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Hit, Now Run: Pistons 103, Celtics 83

We have our first nominee for worst game of the 2012-13 season.

The now 2-9 Pistons blew out the Celtics in Detroit. They were too long and aggressive for a Celtics team that played at home yesterday afternoon and may have been struggling with dead legs. That’s not to make excuses for the team, which turned in one of those classic apathetic performances that we’ve seen a few times each of the last few seasons.

The defense again surrendered 100+ points. The Pistons shot 54% from the field, racked up 23 assists and scored 44 points in the paint. Little big man Jason Maxiell went for 15 and 6 against the Celtics and big big man Greg Monroe had a dominant game with 20 points and 13 rebounds.

The Pistons did a great job forcing the Celtics into jumpshots and bothering interior shots with their length. Boston’s paltry 12 assists pay tribute to the lack of fluidity in the offense tonight, but, again, this looked like a team that just didn’t have the energy to meet a hungry Detroit team. On many nights, those jumpers go down.

Jared Sullinger did put in a few late baskets to finish with a team-leading 16 points and help Rajon Rondo extend his consecutive 10+ assist streak to 34 games. Rondo would have had it much earlier had a few shots fallen.

Last note before we put this one in the rearview mirror: Paul Pierce left the court in the fourth quarter with what appeared to be a relatively minor ankle sprain.

  • Phil

    Not concerned. It's a long season, bad games will happen and whatever this was will happen.

    There are definitely some worrying trends taking form (rhymes with Efence,) but it's too early to make any conclusions. Talk to me once Bradley's had time to work his way into the rotation.

    The only thing that really stuck out to me besides the across the board lack of shot making ability was Bass. I thought he got killed on defense more than the others, and it's been a bad couple of games for him (pretty much since I said that he's been the player most exceeding my expectations.) Probably just a down streak, but the Cs need a lot from him with their limited big man rotation. It'll be interesting to watch going forward.

  • GowGow

    We didn't play as a team. Only 12 assists given out, 10 of them by the same player.

    Also, trying not to be bias, but I think the more Sullinger gets involve in the offense, the more production we see. 7-12 is great off the bench, imo.

  • geo

    Brandon bass needs to stop taking that damn jumpshot, how about driving for once??? And to beat a dead horse, everyone talking about tired legs, how about playing collins or for giggles darko when you are down by 20. Doc is really frustrating this season, and even with all this talent this team is straight up boring so far.

    • Phil

      Darko wasn't available for the Detriot game because of a personal matter.

      That's opposed to every other game where he's not available because of a talent matter.

    • Josh_5

      Bass needs to shoot less jumpers and grab more rebounds.

  • Kafel

    When I saw that score I was like WTF??!! I though that maybe there is some mistake one the official nba website, but NO, Celtics actually got blown away by team that was 1-9 before and is just weak… I understand that you can have bad shooting day but to let them score over 100 ? C'mon….

  • Josh_5

    Pierce did more than sprain his ankle. Pretty sure his game was what was hurting. He really pissed me off last nite. There were a few plays I saw last night where he looked like he didn't give 2 _____s about the game. His effort level bothered me and he only played 25 minutes against the Raptors on Saturday. On a bigger scale, whats up with his shooting? He's at 41% this year.