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Catharsis Brought to You by Bayless

The Celtics have had their fair share of shooting guard woes this season.  Courtney Lee, touted for his ability to hit corner-threes with regularity, has only made 17% of this threes this season.  Jason Terry, the Celtics microwave, is still on “defrost.”  Then there is Avery Bradley, the man who played last postseason with constantly dislocating shoulders, is still shelved from the surgeries.

Given all these early struggles, it’s nice to know that things may not be entirely different had the C’s re-signed Ray Allen.  The Miami Heat got a dose on how even a future Hall of Famer can give headaches last night when the following sequence happened:

Quite the impressive block by Bayless but this is still consistent with Allen’s propensity to forget that he as trouble finishing over younger, more athletic players.  I mean, he’s 37 years old, so he should be having this type of trouble.  But he also should be dumping the ball back to a trailer; in this case, LeBron James.

Anyway, you’re all Celtics fans.  Just enjoy the sight of Allen getting his lunch fed to him.

  • Phil

    Probably going to be a lot more of that to come; Ray's clearly not the first one to recognize his diminishing skills at everything except three point shooting. Here's hoping that he doesn't figure out to just stand in the corner and fire away.

  • Stef

    What a nonsense post: I follow Celticshub everyday and I like it, but this kind of comments are more than futile, they are just childish.
    We should get analysis of our team and players instead of this…not to mention the last quote: "Anyway, you’re all Celtics fans. Just enjoy the sight of Allen getting his lunch fed to him."

    I'm a Celtics fan and I didn't enjoy it: not just because it's for Ray we won a championship, or just because he's still playing better basketball in Miami than all our reserves in Boston; I didn't like it because that's not part of us anymore, you can do nothing about it, so get in peace with that.

    Sorry for the long comment, but sometimes I believe it's better not to write at all if you have nothing to say.

  • Switcharoo

    I have to agree with Stef about this post. I mean okay , Ray left and now he’s the Benidict Allen of the NBA, but we don’t need this to be a hater site for one man. The Celtics got what they needed out of him in 08 but he obviously wants more and feels Miami can give that to him. Will they? Who cares, he’s not our problem anymore except a couple times a season and down the road into the playoffs. I like this site because I feel out of all the other team forums this one has a sense off class, don’t throw that away over one guy. If we want videos like that we know where to look for them; that’s what YouTube is for.

  • Wtf

    This is dumb and classless. Get over it. Write something about the Celtics rather than a heat player

  • -JP

    I like this post, not everything needs to be hardcore analysis, its always good to see the Heat struggling. Lighten up people

  • Sophomore

    Boy was that a familiar sight! Had flashbacks to last year's playoffs. Thanks for posting.

    There's nothing wrong with checking in on Ray once in a while. After he had a monster game against us, it's glad to see he's still the Ray we remember. Gives me hope. Maybe we'll see Jeff Green do it to him this year.

  • Anthony

    Personally, I don't have a problem with the post. Ray's no longer with the Celts, therefore, he's the enemy.

    When the Celts go to an 0-2 start, I took some solace in seeing the Lakers at 0-3. Same thing.

  • Morpheus

    Get a sense of humour. Love this post, personally i could watch this clip 100 times and the last laugh will be just as hard as the first, lmao.