold back. He said changes with the Suns have been "for worse," and said that both pick and roll and post up opportunities have been taken away. Gortat also revealed that he really misses Steve Nash's ability to create for Gortat in the offense, but that's not exactly groundbreaking news. "Unfortunately, I dont think I'm even an option for (Alvin) Gentry," Gortat said. "He doesn't even take me into consideration." Ouch.


  • Vince

    Trade Bass, Sully, Lee and/or Green for Gortat. Just hang on to AB

  • NHBluesMan

    i'd love to see Gortat come in, based on what we know (he's a good shot blocker/rebounder) and what we can assume (his offensive efficiency won't be THAT bad with Rondo setting him up).

    acouple points that come to mind though- as already mentioned, we need Bradley's defense when we play MIA… also, everyone who keeps saying to trade J.Green- please remember he's our only legit backup for Pierce, who NEEDS a minute reduction this year or he'll have nothing left in the playoffs. Unless they can swing another 3 to back him up, i don't feel comfortable giving Kris Joseph that much responsibility. Trading Green and/or Bradley means we lose 2 of our best defensive options when playing MIA, and Gortat will NOT make enough of a difference to cover the loss of those 2 players

  • celticsfan

    Sully, Lee and a draft pick for Gortat

    • Zach

      would give 2 out of those 3 but all 3 may be overpaying. But its close, we need a big and they are not cheap

  • arashigumo

    We haven't even gotten to a quarter of the season and everyone already wants to abandon ship? Come on guys. Let's support the guys that we have. Let them play together more and see what they can come up with eventually. If we trade so many players for just one guy(albeit decent addition) our depth will suffer. This group looks pretty good. Both on paper and in the real world. So let's not get too crazy just yet.

  • Anthony

    Gortat would be nice fit but who's really expendable of the Celts roster?

    -KG/ Pierce/ Rondo/ AB/ Wilcox/ Terry should be untouchables.
    -I still believe in JGreen and he will play integral part this season and future seasons. (For all those that complain about his contract, Ilysova is paid about the same and his production has been non-existent thus far also.)
    -Sully should be a keeper also.

    That leaves:
    -Lee – I think he's a good fit on the team but I would trade him if I had to.
    -Bass – As much I love what he brings to the team, he's expendable and his production can be replaced fairly easily.
    -Barbosa – I'm not quite sold on Barbosa even though he has put up solid numbers.
    -Darko/ Collins/ Melo/ Joseph are essentially throw-ins for any trade. I think Darko and Joseph are OK, don't understand why even bother signing Collins, and Melo is just too raw and probably wasn't worth the 22nd pick.

    Nobody has mention the other Celtics need – a true back up PG, not a combo guard. Anyone think Janero Pargo would be a good fit?

    • kg215

      Lol comparing Jeff Green to one of the biggest busts of this season is supposed to make things better? Atleast Ilyasova showed some major impact last year before sucking hard this year. Green never really has, Green coasted in OKC and played okay, scoring some points with poor efficiency and not playing good defense.

      • Anthony

        My point is there is something clearly wrong. What that is I don't know but JGreen has the skills and athleticism to succeed. I can make a case for other signings also but Ilyasova was the fist that came to mind.

        I like the team for the most part but 11 games into the season, I just haven't seen any glimpses of a championship team yet. Hopefully they don't take too long to solve the lackluster play so far.

  • Phil

    I think KG and Rondo stand at the top of the untradeable list. KG literally, because he has a no trade clause, but dealing him would also be a white flag on the next three years, because you'll never replicate what he brings to the team. Rondo would be a coveted piece, but his contract is so good in addition to his skill that once that CP3 trade fell through, I think he's pretty much guaranteed to be here a long time.

    Pierce and Wilcox are the only others I'd make untouchable. Pierce won't get dealt because of how it would affect the team, and you won't match Wilcox's contributions for three times his salary (just look what Stiemsma got in free agency.)

