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Bench Beats Bigs: Celtics 98, Jazz 93

You don’t win many NBA games when you give up 18 offensive rebounds but the Celtics pulled it off tonight behind 47 bench points. The curiously emotive Jeff Green had 16 of those, including an emphatic slam off a fourth-quarter baseline drive and Leandro Barbosa took over for an injured Rajon Rondo (sprained ankle) and put in 16 of his own on 6-8 shooting.

That deep and talented Jazz frontcourt nearly stole this one. Paul Millsap (20 and 12) and Al Jefferson (13 and 14) had double-doubles and Derrick Favors (14 and 9) just missed one. Still, it goes down as a win so  enjoy the win and your Celtics who are now 5-1 in their last six games after an 0-2 start.

Full grades later this evening.

  • Switcharoo

    Hope Rondo is okay and I hope to never have to listen to those homers from Utah again. Sheesh.
    The Boston bench really shined tonight, looks like they are starting to have a little cohesion, and Barbosa really stepped up.
    Good game.

  • I_Love_Green

    Jeff Green with the dunk of the year so far! Good win.

    • IBleedGreen

      The Rudy Gay dunk the other night was better

      • janos

        you are forget give top vote dunk, on celtic over others

      • CelticsBIG3

        It was only better cause he busted up Lebron's ankles and he's from UCONN

    • tomrod

      1. Didnt see the game

      2. saw the replay. Best dunk of the year. No question…. im a celtics fan but im not even bias that was insane

  • High Rollers

    Anybody notice Rondo during that Jeff Green slam? I mean go back and watch it. Rondo jumps up in the middle, with Green only a couple strides into that epicness, like he could see it all unfolding in slow motion before it even happened. Only later did he remember he was one-footed and start hopping around like a green flamingo, long after everyone saw the slam. I need to watch that about a hundred more times.

    • CelticsBIG3

      I've already watched it about 50 if only because it signfies a potential reemergence of the Jeff Green we saw in preseason

      • JR99

        Yeah. The fact that Green raised his arms to exhort the crowd to cheer the missed tech is huge, I think… this is NOT the same wallflower we've seen so much of till now. Give him a few more games and they'll be bleeping him like they (try in vain to) do KG! Anyway, looks like Green is changing. I think it started, for him and for the whole team, in the Chicago game… that was the turning point, or the start of it.

  • tbunny

    Rondo LOVES Wilcox. Shaq was going to break down eventually but I still regret he was hurt for the 2011 playoffs. His chemistry with Rondo was incredible. I would love to have seen a healthy Shaq on that team.

  • janos


    • High Rollers

      Saw a line saying RR left without any tape or swelling. Looked like your basic ankle roll. A night off for the leading minutes man in the league wouldn't be the worst thing. Too bad tomorrow night's the only national t.v. game for a while. Was looking forward to it.

  • Phil

    This game represented a pretty solid answer to some of the questions that have been popping up recently. KG sat a good portion of the middle of the game, and Rondo missed the last quarter and a half, and the level of play never dropped off precipitously. The defense continues to improve, and while the D rebounding was an issue, the Jazz have a very talented frontcourt, and they did very little in the PnR.

    The offense is still fitting its pieces together, but it looked solid as well.

  • elroz

    Terry got 1 shot over the 22 minutes he played… NOT good. Need to get him involved more. It's ok I guess when Green and Barbosa are scoring 16 each of the bench on high % shooting. But Terry needs to have offensive touches.


    without Rondo it is gonna be loooong november

    • JR99

      No worries. The ankle turn looked minor, and he was walking on it pretty easily. Prob 0-2 games out. I'd bet he'll play some even tomorrow.