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Not Enough: Nets 102, Celtics 97


It was ugly at times, but the Celtics put together an admirable second half effort tonight to eliminate at 13-point deficit after being dismantled by the Brooklyn Nets in the first half on the offensive glass. I don’t whether Doc Rivers ran a crash course on boxing out or what during the intermission, but the second chances disappeared just as the Brooklyn lead did in the third quarter.

Unfortunately, unlike last night against Utah, Boston’s offense also disappeared late, as the Nets went on a 13-2 run over a six minute span of the fourth quarter as Boston went cold from mid-range. The C’s gave themselves one more shot late with a couple stops but missed free throws, a dumb foul by Pierce and a very questionable foul call on Leandro Barbosa late spelled the end of a late comeback attempt.

Grades on the way…..

  • Phil

    There are multiple ways of looking at this one; that was a pretty painful and pathetic way to lose. They basically had the game in their hands, then started bricking open look after look. They still had a chance to keep it an even game late, but Pierce's missed layup/missed FTs/foul incident pretty much squashed that. We'll probably forget about that sequence in a couple weeks, but it had to have been one of Pierce's worst minutes in a long time.

    On the other hand, they hung tough against an above average team without Rondo. It seemed like one of KGs worst games in a long time as well. I'm not sure where he ended, but going into the fourth, KG had 6 points and 3 rebounds in a game where they needed his scoring, and they were getting killed on the boards. Basically not getting contributions from their top two guys is a good enough excuse to lose a SEGABABA against a playoff team. I'd feel a little better if I didn't think this Nets team was complete junk, but whatever.

    Barbosa played well again (I still don't know why he was on the bench while the Cs couldn't hit a shot in the fourth, but whatever,) and they fixed a lot of their issues at halftime. I still think they're on the right track, but there are a lot of issues that need worked on.

    • elroz

      KG had 14 points 7 rebounds and 1 block over 30 minutes on a second night of the back to back. Not bad.

      Check out Green: 25 minutes 5 points 6 rebounds 4 turnovers $9 million a year.

  • Gabriel

    Barbosa was very good tonight… Two strange calls down the stretch… Barbosa stayed too much time in the bench at the end of the game!

  • elroz

    If anybody was wondering why they are not playing Jason Collins more: THERE IS YOUR ANSWER. He looked clueless and missed an easy lay-up.

    Bass was in one of those modes tonight that he gets every 2 games: couldn't hit any mid-range open jumpers…enough open looks, but brick, bricks, bricks.

    I know Paul Pierce has "passed" Larry Bird in total points, but watching him over the years: why would NEVER want him shooting free throws with the game on the line – we have seen soooo many of his clutch FT misses over the years. The 2009 1st round series against the Bulls – he probably let 2 games slip away in that series.

    They allowed 101 points: part of this is due to the large number of offensive board the Nets got.

    • dk33

      don't forget the 2002 ECF when he missed two FTs to potentially tie the game–the game after their epic comeback 26 pt 4thQ victory–just sayin

  • elroz

    Green: 25 minutes 5 points 6 rebounds 4 turnovers $9 million a year


  • elroz

    The way Sullinger played tonight could soon make Milicic appear on the court during the game – Milicic might get some minutes instead of Sullinger. I don't know why Doc did not use Milicic just for 6-7 minutes tonight.

  • ghoulbuns

    Personally, though it was a loss, I saw great things from the Celtics tonight. I saw a team missing its two starting guards not only holding its own, but competing in a great way. Barbosa & Lee were terrific. Green, Wilcox & Bass had great energy & hustle. KG & Pierce as always were their usual dependable selves. If Bass had had a better shooting night, & the refs hadnt botched a perfect Barbosa steal, this would.be a win. Personally Im impressed. This team is starting to gel. Boston towards the end of this season, barring no serious injuries, is going to be scary.

  • swissflix

    had terry hit a couple more shots we woulda easily won it. agree with ghoulbuns – this team is starting to gel. Great rebounding by Lee, btw. And as far as Green is concerned – that 3 was big,despite the low scoring.

  • CelticsBIG3

    I'd be happier with the game if it wasn't decided by missed free throws from Pierce AND Terry. Come on.

  • tbunny

    I don't know why Doc went away from Barbosa and had Pierce bring the ball up so much in the 4th. Barbosa seemed really effective, and Pierce wasn't as a ball handler.

  • ghoulbuns

    Doc did make some questionable moves regarding ballhandlers in the 4th, Ill give you that.

  • Josh_5

    Bass played bad, and Green was able to avoid my full wrath only because of the 3 he hit late in the game. Only guys that impressed tonite were Barbosa, Lee and Wilcox.

  • CG12

    There were a number of positive things about this game, but they lost it for reasons that will persist throughout the season. Our bigs just got annihilated on the glass, for the second night in a row. The only reason it improved in the second half was because the guards and wings started helping back more. But the Cs got bossed in the paint. Again. KG is doing most of the KG things he always done, just a bit less effectively. In particular, he is doing noticeably worse in one-on-one matchups. His intensity and fabled BBIQ make him very effective playing team ball, but the erosion of his physical skills is becoming more and more apparent. I love KG, but there is no defeating father time.

  • WTF

    We lost because of Doc: not playing Barbosa more and put a tired Pierce on Johnson. That killed C's offense and gave Johnson multiple chances to score. Green should be on Johnson in those situations.

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