    Terry and Green are untradeable from other teams' perspectives because of contract reasons. Who would trade for Terry at his salary? The only teams that would want a 35 year old SG on a 5m dollar contract are teams who need another piece for a championship, and those teams are only going to give up late first round picks. The Cs don't want that (at least not without something going horribly wrong.) Green's contract is massive, and destroys any value that he may or may not have to GMs. I really can't stress this enough considering how many people want to swap Gortat for Green basically. The Cs can't trade Green unless he shows something on the court.

    In my eyes, the rest of the team is tradeable given the right circumstance, with Bradley being the huge if. Since we just made all of the good players untradeable beside him, you can't make a big trade without him being involved. Teams aren't giving up a player who can help for the 12th, 13th and 14th guys on the roster and the 26th pick.

    • Anthony

      I like the core players that we have and would like to give the team a little more time to gel. But like a lot of fans, I'm not that patient.

      It'll definitely interesting to see all the rumors and development of the team going forward.

  • IBleedGreen

    Amazing to see Celtic fans speaking so highly of Bradley. I don't think he's that good. Give me Gortat!!

    • C's fan from Taiwan

      Bradley may not that good,but he can help us defeat D-Wade.

    • Anthony

      Wouldn't you say that AB is the teams best perimeter defender?

      • Zach

        Bradley is one of the toughest players in the league to rate – some skills are off the charts, others (ballhandling!) are not even NBA level for his size. He could be an all star or out of the league in 3 years – I have no idea.

  • shaqman

    Any trade that dumps worthless Jeff Green is a steal. We have to have Bradley to guard the priemer guards , or Wade and Nash to be competitive.

    any deal that doesn't involve Bradley or Sullinger or Rondo ….I'm all for it. ……

  • MikkiMoore

    Makes your heart hurt? Was that supposed to be funny? Ironic?

    Dick thing to write either way.

  • Phoured

    NOT BRADLEY!! ALthough I like sully, I forgot how old Gortat is, I think he would be a good pick up if we can flip Lee and someone else, we need viable big men, not big men like darko and jason collins

    • Phil

      Gortat is only 28, and is signed for two years at a huge bargain. His value is way too high to get without the Suns loving Bradley; they would probably be the one to turn down the Bradley/Lee deal in the article. Spare parts aren't even a conversation starter. You have to give up something good to get something good.

      • Anthony

        Unless you're the Lakers who got Pau, Nash, DHoward for practically nothing. Lol


    what about Kobe +Le Bron why Gortat ?

  • Clarenz

    This I would like to happen:

    Trade Green, Lee, Picks and Cash for Smith.
    Trade Bass and Melo for Gortat.
    Sign Kenyon Martin.
    Re-sign Pietrus.

    There you have it. Banner #18. :)

  • Morpheus

    LOL demented much. Bradley = Telfair ahahahahaaaaaa.

  • Zach

    Pheonix will want either Bradley or picks (maybe Sully). Don't know that they would have any interest in average vets like Lee/Bass- that won't help them rebuild. I would do Sully + pick + Lee for Gortat. Very tough to decide re Bradley – his talents are so uneven – he could be a star or a 12th man in a few years – freak athlete but can't dribble with his head up!

  • redcon

    Bradley is getting better every year, and I honestly believe in another system he could be a 20 point scorer. Doc's system of offense is too controlled and relies to much on screens and half court sets to be conducive to offensive production.

  • geo

    Once again, Gortat SUCKS! Melo is 3X the athlete he is, Collins is 2X as strong as he is. and bottom line, Doc will not play him, because he thinks Garnett can guard Howard and that Bass can guard Lebron, Doc get it together man

  • CyberKlown28

    So trade guys who are just as important if not more, and more talented, with huge potential…for an average nba center who has hit his ceiling…
    how about a 1st round pick and a 4th string benchwarmer instead. You highly overpriced Gortat in this article. I honestly thought you were asking the lakers for howard when I saw the pieces you threw on the table. No offense meant, I like these kind of articles…just don't want to lose another kendrick perkins kind of deal..

  • SD8

    keep the trade as it is cause avery was good when allen was there keep jeff green he is going to get more agressive in the season courney lee is ass anyways so that will be a good trade and the suns can have a big three gordon dragic avery bradley and courney lee